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Jacquemus New Collection of Oversize Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories Is Finally Here

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We have been waiting for the new Jacquemus collection for a whole year. Simon Porte Jacquemus hasn’t pleased us for a while, taking a major break to focus on the quality of his further collections. The thing is, the creative director of the French brand decided to switch to the new strategy and sell new items immediately after the show.

The designer began to intrigue two weeks before the show. On June 14, the first teaser appeared on his Instagram: a photo of a bright pink box with contents of the same color, including a panama hat and a new model of Jacquemus bag. At the same time, Jacquemus announced the name of the future collection- La Montagne. Later, 5 more teasers were released with boxes of different colors and different contents. But all of them were united by monochrome and the mountain theme. So it became clear about the two main motives for the future show.

Just before the start of the presentation, Jacquemus explained that he decided to use very minimalistic decorations so as not to distract the audience from the clothes and the energy of the models. As a result, we saw a bright green floor and a blue background. Nevertheless, monochrome bright colors looked good against such a contrasting and laconic background. The mountain theme was noticed in tight-fitting balaclavas, backpacks, hiking boots that were combined even with evening dresses, jackets, and numerous carabiners used as decor.

Other iconic Jacquemus silhouettes in the spirit of the late 90s and early 2000s were also presented. The models were wearing tight-fitting dresses, thin knitted long sleeves and cardigans, high heels, wide trousers along with everyone’s beloved petite bags. Tops that can only be worn on a naked body also attracted much attention. 

The collection was inspired by the men’s wardrobe. The suits and bomber jackets were designed in a sporty style. The designer dressed the men in bicycle shorts and complemented them with travel bags. 

The iconic brand bags arrived in new shades and were even decorated with fur. The creative director also adorned mules with it.

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