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Our Favorite Footwear Trends of Summer 2020

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Shoes are possibly the most important piece of apparel in our wardrobe. A good pair of breezy sandals or comfy stilettos can elevate every look and last for years. Shopping for shoes can be easier and more appealing than shopping for clothes since there are no limitations of sizes and body type. Good shoes can be your best friend, and that’s why we believe it’s something worth putting your mind and attention on.

Here’s a list of a few of our favorite footwear trends of the summer, so by the next time you feel like getting a new pair you could choose wisely:

  • Loafers – the grandfather-inspired look is making a comeback this summer, introduced in ways we’ve never seen before. From chunky heels to open backs and bold colors, the new loafers are classics made trendy that can complete every look. This style has an elegant and sophisticated charm that fits right on the border of feminine and masculine.
  • Straps – from thin and minimal leather straps to bold tied ropes, strappy shoes are all the rage this summer. This trend is so diverse and can fit almost every style, which makes it easy to participate in while still maintaining your own style. We particularly noticed the minimal strappy kitten heels trend, that won over the hearts of many fashionistas around the world with its delicate and chic vibe.
  • Platforms – it’s high, it’s comfy, and it’s the dream of every short girl. Platforms can come in many shapes and heights, but one thing they all have in common, there much more comfortable than any kind of regular heels. This style is perfect for any occasion: a full day of running around as well as a late-night of dancing.
  • Mary Janes – if the name of this classic style doesn’t ring any bells, let me try to visualize it for you: a slightly pointy front with a strap across the front. This style is one of the most iconic designs of the 1960’s, and this year it is getting a comeback in unique colors and textures. Heeled or flat, Mary Janes are the ultimate pair for a feminine and cute look.       

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