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Moët Hennessy Together with Louis Vuitton Started a Fund to Support Employees


Moët Hennessy in cooperation with the Louis Vuitton fashion brand has invested 30 million euros in a fund to support employees who are currently experiencing difficulties around the world. Famous luxury companies have increased their efforts on social issues that are increasing public attention.

The LVMH Heart Fund is open to all 150,000 employees of the company around the world and offers support in urgent situations and provides a free, confidential hotline.

Over the past 15 years, companies that value employee engagement, have developed their social responsibility initiatives. Last summer, they organized consultations with employees about how they are doing during the pandemic. A survey, conducted in 14 languages, did not reveal urgent situations that needed to be resolved but showed how much employees value an employer who deals with social issues. 

For example, LVMH has been producing masks and repurposed perfume factories to manufacture hand sanitizers. As a result, employees said they are proud to be part of a group like LVMH. Now consumers are more paying attention not only to the employees of the group but also to what the companies are doing. Customers evaluate not only the reputation of the brand but also what values are important for the brand.

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