J-Beauty: Everything You Should Know About Japanese Skin Care

You May Not Know Anything about Them, but You Will Love These Japanese Skincare Products

Why Is J-Beauty Popular Nowadays? Why Is Japanese Routine Good?

The genealogy of Japanese makeup dates back to the 6th century AD. Geisha bleached and matted their faces with rice powder and painted their lips with crushed safflower petals. Many modern concepts and formulas – double cleansing, cleansing oils, essences – was invented and successfully tested by Japanese manufacturers. Therefore, the sensational news that “Japanese beauty” is a new trend seems a little far-fetched. But now everything is easier because you can find all the popular Japanese skincare products online. Moreover, be charmingly beautiful, and very self-confident.

Japanese Skincare Beauty Cultural Aspects

Since ancient times, Japanese women have considered white skin to be a condition of beauty. In Japan, there is a saying:” White will fix everything” meaning that even if nature has not rewarded you with ideal features, light skin compensates for this deficiency. Along with the widespread distribution of Western cosmetics, in Japan, there is still a strong tradition of preserving Japanese skincare products.

In Japan, it is believed that healthy and beautiful skin, first of all, should be soft and white. This explains the huge selection of softeners among Japanese skin products (emollient lotions) and sunscreens. And the term “mochi-hada” (“rice skin”) refers to both elastic Japanese rice desserts and transparent white skin.

japanese skincare

What Is the Secret of the Japanese Skincare Brand?

Every day, Europe’s interest in the Land of the Rising Sun is growing by leaps and bounds. The consumer is interested not only in technology, real estate, tourism, and cars in Japan, but cosmetics have earned no less popularity. The highlight of such products lies not only in the increased quality standards but also in the fact that cosmetics stores in Japan sell products made according to traditional recipes of oriental medicine.

A huge number of unique components that stimulate hair growth, improve the beauty and health of the skin of the face and body can be found only in these formulations.

All these reasons made Japanese cosmetics extremely popular all over the world because it was she who made a real revolution in the European and American world of beauty. The most popular are hair and skincare products due to the exclusively natural ingredients in the formulations, which include: all kinds of oils, vitamins, silk, herbal infusions, white lotus, pearls, thermal water and water from the bottom of the ocean, shark liver, rice water, etc. This healthy content activates the skin’s own enzymes, rather than depleting them (as is the case with toxic cosmetics from other manufacturing countries).

Perfumery surprises no less pleasantly. All Japanese perfumes and cosmetics are free from strong fragrances that are harmful to health. The disadvantage of such a tool is only that the smell is not too pronounced, but there are much more advantages. For example products, tone and calm the nervous system, the consumer does not have an allergic rash and other inconveniences associated with this problem.

Having made the decision to buy Japanese cosmetics, each person decides for himself to buy a completely natural, healthy, and very high-quality product.

In terms of its composition, even handmade soap is incomparable to any other manufacturer in the whole world! Indeed, in this very production, advanced technologies are used everywhere, which makes it possible to give those positive results that any other medical or cosmetic laboratory in the USA, France, or Germany cannot yet count on.

Despite the fact that Japanese women prefer fewer products, they enhance their effectiveness with special Japanese skincare brands and application techniques and facial massage.


Features of Japanese Cosmetics and It’s Main Advantages:

  1. The first and main feature of Japanese skin products is a unique and 100% natural composition. Ingredients cannot be found anywhere except in the land of the rising sun. This is an extract of sea urchins or algae, green tea, and other components only of plant and animal origin.

  2. It also contains scientifically derived ingredients. It is collagen, which is the main component of connective tissue, pearl proteins as an antioxidant, royal jelly, and various oils.

  3. Japanese creams have a gel texture, and cleansers are presented in the form of foam. This helps the components to penetrate faster and deeper into the layers of the skin, to absorb and retain moisture.

  4. Japanese cosmetics are enriched with vitamin C. It tones the skin and repairs it from scars and acne. Japanese remedies strengthen the subcutaneous vessels and have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system.

  5. The most effective anti-aging series! The result will be seen after the first application, but you will see the maximum benefit after 3-4 procedures.

  6. Japanese cosmetics are ideal for girls with oily skin prone to acne and acne. The main purpose of Japanese products is to cleanse and moisturize, which is necessary for problem skin.

japanese girl

Japanese Morning Rituals

Cleansing in the morning is a special stage in the Japanese beauty ritual. First, it is usually two-phase. First with a hydrophilic oil. And then the real magic comes. To remove the hydrophilic oil itself, Japanese women like to use gels with thick, airy foam. For a couple of seconds, you turn into a fluffy cloud, and in the end, you get perfectly clean and fresh skin for the whole day.

The Basic Japanese Rules for Evening Self-Care?

The idea that you can go to bed without washing your face does not fit into the mind of a Japanese woman, and they simply do not believe that in Europe some people do not wash with cleansing agents in the morning. In Japan, oils, mousses are used for this, and also a special soap, from which a lush foam is whipped with the help of a special mesh in order to gently massage the face with it. A soothing procedure: the skin does not touch the hands, but a dense, gentle cloud. (You can find all the products you are interested in in the section “Japanese skincare products online”.

Japanese Drugstore Skincare and TOP-5 Best Japanese Skincare Products:



The youngest Japanese brand and one of the best Japanese skin care brands are built around the concept of skin biorhythms and offer to select care based on the time of day or year. In addition to traditional textures, there are original ones: the gel turns into a liquid, and the powder for washing becomes an exfoliating foam.

Waso Shiseido

waso shiseido

The most famous beauty brand outside of its homeland celebrates 176 years of birth and is rejuvenating. The proof of this is the new Waso division with interesting products. We recommend moisturizing jelly lotion with ice mushroom and tinted smart cream with a medlar. It is also one of the best Japanese skincare.

Shu Uemura

shu uemura

Hollywood make-up artist Shu Uemura understood how important it is not only to apply makeup correctly but also to wash it off without harm to the skin. So fifty years ago, the first Unmask cleansing oil appeared, which has survived a dozen reincarnations during this time. Now, this brand takes a worthy place in Japan’s skincare online.

EviDenS de Beauté

EviDenS de Beauté

Among TOP Japanese skincare products you can find the brand that was founded by Charles-Edouard Barthes and his wife Eriko Nakamura, and the doctor of applied biotechnology, professor Ishibashi developed the anti-aging QAI complex with triple collagen for Evidens de Beauté.

Clé de Peau Beauté

Clé de Peau Beauté

The brand has not only the most beautiful make-up products but also a full-fledged skincare line. The Illuminating Complex EX from Japanese pearls, theanine, and platinum-golden silk essence was entrusted to get rid of wrinkles and dull complexion. Besides, it can bravely be one of the most popular Japanese skincare products in the USA.

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