Blackpink member Rosé continues to gain success in the fashion world. Recently, Park Chae-young (the real name of the star) signed a deal with the well-known jewelry brand and became the ambassador of Tiffany & Co. This is another partnership of the celebrity from South Korea who has previously worked with Saint Laurent and YSL Beauty.

On April 23rd, the brand will officially launch commercials for the upcoming HardWear collection featuring the celebrity. According to the brand, they chose Rosé for her bright personality combined with modern style.

Rosé has been a fan of this brand since her school days and even then wore Tiffany jewelry. Therefore, being part of the brand that she has been a fan of for a really long time makes this event even more special.

When she was asked about her personal style and jewelry preference, she shared that she used to choose jewelry in rose gold, but now prefers yellow gold. Earlier, yellow gold seemed too fashionable for her, but now she likes how the jewelry looks on her in combination with other elements. “You won’t know how your outfit will look like until you add some decoration. Then it’s finished”- says the star.

Rosé made her debut with Blackpink in 2016. The group quickly gained popularity and broke several records, including the most-watched music video on YouTube.

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