Hugo Boss Brand with a Complex but Rich History in the Fashion World

Everything about Hugo Boss Brand since Its Inception

Everyone knows Hugo Boss branding. Clothing, accessories, and perfumes of the brand have long become a symbol of elegance and chic. The products of the fashion house are sold in 124 countries of the world. But the company did not become famous immediately. There have been disappointments and dark pages in the brand’s history. Who is Hugo Boss? Where is Hugo Boss made? How did Hugo Boss become famous? Read Hugo Boss’ biography in our article.

Hugo Boss History

hugo boss logo
  • Hugo Boss owner: Hugo Boss AG.
  • Country of registration of the brand and company-owner: Germany.
  • Countries of origin: Turkey, China, Italy, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, and possibly some other countries.
  • Year of the foundation of the company: 1924.
  • Clothes, footwear, and accessories for men and women.
  • Sizes of men’s clothing: from 44 to 60; informal clothing: from XS to XXXL; shirts: 36 to 46, but usually 38 to 45.
  • Men’s shoe sizes range from 5 to 12 (UK scale), but usually 6 to 11.
  • Women’s clothing sizes: 32 to 44 (= 40 to 52).
  • Assortment: jackets, suits, coats and other outerwear, trousers, jeans, shirts, polos, T-shirts, bags, shoes, boots, ties, pocket squares, scarves, and other accessories.
  • Materials used: wool, cotton, silk, leather, suede, elastane, viscose.
  • Price segments: above average, top.
  • Quality: Ranges from mediocre to good (but not superior).

Where is Hugo Boss from?

hugo boss designer founder

The Hugo Boss origin was founded in 1924 in the city of Metzingen by a German trader-entrepreneur named Hugo Boss. Boss’s factory specialized in the production of shirts, jackets, jackets, and raincoats, but the enterprise turned out to be unprofitable due to the economic decline of those years. In 1931, due to large debts, Hugo actually had to start all over again. Did Hugo Boss make Nazi uniforms?

The point is that the Hugo Boss company worked closely with the Hitler regime. Of course, this fact is not advertised by the brand, although it was officially recognized by it. Of course, in those days, many German companies worked for the fascist authorities, but the situation with Boss vs Hugo Boss stands out among others: Hugo Boss person joined the Nazi party back in 1931, a couple of years before Hitler came to power – and, apparently, was an active supporter Hitlerite ideology. Nobody forced him to do this.

In addition, Hugo Boss became a member of the SS – and, in fact, with the help of the Nazis, he was able to improve his affairs. Soon the Hugo Boss company became a major manufacturer of uniforms for German soldiers, postmen, railway workers. Cooperation with such a regime helped to raise its turnover by 85 times, and profit by 48 times (if we compare the results of 1932 and 1941, but do not take inflation into account).

hugo boss store

Under pressure from the public in the 1990s, Hugo Boss, on their own initiative, commissioned an investigation of the firm’s activities in the 1930s-1940s from historian Elizabeth Timm, but apparently horrified the results and refused to publish them (however, this study is now available in the public domain). However, then the company Hugo Boss nevertheless entered into the compensation fund for former forced laborers and paid more than a million US dollars there.

Now let’s go back to 1945. Unsurprisingly, after the end of World War II, Hugo Boss was tried, removed from business management, and forced to pay a very substantial fine. The boss died shortly thereafter, in 1948, but his company survived the crisis. She switched from the production of uniforms to sewing men’s suits and gradually took her very strong niche in the domestic market.

In the 1970s, the established company entered the international arena and sponsored several race car drivers and teams; the beginning of the expansion of the Boss brand belongs to the same time (before that it was not used, but it was registered only in 1977). 1984 was marked by the launch of perfumery under its own brand, and the following year the company became a joint-stock company and entered the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In 1989, Hugo Boss style introduced its own brand of sunglasses; in addition, in the second half of the 1980s, the company became a sponsor in the world of tennis and golf (in particular, in 1987 it sponsored the Davis Cup). In 1993, the Hugo and Baldessarini brands were launched, and in 1995, shoes appeared in the Hugo Boss range.

Hugo Boss-shoes In the late XX – early XXI centuries, the Hugo Boss company was actively engaged in the opening of brand stores, and also continued to develop an international sales network.

Hugo Boss quality and Range

hugo boss men

As noted above, the Hugo Boss fashion assortment is very large. The company produces both very formal and informal clothing in a variety of styles. The design can be both very restrained and boring, and bright, cheerful. The color scheme is very diverse, although gray and blue tones are clearly predominant. The assortment also includes things of a conservative cut, and obviously youth clothing and footwear.

It should be noted that in Hugo Boss stores you can buy clothes, shoes, and accessories – in fact, get dressed from head to toe.

Here are the characteristics of the “average” Hugo Boss suit:

Construction – fused, plastic buttons. As a rule, 100% woolen fabrics are used as materials, including wool with low super values; sometimes cotton and linen are used. The lining is made of viscose or (for more expensive models) of cupro and hemmed at the bottom on a regular sewing machine. The cuffs are usually decorative.

Is Hugo Boss a good brand?

And if you choose Hugo Boss vs Armani? This is already a matter of your personal taste.

hugo boss

Boss Clothing Line

The Hugo Boss company produces clothes of several main lines.

Selection and Tailored are considered the best lines of Hugo Boss, but curiously, Selected is not currently on the official website.

Other lines, much more common:

  • Boss Black / Boss – main lane; classics business and informal clothing for men and women
  • Boss Orange – casual men and women style clothing for everyday wear and relaxation
  • Boss Green – informal men’s and women’s clothing with a sports bias, designed primarily for golfers
  • Red Label is a cross between Black Label and Orange Label in style
  • Baldessarini – exquisite luxury clothing for wealthy people
  • Selection – classic clothes of very high quality from exclusive materials.
  • Boss Woman – business wear for women
  • Hugo – business and informal men’s and women’s clothing with a fashionable bias.
boss spring 2021

The brand also produces products for children. Hugo Boss kidswear is stylish and charming with details. Instill in your children’s craving for beauty from childhood.

The lines of the German brand produce not only clothing, but also accessories, perfumes, and shoes. Thanks to exquisite additions, the image of a business person will be complete and complete.

Hugo Boss Accessories and Shoes

Only all the most expensive and the best – incomparable crocodile leather, chic furs, natural suede and patent leather. Shoes, boots, boots are made in the unsurpassed style of the brand. Hugo Boss online clothing store gives you the opportunity to pick up shoes and handbags from one set. Buying Hugo Boss shoes is an excellent investment for more than one season. The boss orange men’s watch will emphasize the presentability and influence of any male representative. Hugo Boss glasses are an indispensable accessory on sunny days all year round, which will emphasize the individuality and style of its owner.

Hugo Boss Perfume 

hugo boss perfume

Perfumes for men and women are presented in a wide range. Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette is designed for men who are not afraid to express themselves and do an extraordinary act. Hugo Boss women’s perfume will complement the image of a stylish and witty businesswoman.

Modern History

The next turn in history begins after the death of Hugo Boss. The assortment of the company is replenished with men’s suits, and since the beginning of the 70s, the uniform of postmen and policemen has completely disappeared from the company’s product line. During this period, the company is led by the grandchildren of the famous founder, the brothers Holi, Uwe and Jochen, who demonstrated business acumen and made the brand the largest in post-war Germany and raised its influence in the world.

hugo boss 21

In the mid-70s, the talented fashion designer Werner Baldessarini came to Hugo Boss, who gave the company’s products a special elegance and chic. The famous perfume line is launched.

Who owns Hugo Boss now?

In the early 90s, Hugo Boss’s grandchildren were replaced by Peter Litterman, who was appointed the new owner of the brand, the holding Marzotto SpA.

Under the new management, the company is split into three business units. The first is responsible for the production of classic clothing, the second deals with youth fashion, and the third produces luxury products.

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