How to Wear Pastels in Fall: the Coziest Season for Light Colors

The Full List of Trendy Pastel Colors to Wear in the Fall

Each time of year prefers its own palette of colors. Gentle and light shades are usually associated with spring. But do not put pastel colors in a distant drawer.  You can ask: “Should I wear pastel in fall?” The arrival of the first cold weather does not mean that wearing fall pastel colors at this time is impossible, or that you should give up things with light colors. 

The noble pastel colors and shades of hot and spicy orange are perfect for autumn. So, how to wear pastel in fall? It is only important to choose the right color scheme that can successfully fit into your seasonal closet.

pastel colors for fall

It may seem that light, pale colors don’t match the dark, pigmented colors of fall. But in fact, pastel tones in fall looks are the best choice. Designers can confirm that pastel colors are trendy. That’s why they offer fall pieces in shades inspired by Pinterest picks, along with other familiar shades.

Forget all the fashion rules you think you knew before. When it comes to style, only your look matters. Choose warmer fabrics in these fall pastels, and then comfort can be assured until the winter colds. 

Your job is to get the colors and the whole pastel color outfit right so that you don’t give the impression that you’re dressed out of season.  

But how to find the right formula? How to wear pastels? And how can you successfully match pastel in the fall? We are ready to tell you about the topical pastel colors for the fall that can add zest and a good mood to your style. 

Your Fall Pastel Color Palette

It’s no secret that pastel clothing is associated with something warm, but that doesn’t mean we should only wear these cute shades in the summer, you can definitely use them in the fall months. What colors are best to wear this fall? There is an answer. We have prepared a hint on the best pastel shades this season especially for you.

Coconut Cream

cream pastel

Delicate white with a milky undertone is a chic base for more lush shades of warm colors in pastel falls colors clothes outfits. This color also looks great in monochrome, adding luxury and innocence to the look.

Ultimate Grey 

Calm, confident, and sensible gray is the second in the list of the main current shades. It represents imperturbable calmness, perfectly harmonizes with other colors, and emphasizes charm and refinement of taste in clothes.


Here is another universal choice in a soft, warm palette, which suits everyone without exception.

Olive Branch and Sage

wear pastels for fall
sage green
how to wear pastel colors
wear pastel colors

Brown and muted green notes harmoniously intertwined in this shade. But be warned, it is not for everyone. Although, when skillfully combined with other natural shades, this pastel shade is able to make the image unique and very stylish.

Delicate Pink

Especially for romantic dates, include pastel pink with a gentle beige and powdery trail to your list of fall and winter shades. Such color is the standard of innocence, sensitivity, and softness inherent only to true fashionistas!

Use this color in different combinations to dilute your own style with unconventional and bold solutions.


pastel look for fall
lilac pastels and beige

Light lavender is one of the most branded pastel shades. This color looks great as an emphasis color, as well as in combination with pale yellow.

Sky Blue

Inspired by nature, sky blue is a classic color that refreshes the look and adds weightlessness even during the cold season.

wear pastel colors
blue cardigan for fall

Pastel-colored clothing is what helps to create a win-win outfit. It is always in trend and due to its muted color scheme is not as quickly boring as it happens with bright colors.

The only thing that you should be careful with, mixing pastel colors, is not to overload your look with “sweet” colors. Everything must be in moderation. In an outfit, look harmoniously things with three delicate shades. Otherwise, we get a sugary infantile image, from which reeks not calmness, but childishness and recklessness.

The Best Soft Pastel Aesthetic Clothes

Many of you probably think pastel fall colors might be hard to use in the autumn and winter, but that’s not true!

Let’s look at the things that fit best in your fall closet in pastel colors.


fall pastel colors

Coats in pastel colors are perfect for fall. Outerwear in pastel colors helps to diversify the classic image.  

The right shades of outerwear can give the whole image a light, elegant and stylish look.


soybean beige

No one has ever canceled the cold. But light shades can easily put your fall look in a good vibe.


Fall doesn’t mean you should hold off on dresses until spring! It’s all about seasonal fabrics and styles. But knitted pastel dresses with minimal complementary accessories are your guarantee of self-confidence and the opportunity to always be in the spotlight.


lilac skirt

Make pastel tones the main element of your outfit, but they also go well with a variety of patterns and textures. Try adding patterns and prints to a classic pastel skirt to create a bold combination.


It often happens that fall looks dark, dull, and boring. But not this time!  Just complement your look with shoes in neutral pastel shades, and the image plays with new colors. And if you want a little more femininity, try to experiment with heel height.


Handbags in pastel colors add lightness and fragility to the image. A pale, pastel handbag paired with a fall outfit is an incredibly cozy look. It adds mystery but doesn’t overwhelm the pastel academia outfit.

Tips for Wearing Pastel Colors in Clothing

And now some of our recommendations for using trendy pastel colors for fall. 

The Importance of Fabrics

Certain fabric textures are a very important part of your fall and winter closet. Look out for thick knits, tweeds, fake fur or leather, and of course voluminous sweaters. 

It’s a really good way to add coziness to the gray, cold days. Try pairing pastel tones with a sweater or sweatshirt, complementing with solid light boots! 


pastel blue look

Layering is in trend right now, but it is most relevant for the fall and winter period. On days like this, it’s only natural to want to wear as many fall pastel clothes as possible! 

But what if you combine an autumn jacket with an outfit in pastel colors? When it comes to layering, you have a huge number of options to choose from.


Well-chosen accessories can say a lot about an outfit, especially if you’re a fan of a capsule closet. Hats, headbands, scarves, gloves, and tights all fit perfectly into the fall look category. Choose options for sunny but colder weather. A warm beret can replace a lightweight hat, and a knitted scarf can harmonize with your outfit as well as a silk or cotton one. 

Lightness and Weightlessness

how to wear pastel colors

In any fall outfit, you can easily combine heavy fabrics in pastel colors with lighter materials in your clothes: blouses, sleeves. Such combinations look appropriate and create a finished look. 

Black Touches

Yes, the black color can quite unobtrusively diversify the fashion look. Adding black to your look makes it a little more austere, especially when pastels prove to be lusciously sweet and boring. Often the floor dresses in pastel colors are complemented by a light fabric in black. Some of the best color combinations of contrasting color with pastels are black with pink or black with lavender. 

If you adore the decorative elements in the form of flirty ruffles, delicate ruffles, massive buttons, spectacular flounces, colorful embroidery, then feel free to replenish your closet with pastel things with this decoration.  

Autumn Spirits

warm pastel look for fall

Using patterns and different details is a great way to bring pastel tones to your look. Adding a plaid or animal print is remarkable for adding seasonality and a welcome coziness to the look. 

In pastel colors you can get a stunning evening, business or even casual look. These things give comfort, comfort, and help to show your individual style. 

It can be as monochrome as to consist of clothes of several harmonious among themselves shades. We hope that all of this can help you find a way to wear pastel colors in your fall and winter closet, making your season special and truly stylish!

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