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Review of the MAC Limited Edition Collections for Authentic Beauty Lovers

It is difficult to single out the best products among the MAC limited editions cosmetics of this brand because they all have the right to be called the best. All products of the decorative line of cosmetics are characterized by amazingly rich colors and shades, make-up bases are distinguished by their subtlety and delicacy, and there are sets of masking cosmetics that perfectly hide flaws and defects.

MAC special edition is an incredible collection of lipstick shades, regular and waterproof mascaras. A special reason for the company to be proud of our professional make-up brushes, which are sold individually and in sets of MAC cosmetics new releases.

A Little about the History of MAC Cosmetics

mac electric wonder collection

The collection of skincare cosmetics from this brand is small. Most often, such funds are produced in MAC limited editions. Experts are sure that the quality of MAC care cosmetics is not as high as the quality of decorative cosmetics. No matter what anyone says, the main mission of a company is to decorate, not to treat the skin. If your skin needs some problems fixed rather than masked, it is better to choose cosmetics from dermato-cosmetic brands specializing in therapeutic cosmetics.

In the list below, we describe the most famous products from the MAC cosmetic collection in each of the categories.


To start with, In Extreme Dimension Lash is a legendary mascara. For connoisseurs of rich and saturated shades, check out the nail polish collection: Mean & Green, Rain of Flowers, Girl Trouble, and, of course, Rougemarie’s rich red. Despite the excellent quality that guarantees uniform coverage of nail plates, nail polishes of this brand are not very popular among nail artists. Perhaps the reason, however, lies in their high cost.


The choice of lipsticks from MAC cosmetics new collections is truly amazing. There are mattes and glossy lipsticks, with and without glitter. Even those who do not like bright colors and prefer politically correct nude have something to look at. For modest connoisseurs of nude shades, there is a whole collection of limited edition MAC lipsticks. The lip glosses in a variety of textures are also noteworthy.

Bases and Basics

Prep + Prime helps you create a foundation. It includes foundations and highlighters, an eye base that can perfectly complement the purchase of an eyeshadow palette from the same brand. Electric Cool EyeShadow, Studio Sculpt Shade and Line, and Extra Dimension Eye Shadow are particularly well-known.

Blushers and Powders

Some of the best are considered Powder Blush, as well as mineral blushes and powders. In addition, for your convenience, MAC can delight you with quality make-up brushes for any occasion.

Although many of the usual M.A.C. products have already become cult classics, the speciality of the limited editions is that you get a sense of celebration.

All these items on the MAC collections list are funny, creative, and personal. And we are ready to present them to you!

MAC Limited Edition Collections List

MAC x Selena

mac selena

MAC Selena Quintanilla Fall 2016 Make-up Collection is a tribute to a superstar whose life was taken too soon.

Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, was involved in its creation. This limited edition brought wonderful lipstick shades and timeless high-quality eyeliner and mascara.

MAC x Aaliyah Make-up Collection

Aaliyah MAC Limited Editions

Nude lips were a must, and the MAC celebrity collections were the perfect throwback to the 90s. The perfect shade of shimmery caramel lipstick remains one of our favorites today.

MAC Giambattista Valli Collection

giambattista valli x mac cosmetics
mac giambattista valli

It was a small MAC summer collection of just five lipstick shades inspired by vibrant shades of pink. The best thing about make-up is that lipstick can really change your look.

MAC x Iris Apfel

iris apfel mac
MAC x Iris Apfel

These MAC cosmetics collaborations include lipsticks, lip pencils, eye shadows, mascara, cosmetic powder, nail polishes, and a “flawless eyebrow pencil.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show MAC Limited Collection

Rocky Horror Picture Show MAC Limited Editions

Bold, authentic, strong, and bold: this is the best way to describe all MAC limited edition collections and their iconic classics.

Frank ‘n Furter was proud of this, as this collection was full of reds, and they were all pretty amazing.

In this collection, there was a topical shine in silver and gold, as well as false eyelashes. As the film celebrates its 40th anniversary, it should come as no surprise that many choose to dress up with their favorite characters.

RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

riri hearts MAC Limited Editions

Before Rihanna had the Fenty line, she had an amazing partnership with MAC.

The rose gold plus deep raisin lipsticks, orange frost, creamy nude and bright red lip gloss were a hit. But the best thing is the eyes, and the collection includes not only memorable shades, but also tools.

MAC x Carine Roitfeld

MAC Limited Edition Carine Roitfeld

In 2012, the former editor of Vogue Paris teamed up with MAC to create a collection that epitomizes French chic.

Karin chose colors and tools to recreate her aesthetic. It’s all about light but feminine red tones and deep, dramatic eyes.

There were so many elegant pieces in this collection that it was impossible to pick a favorite.

MAC x Cinderella

MAC Limited Edition cinderella
mac cinderella 2015

This dreamy princess-inspired MAC barbie collection was full of sparkling, dazzling eyeshadow and pinkish lip gloss.

The magical, ball-ready collection was in pearl pale blue packaging which made everything even prettier. It was like wearing a Cinderella dress, only on your face!

MAC x Disney Maleficent

MAC Maleficent Collection
Maleficent MAC

In the 2014 collection dedicated to Maleficent Angelina Jolie, it’s all about the cheekbones.

Being bad has never looked so good, and like the MAC venomous villains, it promoted dark romance with deep sultry pink lip tints and fantastic false eyelashes.

Top sellers were Maleficent Lipstick in True Love’s Kiss, Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast, and Maleficent Eyeshadow Compact.

MAC x Wonder Woman

wonder woman MAC Limited Editions
MAC wonder woman collection

If you are a fan of subtlety, this collection is not for you.

The MAC wonder woman collection was released in 2011 and included 27 makeup products, as well as MAC trolls hairspray, cosmetic bags, and brushes — everything to make you feel like a superhero.

Red, white, blue, and gold pigments prevailed, but if you ask us, blush won out in this collection.

Princess of the Amazons, Mighty Aphrodite. Mineralize Skinfinish: Golden Lariat, Pink Power — they all turned out to be timeless classics, both in terms of quality and shades.

Product Selection Tips

  • If possible, it is better to make a purchase on the official website or from an official supplier, which the manufacturer has information about. This protects you from fakes that can seriously harm your health. When choosing MAC cosmetics, experts recommend the following.
  • Consult a dermatologist and beautician. Professional cosmetics have a special texture and are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is especially important to get advice if the skin is problematic or prone to allergies. It is imperative to establish the type of skin and only then proceed with the selection of cosmetics that are optimal for your specific type.
  • Consider age characteristics. The older a woman is, the more her skin needs additional moisture. Decorative cosmetics should be chosen with a softening effect, and it is imperative to apply a soft base under them. There is one in the past MAC collections.
  • Do not use MAC foundation on a daily basis. This recommendation is suitable for women with healthy skin. If there are dermatological problems, it is worth replacing the cream with powder. This brand has a light texture, does not clog pores, and allows the skin to breathe freely.
  • Do not mix MAC with other brands. Make-up, where you use cosmetics from different manufacturers, increases the negative impact on your health. Cosmetics from different brands may contain the same preservative, and you end up with a double dose of chemicals.
  • Do not buy the entire line at the same time. If you are going to deal with MAS decorative cosmetics for the first time, then you should not buy all the products in the line at once. Start your acquaintance with it correctly — with 1-2 funds. If allergies do not appear, and you like the result, gradually expand your personal collection.

Tips for Using Cosmetics

  • Women who would like to start using professional cosmetics from MAC limited edition collections are often faced with statements that they cannot achieve the desired effect on their own because this is the business of professionals. And at the initial stage, many really have certain problems, especially if, before buying the MAC, a woman did not know how to correctly apply certain cosmetic products.
  • Another statement says that professional MAC fall collections cosmetics are not suitable for daily use, that with frequent use, as it can harm the skin condition. These statements are irrelevant to reality. MAС can be used at least every day, and the composition of cosmetics is certified and recognized as safe. In addition, this make-up is very resistant to adverse external influences and looks impressive.
  • The professional composition of MAC cosmetics, which was initially conceived exclusively for filming and the catwalk, has long been revised by manufacturers and adapted for everyday use.
  • Before you start using the cosmetics of this brand, you should familiarize yourself with the video tutorials that exist for each of the cosmetics of this company. Applying professional makeup requires an understanding of certain rules, and no one can advise you better than the experts.

If you are as much a MAC fan as we are — join us. After all, from the Hello Kitty old MAC Collections to the Giambattista Valli and every intermediate MAC limited edition collection, there are hundreds of beautiful, shiny products to look out for. All of these items are limited edition (many have been discontinued), but there is still hope for a re-release in new MAC upcoming collections! MAC is known to revive fan favorites, so maybe we can buy something exclusive and fantastic from the future MAC collections.

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