Patchwork Jeans: Trend Conquering Fashionistas All over the World

Patched Jeans from the 70s That Perfectly Fit into Your Closet & Complement Your Stylish Look

Patchwork jeans first gained popularity a long time ago. In those days, it was mostly hand-stitched patches that were used to create this look. Fortunately, those who don’t know how to sew don’t have to worry. Instead, a different kind of patch is gaining popularity this year. In a departure from the vintage do-it-yourself style, brands are purposefully piecing together a bunch of different denim fabrics and textures for a whole new look.

The History of Patchwork

No one knows when exactly patchwork originated and who was its creator. Undoubtedly, patchwork is an ancient kind of needlework, because found items in the patchwork technique were made in the X century BC.

The first country, where patchwork became popular and widespread, was England. Actually, the name “patchwork” came from England. It all started in the 1700s when patchwork jeans from the 70s became impossible to get chintz in England. Scraps of calico clothing were not thrown out but were used for sewing other items. If very tiny pieces of chintz remained, they were sewn together to form a cloth.

patched jeans

For a long time, patchwork was considered a sign of poverty and was not welcomed,  although some seamstresses continued to use patchwork techniques.

In the 90s, patchwork again gained popularity and fame among citizens. To date, patchwork products act more as a decorative element and decorate their uniqueness of fashion items.

In the world of patchwork, fashion is one of the brightest trends of the 70s. In 1965, it was founded by Yves Saint Laurent. Then the designer presented a collection of Mondrian dresses made of different pieces of fabric, which literally blew up the entire fashion industry.

The second boom of 70s patchwork jeans happened in 2019. With the light hand of Tom Ford and Chloe, the trend returned to the catwalks with one “but”: now patchwork migrated to denim. It finally consolidated its position in 2021, when it appeared in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana and Ambush. In its popularity, patchwork trend 2021 can be compared only with tai-dai.

With What to Combine Patchwork Jeans

Jeans can be different models: patchwork skinny jeans, boyfriend, classic, klesh, multicolor patch jeans, or even patchwork mom jeans. The most important thing is that they perfectly fit your figure and emphasize its advantages.

  • If you have a slender figure and long legs, wear patched skinny jeans.
  • Girls with wide hips and a small tummy, choose jeans with a high waist.
  • Boyfriends with a straight cut — one of the most versatile models, which give preference to many girls.

Much harder to determine what to combine with patched jeans womens, made with the technique of sewing patchwork. This is due to the fact that all the colors must successfully harmonize with each other, otherwise the image may seem too bright. Some people avoid this model, because they are afraid that it can’t successfully fit into their closet. But that is not quite true. Stylists recommend choosing under such pants with patches a monochrome top, preferably white with black patchwork jeans or white patchwork jeans. Excellent look cotton or chiffon shirt, loose T-shirt, voluminous cardigan. Also, these models are great with oversized jackets, leather trench coats, and a pair of Air Jordan 1.

If you want to attract attention, you can wear bright things with prints and various inscriptions. The main thing is the balance, do not allow creating a bulky image.

Denim Patch Jeans Size

Before buying patched jeans, you should know exactly your size. You should not buy a model that does not fit you, in this case, the figure does not look in the best light. To know your size, take measurements with a tape measure.

Your waist and hips are important when choosing patchwork pants jeans. Write down your parameters and use the size chart to find the best size for you. If you are buying European models, keep in mind that their size chart differs significantly from American sizes. Not all manufacturers indicate the correct size, so be careful. If necessary, talk to a consultant who helps you decide on the choice.

Rules When Choosing Jeans with Patches

patchwork jeanswear

Stylists specifically designed principles to follow when buying jeans.

  • Do not skimp on clothing. Truly high-quality patchy jeans can not be cheap. If you want them to serve you for more than one year, do not be afraid of the high prices. Patchwork jeans, the price of which is very low, are unlikely to be made of quality material.
  • Look at the description of the product, which the seller provides. What should I pay attention to? First of all, the composition of the fabric from which the patched jeans for women is made.
  • Jeans should have the right fit, so they are beautifully set on the figure.
  • Qualitatively of denim jeans with patches executed cut plays an important role. Lines should be straight and parallel.

How to Decorate Your Own Jeans

Appliqued jeans in patchwork style photos are presented on the Internet, distinguished by the beauty and originality of prints. Designers are constantly coming up with new products to please the fair sex. If you want to hide the holes on your jeans or just to diversify your favorite pair of patchwork denim jeans, it is enough to show a little imagination, and you are sure to succeed. What you need:

  • brown patches;
  • denim pants;
  • thread and a needle;
  • sharp scissors;
  • iron;
  • glue fabric.

All necessary materials can be bought in a craft store. Note that the patches can be cut from your old items that have fallen into disrepair. This can be a variety of shirts, sweatshirts, pants, including those made of denim. Take a piece of adhesive fabric, which, when exposed to heat and steam, sticks to the fabric. Glue it with an iron to the hole on the inside of the jeans. Then cut out some unusual pattern from the fabric and hand sew it to the outside of the jeans with different patches. Cut the flap so that the distance from the stitching is 0.5-0.7 millimeters. The cut should be shaped. Then gently tuck the cut and hide it inside and neatly hem it. Be creative and do not be afraid to experiment. And then you have your own exclusive brown patchwork jeans.

Now you know the rules on how to find the perfect pair of denim pants with patches. And we want to offer you our selection of stylish and super-branded jeans in a patchwork style. Here you’re sure to find something for every taste and price:

Bell Bottom Jeans — Medium Blue Wash, $28.99 

Bell Bottom Jeans — Medium Blue Wash

Extremely low-rise jeans with contrast inserts. Great look, patched jeans outfit with functional back pockets. And they please you not only with their quality, but also with their price.

ASOS DESIGN Organic Cotton Blend Low Rise ‘Relaxed’ Dad Jeans with Patch Pockets in Midwash, $54.00

Dad Jeans with Patch Pockets

These patchwork jeans for women are your go-to for all the latest trends, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do. Exclusive and versatile, they can easily complement your everyday look.

High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans, Blue Denim, $140.00

High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans

These patchwork jeans blue are made and remade from clothes that would have been thrown away and sent to the landfill, giving them a second life.

The piece is handmade and made to order, so you have to wait about 2 weeks to receive your order.

B-Sides Marcel Upcycled Patchwork Straight-Leg Jeans, $371

B-Sides Marcel Upcycled Patchwork Straight-Leg Jeans

B-Sides’ blue Marcel cute patched jeans are made in the U.S. from cotton denim and embellished with patches that brand founders Claire Lampert and Stacy Daly got from Colorado cowboys and industrial rag houses. Patchwork jeans women have a high silhouette, belt loops, five pockets, and slightly cropped straight legs.

Pastel Patchwork Denim Boyfriend Jeans 2021, $25.00

Pastel Patchwork Denim Boyfriend Jeans

These Pastel Patchwork Denim Boyfriend Jeans are very stretchy and comfortable.

They will fit perfectly and exceed your expectations! The flaps look incredibly stylish and fashionable. In addition, you will be pleasantly pleased with the price!

For us, patchwork denim always has a nostalgic allure. The weaving of fabrics and the deliberate carelessness create a sense of style and coziness. And we see this humble denim trend slowly making its way into luxury collections against all odds.  

Try a combination of interesting textures, fabrics, and patterns. Look for ideas on how to wear jeans with patches, and don’t forget to check out our updates on the coolest items on the site.

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