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How to Wear a Bandana

There are so many different ways to wear a bandana, and look no further for a guide about how to rock the bandana look. For all your Bandana fashion needs like what to wear with a bandana and cute bandana outfits, take a look at the tips and styles in this article and get to spruce up your outfit of the day with the help of a simple bandana. A bandana is just a square piece of fabric, usually with a printed paisley design on it’s soft and breathable cotton. Bandanas can make for really nice accessories, and even in some cases, you can fashion an article of clothing out of only a bandana! They’re great for the spring, summer and fall because they can either give you a tiny bit of extra warmth or a cool sweat-wicking reprieve depending on how you wear and style them. They’re perfect for wearing in your hair, on your neck, on your wrist, as a belt, or even as a shirt! They can be dressed down and casual but there is also plenty of high fashion bandana looks as well. Let’s take a look at the different ways to accessorize with a bandana starting with hair!

Bandana Hairstyles

The simply ponytail tie

This one is pretty straight forward. All that you need to do is tie the bandana around your ponytail right where the hair is secured. You can do this for any pony from high to low. I suggest folding the bandana in half first and then securing the knot so you can see it from the front in a cute little tie.

The braid

For a braid, you could either tie the bandana around the end of the braid in a similar fashion to the ponytail tie, or you could incorporate the bandana into the braid itself. To do this secure both the bandana and your hair in a ponytail with a hair elastic and braid the bandana along with the rest of your hair. Then secure with another hair elastic or even another bandana!

The headband number one

what to wear with a bandana

The first headband option is to fold up the bandana into a long strip and then tie it around the crown of your head with the knot at the top of your neck to hide the knot and have a clean hair band look.

The headband number two

The second headband idea is to fold the bandana the same way, so it’s a long and thin strip, and then tie it at the top of your head with the tie on display. This gives a totally different look that is a bit more girly and fun.

The headband number three

The third headband idea is to fold the bandana in half so it makes a triangular shape and put it in the same headband place, but this time the pointed triangle will cover the top of your head with the tie hidden underneath your hair at the top of your neck again like the headband option one. This gives you a more boho look and is great for keeping cool in the summer.

The headscarf

In another variation of the previous bandana hairstyle, this look is more fifties glam. For this style place, a bandana is folded in half to make a triangle on the top of your head, making sure to leave some pieces of hair out in the front. If you have bangs leave them out of the bandana for sure. Then tie the knot underneath your chin and maybe pair it with some cool sunglasses on a very hot day.

Bandanas as Scarves and Neck Accessories

fashion bandana

The classic tie

For this look, simply fold the bandana in half and tie it around your neck with the point facing down. This is a chic summer neck scarf that is sure to keep you feeling cool and looking cool at the same time.

The choker

For this variation, fold the bandana into a long strip and tie it around your neck with the tie in the back, preferably underneath your hair or tucked in discretely. This gives you a very clean line with the bandana band that serves as a fashionable choker necklace.

The front tie

This option is a classy kerchief look that allows you to dress up a lovely summer or fall outfit with a bandana. To achieve the look tie the bandana around your neck with the knot in the front displayed like a bow, or at the side for a retro fashionista appeal.

The bandit

This look is similar to the classic look but instead of tying the bandana around your neck, you tie it around your face just under your eyes making you look like an old western bandit. This look became popular for music festivals and raves possibly due to the poor air quality at these events which tend to be held in dusty fields or smoky clubs.

Bandanas as Clothes

bandana outfits

The shirt

Yes, you can really wear a bandana as a shirt! Depending on the size of your bust, you may need to grab an extra-large bandana, but don’t worry, these things exist! The simple shirt is so easy to create with no sewing required. Simply fold the bandana in half diagonally to be the shape of a triangle, wrap the widest part around your torso with the shallow point pointing down, and tie the two long points of the triangle around the back of your bustline! So easy and cute for the summer! Make sure to tie that knot tight so it doesn’t come undone!

The beach cover skirt

This beach cover-up won’t do very much covering, but it is a super cute way to accessorize at the beach, especially if you’re going to a beach or pool party or a photo shoot. Simply tie an extra-large bandana around your waist when wearing your favorite bikini or even a one-piece to add some flair to your beach fit and maybe a tiny bit more coverage. You will want to pair a solid colored suit with a patterned bandana for the best matching results!

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