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Have you ever heard of Le Labo before? If you haven’t, allow me to be the one who introduces you to this beautiful company. So what is Le Labo? They are a company that creates and develops fragrances that take on the forms of perfume, cologne, candles, and more. Let’s learn more about what makes this company different than the rest.

History Of Le Labo

Beginning with a little Le Labo history, I will first introduce you to the minds behind this company. The Le Labo founders are Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi. In 2005, these two joined together to form a perfume brand in hopes to create something different than the rest. You may be wondering who owns Le Labo. Although Fabrice and Eddie are the founders, actually brand owned by Estée Lauder. There are various Le Labo locations, however, their main location is in New York City. This company has been growing for over 15 years now and they have a lot to show for all of the time and energy they have poured into it.

Le Labo Meaning

le labo meaning

Le Labo is quite the company name, but what does it mean? From the Le Labo logo to the Le Labo label, here is everything I know. Le Labo, when directly translated, is french for The Laboratory. For a company whose main goal or mission is to mindfully and passionately create a new world of Le Labo fragrances, it is extremely fitting that their name for their company focuses on where all of the creating happens.

Why Is Le Labo Expensive?

le labo label

Upon looking at some Le Labo products, you may notice that the price of their items is quite high. This can be frustrating upon initial realization, however, there is a reason behind the price. Le Labo is dedicated to creating all of its products in-house. When things are made in-house, there is less of a chance for the mistreatment of employees, which is an amazing thing. The employees are more likely to be paid fair wages, therefore the prices of these products will naturally inflate. On top of the products being made in-house, the perfume ingredients are also of the highest quality. It is said that the prices Le Labo pays for their ingredients can go for 40 times the prices that those other companies will be paying. If you are dedicated to buying products that are made in-house with high-quality ingredients, then you will be receiving what you pay for. Also, if you look at these products from another perspective, they are an upfront investment that will last for a period of time. It is not like the moment you use perfume or items from your Le Labo box that they will disappear. You are paying an upfront payment that then will be sustained over time. I think it is important to support companies that have fair practices if you have the means to do so. So, although some Le Labo products may seem expensive, there is valid reasoning behind these numbers.

What Do The Numbers In Le Labo Represent?

Le Labo Represent set

If you have seen some of the Le Labo products, you probably noticed that there are numbers beside their names. For example, “Santal 33” or “Rose 31”. But what do these numbers mean? These numbers are much more than randomized. When naming their Le Labo scents, this company uses a system to create the names. On their website it can be explained that the product receives its name by pinpointing the primary scent in the given product such as “santal” or “rose” and then following that with the numbers of ingredients inside the product. I love this method of nomenclature as it provides you with a clear idea of what you will be purchasing without having to wonder what is inside. Just from the title you can have an idea of what the product will smell like, and how many ingredients are contained in said product.

Is Le Labo Worth It?

As mentioned before, the prices of their products are quite high. So is it worth spending all of this money on these products? If you have the money to spend, then yes, these products are definitely worth it. As explained before, this is a company you can feel proud to support. However, if these products are not feasible, do not feel down. There are many other beautiful companies that have sustainable and ethical practices whilst providing you with high-quality products. The price tag does not always mean it is the best of the best, however in this case this is true.

Is Le Labo Cruelty Free And Vegan?

Le Labo Cruelty Free And Vegan

A question that gets asked quite frequently is whether or not these products are vegan and cruelty-free. As stated on their website, the founders believe that their products should always be tested on the people of New York City instead of on innocent animals. This statement makes it quite clear that fragrance brand does not support the act of testing on animals, therefore they are cruelty-free. If you head to Cruelty-Free Kitty, a trustworthy source that provides all products which are vegan and cruelty-free, you will learn that these products are also vegan. This is great news as we should try our best to only support companies which are both of these things. This goes back to the question, “Is Le Labo Worth It?”. The fact that this company is both cruelty-free and vegan-only strengthens the before stated answer. Yes, if you have the funds to purchase these products, you can definitely feel good about doing so.

Top 10 Fragrances

the best le labo fragrances

Now that we have received the informational rundown ‘Le Labo Edition’ and have a much better and deeper understanding of this company, it is time to talk about their scents. More specifically, I will be talking about their Top 10 scents that you should definitely check out. These scents all come in a wide variety of choices when it comes to which form you would like to purchase them in. Many of these scents have the option to purchase perfumes, colognes, body oils, and more. They even have an option to purchase a discovery set. If you are not certain which fragrance you want to commit to you can try them all. This set contains the Santal 33 perfume, thé Noir 29, Rose 31, Bergamote 22, Baie 19 and Another 13. Let’s begin learning a little bit about each of these scents.

Bergamote 22

Bergamote 22 is known for its fresh, sweet and floral fragrance. There are also hints of bitterness within this smell which pair nicely with the sweetness. Bergamote is quite the unique smell which I’m sure you will love.

Another 13

Another 13 actually received its name because it was commissioned by the magazine titled Another. Made with a synthetic animal musk, as these products are vegan, this fragrance provides quite the bold and powerful smell. This collaboration was a match made in heaven.

who owns le labo

Ambrette 9

Ambrette 9 is the only product in what are used 9 ingredients. No products have a lower number than this. What this means is that the smell of ambrette is quite powerful in this mixture. Soft and fresh, this fragrance is perfect for the springtime.

Labdanum 18

Labdanum 18 is considered to be the enigma of fragrances. It is hard to come by this particular fragrance anywhere else. Although the scent of this fragrance may seem significantly weaker to that of the other Le Labo fragrances, when you do get a whiff of it you will definitely fall in love.

Lys 41

If you love the smell of jasmine and white florals, Lys 41 is the perfect fragrance for you. Although jam packed with floral scents, there is an underlying tone of musk which brings in a layer of earthiness. Lys 41 is perfect for any time of the year but is magical on a warm summer’s night.

Patchouli 24

Patchouli 24 provides us with a scent which resembles masculine energy. This combination of birch, smoke and leather is everything you have ever dreamed of. It is difficult to point out which scent you are smelling, making it one of the mysterious ones on this list of scents.

what is le labo

Rose 31

Rose 31, as you will soon learn, is one of my favorite fragrances that Le Labo creates. It is also one of the most popular. Although you can find rose scent products in a large variety of places, Rose 31 is different. This scent taps heavily into the feminine energy, making it a very comforting and warm smell.

Vetiver 46

Le Labo considers their Vetiver 46 scent to be one of their deepest and most powerful scents. Each scent that can be found within Vetiver 46 has its own strength and they all shine through. If you are looking to make a statement with the scent you choose to wear, Vetiver 46 is definitely the fragrance for you.

Santal 33

Santal 33, as Rose 31, is another one of my favorite scents that Le Labo has to offer. This santal fragrance is another fragrance that taps into all things masculine energy. Just because it has a masculine scent does not mean women cannot wear and enjoy everything this fragrance has to offer.

Iris 39

Iris is known to be one of the most precious scents within the whole wide world. Le Labo’s Iris 39 provides all things rich, creamy, woodsy and sensual. This fragrance is definitely worth trying out.

It is important to keep in mind that all of the above fragrances can be found under Le Labo’s Classic Collection of Fine Fragrances. If you are interested in their home fragrances, you will be able to find these under their Collection of Home Creations. Their home fragrances have some similar scents, though how these scents are made vary. They have different combinations of ingredients as well as different numbers of ingredients within them.

Some Of My Favourite Products

Information about Fragrance Brand Le Labo

If you are curious to receive the opinion of someone who has purchased these products in the past, allow me to provide you with my insights. I am a huge fan of this company and the products they create. Some of my personal favorite products are their santal perfume, Santal 33 candle, and Rose 31 candle. Essentially, anything which uses their Santal 33 scent and Rose 31 scent is a winner for me. I am a sucker for these two smells and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in purchasing some of these products for the first time. At times, the brand will also come out with a special Le Labo edition scent that I love to try out. Although I love the santal fragrance and rose fragrance, trying new things is a good thing for me to do as well. If you are wondering where to buy Le Labo products, you can head to their website to find all of the products they have to offer. I hope you learned something about Le Labo today and want to check out their products, now’s your time.

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