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Love Yourself in Any Feature of Yours – a New Collection of Converse, Dedicated to Love


Legendary shoes brand has presented a thematic collection of sneakers and launched the new Love Fearlessly advertising campaign, the purpose of which is to inspire brand fans to love themselves regardless to other’s opinions. The project will tell the real stories of people from the community about how they learned to accept and love themselves for who they are.

The creators of the collection have been inspired by stories of those, who were successful to create their own way in life. All the collection is dedicated to people who are more than just what they do – they are the ones who make the world changed with the power of their creativeness and passion. Those are the people, who are not afraid to follow their own way and listen to their heart – and this is the main requirement for success. And sometimes you have to dedicate your life entirely to the thing that you are doing, even if you are to lose something on this hard way.

Another leitmotif of the collection is the next: you cannot be confident about yourself if you do not feel comfortable. So get rid of the things that obstruct your freedom and limit your creativity.

And at the end of the day – the main idea – love yourself and the things that you do!

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