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Scandinavian Street Style Trends: All That You Need to Know

In autumn and winter, Swedes become like onions. The more layers, the warmer – everyone in Sweden knows this rule from an early age. The weather here is chilly, humid, and windy. When you walk along the water, the wind blows you away, and you only think about a mug of hot chocolate.

Scandinavian Street Style Trends

Everyone who comes to Stockholm for the first time notes that Stockholms street style is very stylish. Some like this style, others find it boring. Let’s take a look at how the locals dress and discuss if you like their style.

Scandinavian Street Style

Swedes have an innate sense of style, no doubt about that. With a history of quality, clean design, attention to vintage, and admiration for denim, it is easy to create street-style outfits effortlessly, versatile, and timeless.

How Swedish Street Style Is Expressed

• Simplicity

• Conciseness

• Moderate colors

• Layering

• Practicality

• Love for trends in small things

• Vintage

Three whales of Copenhagen street fashion: minimalism, monochrome, sustainability.

After the Sweden fashion week, many noticed exactly these trends:


Scandinavian Style Trends

Street fashion includes a lot of black stuff. Regardless of the season. Even in the dark and gloomy winter, Stockholmans wear black. It seems that twilight here comes very early (already at 2 o’clock), and it gets dark, and you want more color. But no, black is always in vogue.

Sneakers and sneakers

A versatile shoe for all occasions. White, black, and sporty, they complement everything in danish street style. Pajamas, coats, dresses, and leggings. Modern Swedes cannot, and do not want to, without them. Conveniently! Heels are only for special occasions and at parties, but otherwise, they love comfortable shoes.

Scandinavian Street Style Trend


Leggings, sneakers, and comfortable jackets are a must-have if you live here. Sports leggings are very comfortable. I have several of them and I wear them not only when I go running or to train. Going to the store or taking a walk is a great option. They will always fit the street fashion style.


Swedes love classic things and know how to combine them both and with other styles. Blouses, trench coats, trousers – all this is common in Stockholm at any time of the year.


Martins and other rough shoes will never go out of Stockholm fashion. Never. They are combined with everything: dresses, jeans, leggings, trousers, skirts. They are an essential part of any Stockholm wardrobe.

Swedes love simple shoes. Heels for street style women’s fashion are a rare guest here.

Faux fur

Faux fur has become especially popular in Sweden fashion trends in the last year. Fur coats, jackets with furs, collars – all this can now be found much more often on the streets of Stockholm. But, only artificial fur, the real one is not favored here. If celebrities wear it, it is periodically heavily discussed in the media and blogs.

Scandinavian Street Styles


Stockholms are very fond of voluminous and free things. Jackets, coats are a couple of sizes larger – that’s it! Form and simplicity are the main things that most people like so much. Oversized is exactly what suits the Copenhagen style.

Natural Materials

Scandinavian Trends

Swedes love clothes made from natural materials. Cotton, silk, and wool. Yes, it’s hard to find 100% cotton in the cheap segment here, but in the wardrobe of every Swede, and Swede there is something made from natural materials. Stylish Scandinavians love it when their clothes cost a little more and live much longer. That is, they are not betting on the number of inexpensive items, but rather investing in quality parts that have a correspondingly longer service life. That is why Scandinavians look better because high-quality things fit well to the figure.

Convenience and Minimalism

Street Style Scandinavian Trends

In the Scandinavian countries, most travel on bicycles, and this is what determines the main secret of their style – the perfect outfit is as practical as it is fashionable. This means that jeans, trench coats, and sweaters are a priority, with warm colors and high-quality materials, accessories such as scarves, hats, and bags complement the look perfectly.


But not all of their things are prohibitively expensive, there is a small secret. This is a combination of quality and inexpensive parts. The dear favorite thing becomes freer and more every day thanks to accessories from mass-market stores. The result is the laid-back lightness that makes up the Copenhagen street style.

Colors and Patterns

For a very long time, everyone associated the Scandi style with muted, natural, and simple colors and classic patterns. But now everything has changed. While white, black, beige, and allied plain colors are still often a staple piece of wardrobe, more and more bold prints and patterns are gracing Swedish and Danish streets. But, of course, with style, taste, and the main rule: never mix more than three different colors at the same time, you need to know when to stop in everything.


Scandinavian Trendy Style

The Scandinavian winter lasts six months, and the daylight hours are six hours. They say that is why black and gray colors prevail in the collections of local brands, this is especially noticeable after the Stockholms fashion week. Concerning other shades, the northerners are also conservative: they choose calm tones like beige, mint, and blue, they are not fond of combining color blocks, and they also take white as a basis – the main color in minimalism.

How to Create the Perfect Look?

If you like street looks made in the Scandinavian style, but you do not want to completely rebuild your wardrobe, then knowing a few rules, you can easily bring ethnic elements into your street-wear look and be harmonious at the same time.

• Knitted sweaters can be worn with thin chiffon skirts;

• Fitted vests made of leather or suede, trimmed with fur, combined with fur shoes;

• A straight coat in combination with a voluminous scarf will add a “northern touch” to any clothes.

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