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Ralph Lauren Biography: Facts about The Designer’s Life and Success

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer, creator of the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, owner of the Ralph Lauren, Rugby, RL Childrenswear, Polo Jeans Co., RRL, RLX, Club Monaco, Chaps, Blue Label, Purple Label, Lauren, Ralph Lauren person Home brands.

Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor (2010), the holder of the title “Legend of Fashion”. The fashion designer’s signature became the true embodiment of the American dream, a man who made himself in the face of life’s circumstances.


Ralph Lauren Early Life
Ralph Lauren biography

Ralph Lauren Early Life and Youth

Who is Ralph Lauren? Where is he from? And what nationality is he? Let’s dive into the designer’s history and his lifestyle. RL biography is on October 14. He was born in 1939 in the Bronx, in New York. But what about Ralph’s religion, and who is he by ethnicity? It was a family of Belarusian Jews. His father Frank Livshitz was from Pinsk and his mother Frida Kotlyar was from Grodno. Both immigrated to the United States, where they met and married at the age of 16.

The young people had four children. The Livshits family lived in a one-room apartment. The emigrants were poor: Frank’s salary as a house painter was barely enough to make ends meet. The neighbor of the noisy Ralph Lauren jewish family was the future fashion designer Calvin Klein.

Ralph Lauren’s Childhood

As a child, Ralph Lauren was fond of sports, the boy was preparing for a career as a basketball player. But once, visiting a classmate from a wealthy family, Ralph was struck by a large dressing room, for which the house was set aside an entire room. In the apartment of the Livshitz family, there was only one common closet, and often Ralph had to lug things around for his older brother.

After what he saw, Livshitz decided to become successful and rich without his real name. To begin with, the boy saved up for his first product(suit), which he bought at the age of 12. By the age of 16, he changed his real name to the Americanized version of Loren, following the example of relatives who had moved to California.

Ralph Lauren Education

Ralph Lauren Education
Ralph Lauren Young

The young man graduated from the Dewitt-Clinton boarding school and entered the Talmudic Academy, where he spent several years. To learn the basics of business, Ralph transferred to the economics department at New York’s Bernard Baruch College in Manhattan, and from there he joined the Army in 1962.

Design and the Model World

Ralph Lauren career history
firs ties by Polo Ralph Lauren
Design and the Model World Ralph Lauren

How did Lauren start? After demobilization, Ralph Lauren got a job at Brooks Brothers, from which he moved to Rivetz & Co, which specialized in sewing ties. After reading the novel “The Great Gatsby” Ralph suggested to the brand owners the idea of creating wide ties, but the innovation of the young employee did not find approval among the brand designers.

Then Loren started his own production of men’s accessories.

Ralph managed to convince the owners of Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus to buy a big consignment for sale. In 1967 the first investor Norman Hilton appeared who invested $50 thousand to Lauren’s company Polo Fashion. Ralph managed to expand the production and open his own store, and a year later he opened a department in the brand boutique Bloomingdale’s.

First Success

first menwear collection of RL 1969
firsst coty award of RL

By 1969, the first collection of men’s clothing Polo with the designer’s symbol was ready with a polo player as its logo. The name of the company evoked associations with the world of aristocracy. Creating the men’s closet items, the designer bravely combined the British rigor and sports elements.

The collection included models of his preppy style pants, shirts, polo shirts, blazers and strict jackets. Ralph Lauren clothes were bought by young businessmen and elderly people.

In the RL 1970s, a couturier with no formal training received his first Coty Award from fashion critics. In the early 70s, Peter Smith took over as president of Ralph Lauren and expanded production by creating a line of perfumes and expensive accessories. Increasing the sales area, Ralph opened a store in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive.

ralph lauren first womens polo
RL womens wear collection

In 1971 the first collection for women Ralph Lauren Womenswear appeared and the hit of the collection was a cotton shirt made in the man’s way. Ralph got the idea from his wife who often bought small shirts for herself.

Ralph Lauren was the only designer in the world to create a collection of sports shirts in 24 colors. At his timeline also polo shirts with the company’s logo appeared. Recognition waited for Lauren in Hollywood as well: in 1974 the designer was offered to create the sketches of the costumes for the film “The Great Gatsby”. A year later, the team of designers was awarded the Oscar.

Development of Production

In the mid-’70s, Ralph Lauren continued to expand production: the designer released the sports line CHAPS by Ralph, a collection of Ralph sunglasses. Loren managed to turn sportswear into a standard of taste. In 1978 the famous fragrances appeared — the men’s eau de toilette Polo and perfumes for women Tuxedo and Lauren.

In the same year, the presentation of a revolutionary collection of Western wear took place where Ralph combined English country-style with American direction in the spirit of western. Ralph opened the world to leather and suede garments with fringed edges, high boots and ranch jackets. The American style first became widespread in Europe. The fashion designer made a great contribution to the creation of Ralph Lauren clothing for his children of all ages. In 1979, sensing the trends of the time, Ralph Lauren worked with PR agencies, creating large advertising projects.

In 1981, Lauren launched a line of his home & design textiles, tableware and interior decoration items under the general name of Home Collection. As the linen was sewed from the shirt fabric, he invented to decorate the pillowcases with a number of buttons. In the 80s fashion appeared in Ralph Lauren’s collections of lingerie, furniture models, leather goods. This person opens boutiques in London.

ralph lauren Time magazine

In 1986 a photo of the American designer story appeared on the cover of Time magazine where a detailed biography of the businessman and his interview was printed.

In 1990 Ralph Lauren appeared before the readers as a man who brought the American dream to life. The fashion designer managed to rise from the very bottom of society to the top.

Advanced Ideas from Ralph Lauren

Ideas from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the few designers who use modern technology. In 1997 the fashion designer’s company floated on the American stock exchange, later the firm acquired the Club Monaco brand, opened the official website Polo.co, which a year later had an online store with lower prices than in the branded boutiques. In the early 2000s, the showroom opened in New York. A program with his information appeared on the site, with the help of which any customer could create Ralph Lauren designs of a polo shirt, changing the color, size and length of the product.

More Facts about Designer

  • Ralph Lauren has not used natural fur to create clothes since 2006. The designer donates a lot of money to charity, being a member of the Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2006 Lauren founded the production of sportswear for Wimbledon.
  • In 2007, the designer became the sole recipient of the title ‘Fashion Legend’ from the American Council of Fashion Designers. At that moment, Loren had over 300 stores all over the world.
  • Since 2008 Lauren has been creating sports suits, caps, and badges for the U.S. Olympic team, using national flag colors.
  • In the late 2000s, the techniques used in advertising the products of Ralph Lauren’s fashion house became the subject of a media scandal, which broke out on the Net. The company was accused of the fact that the photos of the model Philippa Hamilton were changed beyond recognition. On the billboards in Japan, there was a girl suffering from anorexia. Later, representatives of the design house officially announced the mistake made in the creation of the images.
  • In 2015, Ralph stepped down from the company, giving the post of creative director to Stefan Larsson, the former top manager of Old Navy.

Private Life

Is Ralph Lauren married

Is Ralph Lauren married? The designer’s personal life was no less happy than his professional activities. In 1964, Ralph Lauren and Riki Ann Lowe-Bear, whom the designer met while still a student, got married. The family turned out to be strong. The wife not only maintained the comfort of the home but also became a source of inspiration for the designer. The couple had three children – sons Andrew and David and daughter Dylan.

Ralph Lauren and Riki Ann Lowe-Bear

Eldest son Andrew was trained as an actor, acted in movies, then went into production. David helps his father in business. At Polo Ralph Lauren, the middle son is vice president and is married to the niece of former President George W. Bush. Ralph Lauren’s daughter runs her own business. Her Manhattan store, Dylan’s Candy Bar, is now considered the world’s largest candy outlet.

In addition to his Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, Ralph Lauren’s family owns estates in Colorado and Bedford, houses in Jamaica and Long Island, where they also celebrated the designer’s birthday party.

Ralph Lauren Today

Ralph Lauren Today old

Is Ralph Lauren still alive? And how old is he? Of course, he’s alive, and he’s 81.Furthermore, the fashion designer continues to create clothes and surprise fans. The fashion house uses the pages of the official website, the Instagram account to get acquainted with the new closet items, and Ralph Lauren biography books are read all over the world.

The designer also launched the Icons media campaign, for which he invited Vittoria Ceretti, Fredericke Sophie, Margaret Cuelli, Cameron Russell, Jean Campbell, Stella Tennant and others to participate. Especially for the project, Ralph chose 10 iconic items that at different times in the history of the brand became hits in the collections. In addition to closet items, the designer also used an accessory — the famous Ricky bag, inspired by his wife.

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