stylish ways to wear scarf

The popularization of this fashion accessory began in 1937 when the very first square scarf was created by the French brand Hermès. Imported silk was much stronger than the fabrics available at that time, so silk scarves quickly became popular. Subsequently, Hermès products became, and still are, one of the most coveted accessories for fashionistas from around the world.

It became clear to everyone that a scarf is a real must-have when celebrities and popular personalities began to wear it. Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Bridget Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, and Grace Kelly – this is just a small list of silk scarf fans who skillfully added it to their looks.

Shawls were worn not only in the traditional way (on the head or neck), they began to be tied in all kinds of ways. Hippies, for example, tied a scarf around a belt or decorated their wrist instead of a bracelet. The most courageous girls twisted a scarf in a turban, striking with their sense of style.

How to Diversify Your Look with a Scarf This Season?

  • Firstly, you can wear a scarf in your hair: tie it on the tail or weave it into a braid. You can also pick up hair in a bun, gently tying it with a scarf.
  • Tie a scarf over your head, as Audrey did in the legendary Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Add sunglasses to your look and you will automatically become a Hollywood star!
  • An interesting and nontrivial way to present a silk scarf in your image is to wrap it around your wrist and tie a bow.
  • Just throw a scarf over a sweater, jacket, or coat and grid with a belt. Designers use this technique to bring up a stylish accent in the image.
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