Pomegranate Seed Oil Skin Benefits: What Is Pomegranate Oil Good For?

Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits for Your Beauty

Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits for Your Beauty

Pomegranates are delicious red fruits that are peeled or cut open to reveal lush red seeds called arils which are tangy delicious and very good for you. People love pomegranate for many reasons and pomegranates have been an important part of the diet of many cultures for an extremely long time. Pomegranates have a rich history in the middle east. They originated in Persia, now known as Iran, and they are depicted as a symbol of either health, fertility, or prosperity. Many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict pharos feasting on pomegranate. Some people believe the apple in the biblical story of Adam and Eve was actually a pomegranate. It was a symbol of fertility in ancient Greek mythology and the fruit is still a symbol of cultural importance in many regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Pomegranate is sometimes referred to as the love apple. Why, do you ask? Some say because pomegranate is an aphrodisiac, others say because it takes so long to eat a pomegranate that you fall in love with whoever shares the fruit with you. With so many stories surrounding the iconic ruby red pomegranate, it’s clear that people adore this fruit. So why do people love pomegranate so much? Other than the obvious method of eating the fruit, what other uses of pomegranate are there? There are many different ways of getting all of the goodness that pomegranate has to offer other than just eating it. You can drink pomegranate juice, or use pomegranate oil or pomegranate seeds oil. You could even make a face mask out of the pomegranate peels. There are so many possibilities for getting the best that pomegranate can give you. Who knew there was so much power in those tiny arils?

What Is Pomegranate Good For?

pomegranate oil for health and wellness

Why is pomegranate good for your overall health and wellness? Pomegranates are incredibly rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They specifically contain the vitamins vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, along with Folic Acid. These lovely fruits were a superfood before superfoods became trendy and their image has been a symbol of health and prosperity for many.

Pomegranates are also extremely rich in antioxidants. You may have heard the term antioxidant thrown around a lot whether that be in health food labeling or skincare products. What are antioxidants and what do they really do? Antioxidants are substances that are found in nature that effectively neutralizes free radicals in or on your body. Free radicals are essentially waste products like molecules that are released from your body during the catabolism of food or molecules that your body is exposed to when you encounter some form of pollution like smoke, smog, or radiation. These free radicals can be harmful to your body. When present, they can affect your organs and lead to heart disease, cancer, or other sorts of infection.

Your skin is the largest organ you own and it is also negatively affected by free radicals. Using antioxidants like pomegranate oil for skin can make your skin healthier, less prone to acne, and more elastic. Antioxidants can often reverse the effects of smoke and pollution that premature age skin. The pomegranate seed oil skin loves contains punicic acid which is a powerful antioxidant. There are significant scientific studies that show the healing properties of pomegranate. You can read about the effects of this antioxidant directly sourced from pomegranates here. The pomegranate skins are said to have the highest level of antioxidants in them so they are often processed into a powder that can be used as a face mask or taken as a supplement.

How to Get the Pomegranate Effects

There are many forms of pomegranate that you can utilize depending on what you want to target. If you want to reap the rewards of pomegranate, you can consume it either as fruit, as juice, or as a supplement. You could also get pomegranate extract to add to your supplemental regime. Drinking pomegranate juice daily or taking a daily supplement can work wonders for your skin. All you need is two ounces of pomegranate juice daily to provide you with enough antioxidants to nourish your skin, not to mention the amazing health benefits like lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol. You can also purchase pomegranate essential oil or pomegranate seed oil. There are many pomegranate oil uses including spot treatments, face serums, creams, lotions, eye serums, lip balms, face masks, and toners.

Pomegranate Skin Care Benefits

pomegranate essential oil uses

There are many pomegranate oil skincare benefits and antioxidants are only one of them. Pomegranate oil is great for dry skin because it is a deep penetrating oil that will get below the dead or dry skin at the surface and bring a fuller level of moisture. The omega-3 fatty acids as well as the punicic acid in pomegranate seed oil are amazing for locking in moisture and bringing a plump and glowing feeling to your face. These acids that were mentioned can also help to fight acne and minimize the presence of age spots, sun spots, dark spots or discoloration, and fine lines. This is why pomegranate seed oil as a spot treatment is really wonderful. The aforementioned vitamins like Vitamin A promote the skin’s immune system and speed up skin recovery or healing. Vitamin C has an incredible amount of skincare benefits which you can read about in my article on Vitamin C serum. Vitamin E is a super well-known winner for healing scars and making skin look like new. Last but not least, folic acid benefits skin cell growth and reduces fine lines and signs of aging. Pomegranate is really amazing for your skin whether you take it as a supplement or use pomegranate skincare products like pomegranate seed oil for the face and body.

Here are some of our favorite and most beneficial pomegranate supplements.

Nature’s Way, Premium Extract, Pomegranate Vegan Capsules

Nature's Way, Premium Extract, Pomegranate Vegan Capsules

These supplements are to be taken in one capsule twice daily for optimal results. Nature’s Way supplements are proudly non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free. You know that you are putting the purest ingredients in your body in case you don’t have a chance or the chance to buy a pomegranate for every day of the week.

Le Secret The Pomegranate Collagen 10 Sticks

Le Secret The Pomegranate Collagen 10 Sticks

Le Secret The Pomegranate Collagen sticks are great for skin and hair health. This blend of animal collagen and pomegranate extracts is a clever and wonderful merging of supplemental boosts for hair, nails, and skin. These sticks pack a double punch. The supplement first delivers the antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract which aids in neutralizing free radicals and restoring healthful glowing skin. Then the animal collagen aids in restoring and repairing elastin in your skin for a firm and elastic face.

Alora Naturals True Greens Pomegranate Berry

Alora Naturals True Greens Pomegranate Berry

This supplement is a favorite because it is a blend of antioxidant-rich nutrients that can be added to smoothies, juices, or anything else you desire to load it up with a huge serving of antioxidant goodness. An awesome thing about this particular supplement is that it contains a mix of other plant-based extracts which will go even beyond the wide array of benefits that pomegranate brings to the table. True Greens blends contain a serving of all-natural, phytonutrient dense plant supplements to aid in memory, stress relief, and immune function.

Potential Side Effects

Unless you have a known food allergy to pomegranate, eating pomegranate and using pomegranate oil for face treatments should not cause any harmful side effects or reactions. You will know if you’re allergic to pomegranate if you experience any redness, swelling, itching, or are having trouble breathing after consuming pomegranate. If you know you’re allergic to pomegranate you should steer clear of products with pomegranate seed oil uses. If you aren’t allergic to pomegranate, enjoy the pomegranate seed oil benefits. One thing to keep in mind if you are using pomegranate oil acne treatment or any pomegranate oil serum is that pomegranate oil skin benefits can only happen when the serum isn’t expired. Store pomegranate oil in a cool dry place and don’t keep the same bottle for too long.

Pomegranate Oil Creams

One of the best pomegranate oil uses might be a moisturizer with pomegranate oil as its main ingredient. Here are some of our favorite pomegranate products for all of the pomegranate oil benefits. These Moisturizers are some of the top pomegranate oil products on the market. Both have excellent customer reviews that boast the best skin and most glowing feeling.

Radiance Booster Moisturizing Cream

Radiance Booster Moisturizing Cream – 24-hour pomegranate oil-infused moisturizer from Kiehl’s that brightens skin and leaves it with a radiant glow.

Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy Moisture Crème

Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy Moisture Crème – this moisturizer by Estee Lauder is now formulated with twice as much pomegranate, this moisturizer is packed with antioxidants and will surely provide you with plumped and glowing skin for 24 hours.

So now you know everything there is to know about pomegranate, pomegranate supplements, and pomegranate seed oil skincare. There is so much goodness packed into each pomegranate fruit it’s almost hard to believe it. The most fun way to consume pomegranate is with a loved one wearing clothes that you don’t mind staining on a night when you have the time to sit together and pull all of the tiny arils off of the skin and chat about all things pomegranate related. You don’t have to purchase a fancy supplement, face serum, or cream to reap the benefits of pomegranate. You can simply eat pomegranate fruit or drink pomegranate juice and know that your body and your skin will thank you for all of the antioxidants and vitamins you’re giving yourself.

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