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Trends in the LGBT Pride Collections Presented by the Top 10 Brands of 2021

Where Did LGBT or Gay Pride Parades Come from and What They Mean?

Gay Pride, or Pride, is an annual event aimed at increasing the visibility of LGBT people. This is a colorful celebration that includes entertainment and educational events and ends with a procession along the main streets of the city. People come to pride regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition, they have become a profitable business proposition and attract tourists from all over the world.

Pride marches are held in more than 50 countries around the world, including in fairly religious states. The oldest and one of the largest processions takes place in New York, and parades in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Paris are popular among Russian tourists. They collect from 500 thousand to a million people. To get to the parade, it is enough to come to the desired city, pride shops, find out the time of the beginning of the procession and its route. Further – only fun.

When Is Pride Day 2021?

LGBT Pride Month 2021

The 2021 World Gay Pride will be held in Copenhagen.

Two-thirds of the 200 delegates who gathered in the capital of the American state of Indiana to choose the next venue for the World Gay Pride, voted for Copenhagen, The Copenhagen Post reported.

The capital of the Danish kingdom by a wide margin in the number of votes cast on the east coast of southern Florida, the resort town of Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale).

WorldPride – World Pride Parade – claims to be the largest event in the life of the global LGBT community. It is held every two years, although, between the 2014 Pride in Toronto and the next one, Madrid 2017, there was a break of three years.

Each WorldPride lasts several days and, in addition to the gay pride itself, which is the culmination of fun, consists of many very different events: political and human rights conferences and discussions, exhibitions, film and fashion shows with lgbt wear, performances by popular artists and groups of different genres.

For each such festival, hundreds of thousands of guests come to the city where it takes place. The first, held in 2000 in Rome, was attended by a quarter of a million people. After the capital of Italy, WorldPride was hosted in Jerusalem in 2006, London in 2012, Toronto in 2014, Madrid in 2017. The 2019 festival will be held in New York.

Who Started the June Celebration?

The first gay pride parade took place in New York on June 28, 1970, exactly one year after the famous Stonewall riots. When a police raid on a local gay club turned into clashes between its visitors and security officials who expected to go unpunished. So with the unexpected victory of “good”, who was not afraid to resist police violence “with fists”, began the era of struggle for gay rights in the United States. What was the first winners’ gay pride parade?

Those who attended the first pride parade recall that it all started with a small procession – a couple of hundred people gathered in the center opposite the Stonewall Inn, but after fifty blocks north, on the way to Central Park, the crowd numbered thousands. According to The New York Times, the procession stretched fifteen blocks, reaching three-quarters of a mile in length.

Now the annual New York Gay Pride Parade attracts millions of participants and spectators. But what to wear to pride? And where to buy pride clothing? We are going to show some pride clothing.

10 Brands with Pride Collection Supported LGBT Month 2021

We have compiled a list of the most famous 10 brands with LGBT pride stores and their pride-collections-2021 that one way or another have come out in support of the LGBT movement and released their unique pride clothing with a reference to this topic.

Apple Watch in Rainbow Colors

Apple’s new design pride stuff uses rainbow colors as well as colors taken from various Pride flags.

The strap comes in different lengths for a perfect fit, and also has access to a dynamic dial that reflects the colors of the rainbow loop as its threads scroll through endless animation.

“Even before the events at Stonewall Inn took the LGBTQ + movement to the next level, black, brown and transgender activists were key leaders on the road to equality,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

New Reebok Collection “All Kinds of Love”

reebok pride insta pump

Reebok participates in all gay pride events with its newest All Types of Love capsule collection, which includes several new shoe styles and matching pride attire.

The garments are adorned with rainbow treatments in homage to the LGBT Pride flag. What’s more, every product of LGBT pride collection includes the “All Types of Love” logo printed on the back of the item.

Items include LGBT-print T-shirts, tees, hoodies and shorts, which are also adorned with the LGBT pride gear flag and the 2021 Reebok campaign slogan “Always Classic Always Proud”. Colors for these items include white, black, and pastel pink.

The collection has been developed by a community of employees with the aim of communicating the collection through the lens of their own experiences with the topic and story.

New Collection of Sports Shoes Adidas “Love Unites”

adidas Forum Low Pride 2021

Adidas is celebrating LGBT Month earlier than other brands and a special sneaker collection is coming soon.

This year’s lineup includes the new Forum Low, Nizza, Nizza Slip-On and Adilette 2.0 colorways that make up the latest LGBTQ collection, Love Unites.

According to the product description, this collection conveys the power of love, truth, and connection that people can carry with them. In addition to symbolic text and graphics, each pair is adorned with rainbow accents inspired by the traditional colors of the Pride flag.

A Colorful Collection of Shoes and Clothing from Vans Pride Month 2021

Pride Month 2021 is very soon, and among pride clothing collections Vans is announcing a special collection of LGBTQ footwear and apparel Pride. Vans’ creative spirit of self-expression is portrayed in a myriad of colorful fashion pieces, from repetitive prints to material mixes.

Shoe options include classic silhouettes and platform Old Skool, as well as newer models. All models uniquely interpret the spirit of the collection and are presented in several variations: checkerboard print, where each square is covered with a repeating print that reproduces one of the letters in LGBT, a mixture of leather and rainbow, suede, and much more. There is also special clothing such as pride month shirts and shorts.

Balenciaga Winter 2021 Collection Is about Pride and Sustainability

Almost everything in the new collection of pride month clothing is made from recycled and sustainable fabrics, except for essential materials such as sneaker glue.

This is part of the luxury home’s focus on sensibly sustainable production.

Parade Pride Campaign “Out of the box”

parade color outside the lines pride lgbtq campaign

Available in five seasonal shades.

New underwireless bra with deep V-neck.

Parade will donate 2,000 pairs of lingerie to a number of LGBT organizations in honor of Pride Month (June).

Levi’s 2021 Pride Collection

Styles pride month outfits inspired by the rainbow flag.

In honor of Pride Month (June), Levi’s has launched a collection dedicated to the LGBTQIA + community. The goal of this pride month apparel collection is to foster empathy and inclusiveness.

To celebrate the LGBT + community, Levi’s will also donate all proceeds from this Pride collection to LGBTQIA +.

Dr. Martens on Personality and Diversity with Pride Month 2021

dr.martens pride 2021

This year, Dr. Martens delights his customers who have worn the brand’s iconic pride month clothes at marches, protests, and demonstrations.

The company pays homage to the LGBT community with an embroidered rainbow flag. Bold accents remain subtle against a sleek black leather upper and signature rubber outsole.

In addition to the new shoes, Dr. Martens is partnering with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ + youth. Dr. Martens has pledged to donate $100,000 to the organization and maintain a year-round partnership. This will be the fifth year of the brand’s collaboration with the organization.

Disney’s Pride Rainbow Collection for the Whole Family

Disney has released a new pride clothing line, Rainbow Disney. The collection includes colorful clothing and accessories for kids and adults, including matching sports kits, polo shirts, face masks, hats, and more.

In addition, the lgbt support clothing product line includes cartoon graphics from some of Disney’s biggest stars, such as Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck, who make up the Sensational Six, and Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. The lineup also includes Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars characters.

In honor of Pride Month, The Walt Disney Company will also donate funds to various LGBTQ + organizations, including GLSEN, a national educational organization whose mission is to provide all LGBTQ + students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

Ugg in the 2021 Pride Campaign

lil nas and ugg pride

Ugg is highlighting several famous faces to celebrate Pride Month 2021.

Celebrities appear in the brand’s advertising campaign, showcasing colorful versions of the popular Ugg’s Fluff Yeah slides against a disco-themed backdrop.

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