HoYeon Jung Biography: Her Fast Track to Popularity

“Squid Game” Star HoYeon Jung: Model & Actress of the Most Popular Netflix Series

Squid Game Star HoYeon Jung

As you know, model HoYeon Jung soared to fame after her debut in a Korean drama series. After the premiere of the popular series “Squid Game” on Netflix, the beauty HoYeon Jung has become incredibly popular on all social media. She quickly gained fame and a large army of fans. And now she is confidently aiming for the role of a big star in the movie world. 

HoYeon Jung recently signed contracts with successful brands.

The girl became Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador and starred in an ad for Adidas. She has appeared on the runways for Chanel and Fendi, and has every chance of becoming the next Korean fashion model.

But who is the young beauty, really? Read about HoYeon Jung’s biography below and be the first to know everything. 

The Future Celebrity’s Early Years

Career HoYeon Jung
is HoYeon Jung a model

HoYeon-Jung was born on June 23, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. What about her family, and who are they ethnically? We know that her mother is Eunjin Park, but her father is unknown. Little Jeong spent most of her time with her mother and grandmother Boksun Im. 

She has a younger brother and sister, but their names are not shared on social media. 

The girl received her first high school education at Hyewon Girls High School and Dongduk Women’s University. She is known to have been very focused on becoming an actress during her high school years. 

Further Education and Development

A model and now actress as well, she graduated from Dongduk Women’s University in Seoul with a degree in feng. Although a modeling career has been her main focus since her youth, fans want to see Jung in movies and beyond. After all, Jung signed with Saram Entertainment in 2020 and is ready to position herself as an actress. 

Career Model of HoYeon Jung 

Career Model of HoYeon Jung

What is known about modeling in HoYeon Jung’s life? Before filming in the TV series, Hoyeon was quite seriously engaged in the development of her modeling career. In her 20s, she participated in the fourth season of the show “Korea’s Next Top Model”. And already in 2016, she successfully participated in Louis Vuitton shows. But that was just the beginning. One show was followed by others: Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Rag & Bone, Alberta Ferretti, and Max Mara. The HoНeon’s ideal height and weight and height also helped her in her career.

Jung Ho-young is 1.76 meters tall, or five feet nine and a half inches. This is a great standard height for models, especially for those who often walk the catwalks.

Despite her young age, HoYeon Jung later won the Asian Star Award at the 2019 Asian Model Awards. The girl went on to appear in Schiaparelli, Miu Miu, Emilio Pucci, Prabal Gurung, and Lanvin fashion shows. 

In addition, Jung has starred in famous commercials for Sephora, Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. Some believe Jung gained model recognition because of her fiery red hair. She stated that before she moved to New York in 2016, she had her hair dyed in her native Seoul, South Korea. Jeong asked her hairstylist to add a reddish hue, but it ended up being brighter than expected. Now the model admits that she even liked it. After all, a bold change is always a step towards something new. 

Cult Role and the Rise of Her Acting Career

Squid Game HoYeon Jung

In 2021, the Korean beauty made her debut in the cult Netflix series “Squid Game.”

The Korean drama series was the starting point of Jeong’s career. Before the series, the girl had about 400,000 followers on Instagram, but now she has more than 17 million followers. It’s safe to say that she is currently the most popular Korean actress on Instagram.

According to the series, Jung’s character is in the game to make money and get the rest of her family out of North Korea. Saebyeok aka Player 067 also helps her younger brother, who is in a Seoul orphanage, as she is in the game. The girl plays a skilled thief and is skilled with a knife.

HoYeon Jung first found out about Squid Game’s during New York Fashion Week in New York in February 2020. In an interview with W Korea, she told me: “When my chief executive officer informed me that I had been cast, the first thing I said was, “Why?” I was so excited when I heard, but it was like the grief of more fear taking hold of me. Thank you very much, but could I do it?” Though she was able to win over viewers with her role as the mysterious and silent member of Kang Sae Byuk in the thriller, in reality, Jung is well-known for her bright and whimsical personality.

Jung’s Style and Taste in Clothes

hoyeon jung streetstyle
hoyeon jung vogue
hoyeon jung style outfits

When it comes to her personal taste in clothing, Jung tends to mix grunge and preppy styles, such as worn jeans, flowing tops and cardigans. The model also loves designer accessories, such as Celine headbands, Gentle Monster sunglasses and layered Chanel jewelry. Jung’s preferred accessory is a wide brimmed hat. According to her Instagram account, she wears a range of various hats and has successfully added this accessory to any look.

Personal Life of a Korean Beauty

The “Squid Game” actress has many worthy fans, as well as those who just want to know more about the 27-year-old beauty’s personal life. 

Does she have a husband or a boyfriend? And is she really dating anyone?

It was recently reported online that HoYeon has a boyfriend, and they have been dating since 2016.

HoYeon has a boyfriend Lee Dong-hwi

He is 36-year-old Lee Dong-hwi, a well-known actor in South Korea who has starred in films such as “Undertaker” and “Extreme Work.” He rose to fame in the popular TV show “Reply” in 2015–2016.

The girl considers her lover the main mentor on the way to acting. The model shared her partner’s reverent attitude towards her, saying that he is very proud and supportive of her. He’s not only a great actor, but he’s also a good friend and a good person. Perhaps Lee Dong-hwi is replacing her attention from her father, which the star did not have.

At the moment, HoYeon-Jung’s boyfriend has not appeared on her Instagram profile. Since, she mostly posts her modeling shoots and sometimes selfies.

Friendship in the Life of a Star

HoYeon-Jung and Jenny from the group Blackpink

One of Jung’s closest friends is Jenny from the group Blackpink. Jenny has been happy for Jeong ever since she auditioned for Squid Game. She even sent her a package of coffee and actively supported her. Jenny congratulated her friend and cheered as if she were her own. It’s amazing that a woman’s friendship can be so deep.

HoYeon-Jung currently keeps an Instagram account under the nickname (@hoooooyeony). She often shares explicit photos from her life, including a few from the set of “Squid Game.

She also posts many pictures from various catwalks, fashion shows and magazine photo sessions, all in the course of one workday of glamour.

Today, the young actress’ fortune is estimated at $3 million. In addition, her annual income is believed to be around $3,00,000.

But we see that this is just the beginning of the girl’s brilliant career, and we wish her good luck on her way to the top.

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