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Must-Have Accessories for Summer 2020

summer accessories

Summer is here and although this one is quite different from what we are normally used to the trends are still rolling in as per usual. This year is big on highlighting femininity, light pastel colors, cute dresses and more elegant versions of the crop top are everywhere and the accessories to match are not a disappointment, actually, they are what make it – giving you that summer vibe (even if you’re still on the couch) you can feel it.

  • SHOULDER BAG: Petite yet fitting for most outfits, different colors and prints. new in to match your skirt, shorts, or sundress.
  • HEAD SCARVES AND TURBANS: In bright and neutral colors. the new ‘head covering attire ‘or hat type accessories this summer, a bit chicer, and although it doesn’t provide any sun coverage whatsoever, it too helps to keep that summer knotty, unbrushed hair covered.
  • NECKLACES: Simple chains in gold and silver are back this year. wearing one simple one creates sophistication and a chic look. thin, thick, and some with pendants, you can dress them up for any event!
  • SUNGLASSES: Bringing it back in time the real retro 90s styles are back, the more different the better, smaller type frames are more in trend as opposed to last year’s‘ as big as possible’ style. colored frames are part of the hype too, bringing pop to your outfit and just enough to cover the eye bags from last nights one too many.
  • PLATFORM SANDALS: Last summer and the summer before and now this one, platform sandals are still in, they are a must, a go to, a need to get that beach summer feel but still feel elegant and ‘dressed up’ sort of in between a birkenstock and a wedged heel, it best of both worlds and gives you some height (which we all know is why we want them at the end of the day)
  • CLAW CLIPS / BUTTERFLY CLIPS: Claw clips have made a delightful comeback (ever since Alexander Wang recently modeled them on the runway) – even the mini ones! They are perfect to hold twists or buns. An up-do, or to make a half-up look. Like effort without any effort, they help to achieve that sleek and elegant look and simple enough to take you straight from the beach to a formal cocktail evening overlooking the sunset.

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