Natural drying will always be preferable to blow-drying, but what a huge amount of time it takes. Few people know that the drying method should fit not only the structure of hair but also its length. Here are a few pieces of advice about drying methods for different haircuts.

Short Hair or Pixie

short hair drying

It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. The main rule is to brush your hair right after washing the way you normally wear it. Fix the strands with your hands or comb and only then start drying. This way, the result will not be unexpected. However, if your task is to maximize the volume, you should do the opposite. Comb your hair in the opposite direction to the one you wear it usually. Once the strands are dry, style them as usual. This will give you more volume.

Bob or Long Bob

how to dry short hair

How to give this haircut maximum volume? First, throw all the hair on one side and dry it, and only then on the other and repeat the same. Wavy or naturally curly hair is better to dry with a towel and then apply a texture product. Finally, split the strands with your hands to emphasize the natural hair structure.

If short hair you can fix without using a styling product, with medium and long hair its usage is most often necessary. Be sure to nourish and moisturize the strands with special hair products especially in summer.

Long Hair

long hair

Most stylists do not recommend washing your head before going to sleep and to go to bed with wet strands – this destroys the core of the hair itself and promotes fungus development inside the pillow. If there is no other option (long hair owners never have time to dry it), don’t forget to moisture your strands. Then make a tight hair bun. Another option is to weave them in a light, loose braid. Hair will finally dry overnight and get the right volume and wave. Don’t brush the strands, but rather divide them with your fingers. Another express method is to weave wet hair in two tight pigtail braids, dry with a hairdryer and you will be ready to go.

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