Prada Logo Triangle: An Example of Successful New Branding

The Relevance of the Prada Emblem through the Years: History of the Fashion House

Prada Emblem

Prada is one of the biggest and most successful fashion companies in the world.

The brand is a symbol of status, luxury and wealth, offering only the most on-trend items and accessories to its potential customers.

Behind the Prada logo and brand stands a long history of more than one generation. And a small family-run atelier has grown into a world-famous fashion house. Let’s follow the story of the incredible company’s development together and find out more about what’s going on with the Prada logo triangle today.

About History of Prada in a Word

History of Prada

Prada was founded by an Italian family in 1913. It started out as a Fratelli Prada shop. They sold bags, suitcases and pet products. Most of the materials for these items were sourced from Britain.

Who founded prada? The business was run by creator of the brand Mario Prada who later passed on the responsibility to his daughter Luisa.

Luisa worked for the company for 20 years and handed the Prada history over to her daughter Miuccia in good faith.

The moment Miuccia Prada met businessman Patrizio Bertelli, the company started producing luxury suitcases.

They broke the contract with Britain and started using local raw materials. From there the Prada history timeline as we know it today had its beginnings.

Evolution and Timeline of the Prada Brand

In 1979 the company launched its first batch of backpacks and riding boots. Things took off when Prada promoted these products, and they became a success among customers.

1979 Prada backpacks and riding boots

Miuccia and Patrizio recognised the power of Prada name branding and were planning to expand into the luxury sector. In 1983 the business launched its second boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele complex.

The small but stylish boutique generated a lot of public interest and Prada expanded into the luxury segment.

Prada Galleria Vittorio Emanuele complex

Prada went on to open a number of concept shops in Madrid, Florence, Paris and other cities. Great attention was paid to the location of the shop. Locations for family-run boutiques were always chosen only in upmarket areas of the city. A little later the company also increased its product range.

As planned, Prada launched their shoe line in 1984, the following year they launched their first iconic Prada bag. This bag was an enduring commercial success even then and is still a big hit with customers today.

Prada shoe line in 1984

Although the Prada font of the label was luxurious and cost the same as its rivals, the company avoided a flamboyant logo to the transparent logo as they wanted to maintain a low-key brand identity.

Prada at Its Peak

Prada has been at the top of the fashion world since the 90s and has deservedly become one of the world’s top labels. The conscious decision by Prada to make the Prada brand identity more exotic was a deliberate one, with very limited release of some of its pieces.

Prada brand 90s

In 1992 Prada created the Miu Miu brand. In 1994 they began producing menswear, later opening their iconic, biggest clothing shop in Manhattan, New York. The company expanded abroad and was a hit in Asia, opening 20 stores in the overseas market.

Prada before the Pandemic

The company’s acquisitions and collaborations slowed down due to a decline in the number of luxury purchases around the world. On top of this, the sale of counterfeit luxury goods increased significantly.

Prada before the Pandemic

Prada had been experimenting and innovating for decades. And despite all these experiments, the quality of the finished product has never diminished.

But what happens to the Milano Prada logo? And is it given the attention it deserves all the time?

The Prada Emblem at Its Origins

The first Prada logo was company logo designed in 1919 when the developed Prada original became the official clothing manufacturer for the Italian royalty. As such the company was given approval to add heraldic elements of the House of Savoy to its logo. The label chose two elements: the string and the coat of arms. In beside them, Prada added its own verbal mark to the emblems.

Over the years, the brand has got rid of the royal symbols from the Prada clothing labels, leaving only with the popularity it has attained over the years.So the string, crest and even the ellipse vanished from the symbol – only the brand name ‘Prada’ is left.

Different Versions of the Prada Logos

  • In form, versions of the logos contained elements of the monarchy to the word part with the Prada logo font. The font combines two forms of writing: thick and thin characters. And some of the letters have some peculiarities. The shape of the logo is quite flexible. It changes depending on the product range. Some branded items have ‘Prada Milano’ on the label, while others simply have ”Prada” on the label.
  • The emblem’s symbolism has always been concise. It describes the company’s vision. No overly complicated or cumbersome elements in the official emblem is the fashion brand’s cardinal rule.
  • In terms of colour, all versions of the famous Prada emblem throughout history contain only the universal, classic black colour. This gives the emblem an elegant and stylish look. While in most cases the logo is painted only in black, it may occasionally contain gold or white details.
  • The unique font inherent in the original Prada emblem never changes, despite design changes. All variants of the emblem use a specific font specifically designed for the fashion company’s branding.

The Prada Symbol of Our Day

The tiny but eye-catching upside-down metal triangle has been on the radars of Italian fashion brand Prada since at least the late 1980s.

Buyers are unlikely to confuse these items. So far, the italian company has used its logo by putting an inverted Prada triangle on apparel and other accessories. It used to say “PRADA Milano” throughout.

Prada Spring/Summer 2021 show

In an era of pandemic, Prada products increasingly paid attention to the logo. At the Prada Spring/Summer 2021 show, for instance, the label placed its badge near the collars of its tops, and displayed large coats draped over its shoulders like a blanket.

Much of the well-known Milanese brand’s collection, led by a newly forming creative team, focused on frank underwear branding and its role in our time.

Prada said it was inspired by man’s contemporary relationship with technology.

Transformation of the 2021 Logo

In more recent years, Prada’s signature inverted triangle has been joined by the use of the same small triangle, but without lettering or other identification information. The empty triangle appeared on Prada clothing tags to the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 show, on the back of hats in one collection.

Prada's 2021 Logo

By deleting the company’s name from the prada logo triangle, the company potentially creates the opportunity to enjoy broader rights to the small logo and defend those rights against similar Prada logos in cases where “PRADA Milano,” “DAL 1913” and the tiny crest are missing.

Prada has not yet attempted to license a separate version of its inverted triangle. But judging by their trademark applications, the company is moving in that direction.

For example, in October 2019, a lawyer for the famous fashion label applied to register the empty triangle along with the words “PRADA TIME CAPSULE SERIAL N” at the Intellectual Property Office for use on all items of production, from clothing and accessories to fragrances. EUIPO granted Prada registration of the mark last year.


So what does the Prada logo mean? It reflects the centuries-old history of a model Italian family with the right values. Thanks to the brand’s overall effort and clever conception, the Prada logo looks beautiful in shop windows. The understated design of the label is a well-made, versatile symbol of this iconic minimalist fashion house.
It is going to be intriguing to see if the company keeps changing the clothing brand with the triangle logo and if the company continues to pursue registration of its upside-down triangle.

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