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Summer 2020 is anything but a normal summer. As some of you are used to sitting under the sun all day to catch some color, millions around the world are still quarantines and many pools and beaches around the world are still closed. Even if you do have the option to go to a beach or a pool, sometimes our daily routine just doesn’t allow us that time in the day.

So how can we achieve the summer tanned look without doing the actual tanning? With the right products and tips, anyone can look like they just came back from a week-long vacation.

If you’re not into the traditional fake tan options, here are a few tips that will help you create a cute summer makeup look:

  • Use a lot of bronze – The right shade of bronze for you, it should help you to be more naturally tanned. After applying your foundation as you usually do before doing your face, apply your bronze on the higher parts of your face (upper cheek, nose, and forehead). Don’t be afraid to use more product than you usually do, since the goal is to give your face a completely different shade.
  • Do your body too – To create a believable tanned look, the shade of your body must match the face. Although it might sound extreme for some of you, using makeup on your body is the only way to make people think you’re actually tanned. If using a brush all over your body feels a bit extreme for you, some brands offer different water-based bronzers you can use on larger surfaces.
  • Use highlighter – A real tan always comes with a natural glow to your skin, which is one of the reasons it’s so naturally beautiful. Since most products are meant to create the exact opposite effect, using a highlighter is a must. Our tip: use a liquid highlighter for the most glow you can achieve.
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