They Are Back in Fashion Again: Leg Warmers Trend of the 80s

The On-Trend 1980s Leg Warmers Easily Provide Your Comfort in the Cold Season

eighties leg warmers

The most unusual and coolest thing you can have in your closet is a pair of leg warmers that were sewn in the 1980s. Do you have any idea what a pair of leg warmers trend of the 80s is like? Generation Z is constantly bringing back trend after trend, reinventing them, and breathing life back into them. It’s something very old, but trendy at the time. It may be crazy now, but foot warmers from that time are insanely stylish and authentic.

In addition to our generation of youth adopting this style, stars like Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker have also brought back this cozy accessory.

The Origin of Leg Warmers Style

The long, thick, legless sock, originally worn by dancers to warm up their shin muscles, became a mass fashion craze in the early ’80s.

Like stirrup pants, it’s another unusual trend of today. Leg warmers were originally used as sportswear. In the 1980s, this streetwear gained popularity as one way for dancers to warm up their shin muscles. Made popular by the movie Fame and, of course, Jane Fonda and her legendary workouts, leg warm-up socks began to be worn not only with aerobic equipment but moved from the dance studio to the streets.

Cult dancers wore them during warm-ups, fastening them around their ankles or pulling them up to their hips, and taking them off once the performance began. But the dancers’ outfits, like their aerobics clothes, certainly looked chic, and as a consequence, very soon ankle warmers were firmly among the fashion items.

They became available in a variety of colors and fabrics, which meant that they could be paired with a variety of outfits, some even choosing to pair them with high-heeled shoes!

The Popularity of Leg Warmers

leg warmers from the 80s

When were leg warmers popular?

Do you like these aerobics-inspired dance moves? The movie “Flashdance” was released in 1983, and although the main character wearing an 80 workout costume with leg warmers was essentially a dancer, the mere sight of warm pants on the big screen was enough to make normal people rush to the nearest dancewear store.

When 80s fashion leg warmers became commonplace, fashionistas paired them with everything in their closet. Leg warmers were worn with miniskirts, over leggings, and sometimes even over jeans. It became fashionable to match leg warmers with blouses or sweaters. How about a tripod headband as an addition? That was an option, too.

Nowadays, the rise in popularity is due to the affordability of the products, as leg warmers are available for less than $10, and if you know how to knit, you can easily knit yourself a pair. In addition, with the onset of cold weather, fashion lovers are finding newer ways to decorate themselves in style while staying warm, and foot warmers are the most appropriate addition to our closets with the onset of the winter season.

how to wear leg warmers 80s style

Although leg warmers haven’t become a full-fledged trend since the ’80s, dancers still wear them without shutting their eyes, and designers occasionally show them off in their shows.

Colors of Leg Warmers

These days, women’s foot warmers can be blue, or green, or yellow, or multi-striped. They come in all colors and patterns reminiscent of modern art. New pastel tones are increasingly on the market.

Modern Women Leg Warmers

Today you can also find leg warmers in children’s closets because, obviously, it’s a good way to keep a child warm. 80s leg warmers may not be as popular as they were, but the place in the fashion world for them is firmly taken.

Wearing Rules

How to wear leg warmers? The most popular way to wear warmers is over jeans or pants. Pull them above the knee, but not above the hip – leg warmer should look rumpled.

If you’re wearing one of the new short skirts but want to keep your legs warm, wear opaque stockings and leg warmers with ankle boots. It’s acceptable to wear leg warmers over opaque stockings with bermuda shorts.

Leg warmers can be worn in almost every way possible. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Ideas for Wearing Leg Warmers in 2021

How to wear leg warmers 80s style? and how to keep leg warmers up?

You can find all the answers below.

Wear Them With Heels

gucci leg warmers

This option requires a little more confidence, although it is an acceptable look. If your heels are understated, warmers can look good. Stick to shoes in nude, brown, black, or gray. Leg warmers are a cozy look. If you’re wearing gaudy shoes with glow-in-the-dark heels, 80s leg warmers look a little out of place.

Wear your Leg Warmers with a Skirt

80 workout costume

This is the same concept as with a dress. Tights are only necessary if the weather demands it, although they can streamline the leg. If your skirt is a little short, tights can make it look more modest. The shoe options here are endless. Hats, shoes, boots are all good. The main thing is to keep the colors neutral and varied!

Wear Them over Skinny Jeans

leg warmers with a dress

You know you have skinny jeans, but your shape makes you feel a little funny wearing them too often? Wear down leg warmers over them! Problem solved. Again, your shoes here can be anything. Anything but flip-flops!

Wear Them over Your Boots

women leg warmers

Since the main purpose of leg warmers is to keep you warm, for an extra textural touch and to provide yourself with warmth, wear, for example, Gucci leg warmers just above your boots. Any two to six inches can do.

Don’t worry about color combinations. Unless you’re wearing black, this is hard to do. Different shades of brown and beige are perfectly fine. It can only draw attention to your neatness!

Wear Them over Ankle Boots

80s fashion leg warmers

If the pants, skirt, or dress you’re wearing don’t match up with the ankle-length boots, you can create a similar look with ankle-length boots and leg warmers. Just pull holiday leg warmers over your boots and strap them on!

  • It Looks Totally Urban
1980s streetwear

Wear them with Converse or Converse high tops for a city look. No one said that leg warmers from the 80s are only for formal occasions! You can wear them whenever you want!

There’s been deliberate chaos in fashion lately.

Spread Eighties Leg Warmers out a bit

80s leg warmers

Leg warmers are not meant to be stretched. They should be below the knee and appear slightly loose. If they are not concealed by boots, they should be about 4 to 6 inches from the knee, reaching just above the heel.

Stick to Neutral Colors

leg warmers trend of the 80s

What makes foot warmers relevant is their conspicuity. Whereas they used to be neon yellow and pink, they are now mostly worn in brown, beige, black, navy, and cream tones. Although stylish leg warmers don’t have to be one of the colors of your outfit, stick to neutral colors that go with everything.

The leg ruffled leg warmers are a definite accessory that shouldn’t be the center of attention. If your gaze immediately goes to the warmers, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Leg warmers are a fun fashion theme. Enjoy them while they’re in trend.

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