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July Beauty Favorites

July beauty

It’s officially summertime and in the tropical climate and heat, we all need some new beauty products to go with our summer look. Below we have listed our favorite new products of this month from skincare and makeup to hair and perfume, these have become our go-to for a summertime glow.

  • Bare by Vogue Williams Face Tanning Mist
    • Available in light, medium, and dark this product is bound to give you a natural glow, lighting up your skin as well as enriching it with loving ingredients such as oatmeal and chamomile, easy to use and with no mess at all. Your skin will not only look and feel better but be glowing too.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Palm Street Bronzing & Blush Powder
    • If you’re looking for something that gives that extra ‘I’ve been suntanning’ look this is what I would go for! Giving you a bronzing glow and a slight rosy cheek all in one you can’t go wrong with this summer palette. highlighting and boosting those cheekbones is a must this year’s summer.
  • Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Mughetto
    • If you’re looking for a fresh and floral fragrance to match your summer feel, this is the one for you. A light and refreshing smell that coats and stays for hours on your skin, with a strong scent of lily and no skin irritations at all, you will be completely embodied in those easy-breezy summertime vibes.
  • Ouai Detox Shampoo
    • let’s be real we’ve all experienced dry and tangled hair in the summer, whether you’ve been at the beach or simply sat in the sun, we all need a little TLC for our locks. This is a natural shampoo formulated with apple cider vinegar, it aims to deeply cleanse and work as a treatment and let me tell you it works wonders! With “salon fresh” hair you won’t have any trouble brushing or combing your new soft hair.

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