Does Laser Hair Removal Work: Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness and tips and tricks

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

laser hair removal lasting results

Depending on your lifestyle, body hair can be a real inconvenience to remove. This is especially true if you have very thick and fast growing body hair like so many people do. While there is absolutely no need for anyone to remove their body hair unless they really want to, those who wish to remove body hair shouldn’t have to go through the pain and expense of constantly shaving, waxing, or using products like Nair to remove hair all the time. There is a solution that will remove body hair for good after a few sessions. Laser hair removal has become a huge industry in the past few decades. It is a particularly popular hair removal treatment for folks in the trans community and can be part of gender-affirming care.

Laser Hair Removal How It Works

Laser hair removal removes hair by targeting a hair follicle with a very powerful laser that absorbs this pulse of light, effectively destroying hair permanently. Each individual hair follicle must be zapped in order to remove each individual hair so while each follicle will only take a few seconds, the time it takes to get a whole leg done is going to be a lot longer than the time it will take to do your upper lip. The darker and thicker the hair, the more light pulses you are going to need. Darker and thicker hair might also lead to a bit more pain, which is something to keep in mind if you are wanting to get laser hair removal on sensitive areas like the bikini line or under the arm.

is brazilian laser hair removal safe

There are at-home laser hair removal kits, but laser hair removal experts say that you are probably better off going into a hair removal clinic for treatment. While the at-home versions of lasers are a lot less strong than the ones professionals use they can still effectively do some damage if you use them incorrectly. Most of the time when we do these at-home beauty treatments we are more likely to go too far than if we are getting something done at a spa or a professional office. My advice: save yourself the possible pain and get it done by someone who has experience and knowledge.

For the best results, you will need more than one treatment. Most people who get laser hair removal done say that it gets less painful after your first session. The initial pain is somewhere between the pain you get from snapping a rubber band on your skin and getting stung by a bee. The amount of discomfort also depends on your pain tolerance which is different from person to person. When going in for a session, they will ask you to shave the area so that there is just the follicle and the small bit of hair underneath the skin to hit with the laser pulses. This ensures efficiency and efficacy.

Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

is laser hair removal forever

You can get laser hair removal just about anywhere you grow hair. Popular places to get laser hair removal treatment are legs, bikini line, armpits, fingers, toes, arms, face, and neck. The larger the surface area you wish to get treated, the longer the treatment will take.

Does laser hair removal work on the face? Yes. In fact, this is one of the most popular areas of treatment for laser hair removal. As I mentioned before, laser hair removal can sometimes lead to scabbing or discoloration. This should go away in time, but it can leave your skin looking bumpy or feeling irritated. Be sure that you don’t have an important photo shoot or event to attend immediately after getting laser hair removal on your face because you might not love the way that the immediate results look. Any bumps, scabs, or irritation should go away within a few weeks and leave your skin looking hairless and smooth.

Is Laser Hair Removal Forever?

does laser hair removal work on the face

Yes! Laser hair removal can be permanent if you follow the clinician’s recommendation for the number of sessions you need. So how many laser hair removal treatments are needed?

Because of the way that hair grows in phases, you will need between three and six sessions of laser hair removal for the best results and for permanent hair removal. Thicker hair and larger areas of the body will need more sessions while smaller areas and thinner hair can do with fewer sessions. Hair growth does not all happen at the same time, and because of these phases of growth, rest, and fall out, there will be hairs that grow between laser hair removal sessions. This is why you can’t get it all done in one long session. When a follicle is hit with the laser it will leave a tiny red bump. These bumps will heal as I mentioned before but having it there is a good sign and means that this hair has been removed. Because of this healing process in addition to the growth phases of hair, you should schedule your sessions months before you want to show off your smooth legs at the beach or get your headshots taken.

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