Leggings. Best Clothes Ever!

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Leggings were born that way – under a wave of criticism and categorical “I will never wear this horror.” A couple of years later, leggings for women became mega-popular, showing off on female priests of all sizes and ages. But once only men wore these products, and something tells us that wearing such clothes did not give the stronger gender much pleasure.

Transformation of the Leggings


Scientists looking for analogs of modern leggings concluded that leggings, the national dress of North American Indians, covering most of the legs, were in fact leggings, since they had a tight-fitting cut.

Europeans also wore similar clothes; in the Middle Ages, tight trousers were an element of men’s clothing. Then the leggings migrated to military uniforms and began to deliver a lot of trouble for the servicemen.

In those days, they were sewn exclusively from genuine leather, the models were so narrow that to stretch them, the product had to be well moistured with water. Drying on the body, they, accordingly, shrank and squeezed the legs, as if in a vice – for some time passing in this form, terrible irritations and rubbing appeared on the legs.

We have to say, how grateful the men were to Karl Lagerfeld, who decided to “relocate” leggings to the women’s wardrobe? On slender girls’ legs, tight trousers look much more attractive than on not always straight male legs.

Leggings for women first looked like tight tights without a toe, then they began to be sewn from a variety of materials and leggings appeared – translated from English as “a piece of clothing that tightly fits the legs.” This is a very good legging affordable, one might even say, cheap clothing, with which, nevertheless, you can create a very effective image.

Leggings in Fashion

leather leggings

The popular leggings nowadays owe their modern popularity to two famous singers: Sandra and Madonna, who, unlike most of their peers, immediately felt sympathy for the novelty and began to wear them often.

Fans echo their idols in everything, of course, cool leggings for women immediately appeared in a huge number of fans of both singers. Almost at the same time, athletes discovered the beauty of wearing the best leggings in training and competition and making sports leggings became a separate type.

Fashion, on the other hand, began to experiment with leggings, forcing the young ladies to look for models with lace and mesh inserts, then pull on options with a predatory leopard print, then choose jeggings – a tight model that imitates jeans. Leggings made of leatherette and leather have not gone anywhere either, many women actively wear them, giving themselves a pronounced sexy look with their help. And it made the best leggings ever.

Yes, these great leggings are incredibly spectacular clothes, but only if you have the ability not to overdo it, not to cross the line that separates light eroticism from vulgarity. This line is especially thin in looks with leather and knitwear with transparent elements. Shoes or a top are chosen wrong, and the image turns out to be vulgar.

And How Is It to Choose the Best Leggings for Women?

When choosing leggings, you need to remember that they emphasize all the flaws of the body and what are the best leggings for your body shape. With strongly visible problems in the upper part of the legs, you need to choose products made of dense materials that give a slimming effect and, be sure, cover the butt and hips with a skirt or tunic.

With big legs, don’t even look in the direction of colorful printed models, and forget about white leggings, for now, this is the best everyday leggings. An absolute taboo is products with lace trim at the bottom. A girl of 14-15 years old can afford such liberty, the older ladies will look as if they have put on underwear on the street.

As for the landing, here you need to focus on the condition of your abdomen. The lowered belt of leggings will form an ugly overhanging fold; you can remove it by choosing a model with a wide belt.

Leggings & Sport

best leggings

Fitness leggings are perfect and the most popular leggings. They can do any kind of physical activity: yoga, dancing, jogging, aerobics. An excellent option for visiting the gym and not only for training but also to attract the attention of men.

For sports purposes, take either cotton or special stretch models made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The latter option is even preferable since sports leggings also have a supportive effect on the muscles, which, during active training, helps to avoid overstraining.

What Are the Best Leggings to Buy?

It’s all up to you! Depends on your style, what do you prefer to wear in casual life choose the best option for you and don’t forget to make the right match with other clothes!

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