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The last few weeks have changed the way we shop completely. With stores and shopping malls closing all around the world, online has become the primary way we all shop for pretty much everything, fashion included. Although shopping online isn’t a new concept for most of us, the new world order has changed the way we shop and what we’re looking for from an app or an online store. Fashion apps is a developing world that keeps getting better and better for its users, and we’re always keeping an eye out for the new best ways to an online shop.

To keep you updated on the best fashion apps out there, here’s a list of those we believe provide the best shopping experience:

  1. The RealReal – Ever wondered how so many people around you can afford designer items when you never can? The RealReal is an app that allows you to buy or cosign on second-hand authentic luxury items from the best brands out there, such as Prada, Hermes, Gucci, and more. Every item on the app is being checked by experts to ensure its authenticity and good condition, and items are sold for deeply discounted prices.
  2. Shopbop – This app is everything a young fashionista needs. With a wide variety of brands, Shopbop will provide you with every trendy item for the upcoming season. The app’s brands range from everyday fast fashion brands to luxury, which makes it basically a place for everyone to shop. What we love most about this app is its special edits, from their everyday essential to luxury bags edits, Shopbop will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Depop – Vintage shopping is a rising trend amongst young fashionistas out there, and there’s no better app for it than Depop. This app allows users to sell their closet to other users, and the findings are endless. In Depop you’ll find second-hand clothing, accessories, designer items, and original designs by users, all for good prices. What we love about Depop is that users can both buy and sell, making it possible to make some money while shopping.
  4. Asos – Although everyone already knows Asos, we had to give them the respect they deserve. The British fashion app is home to many worldwide fashion brands, and a few private labels we can’t get enough of. Aside from the amazing variety and good shopping experience, Asos is known for making clothes for every size, height, and shape with their plus-size, tall, and maternity brands.       

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