cosmetics organization

We are sure your locker with cosmetics is always full if you like beauty shopping. How many products you don’t use from there? Which ones did you forget right after the purchase? Are the expiration dates okay? We suggest you leave only what you really need.

  1. Take out all the cosmetics on a tray, instead of leaving them on shelves. This way you will see all the items at once and you won’t forget about the tiny eye cream that you haven’t noticed for three months because it was kept in the corner.
  2. Sort the cosmetics into categories: cleansing products should stand apart from creams and oils. Therefore, there is a chance to find a forgotten must-have – it may suddenly turn up that moisturizing lotion from the far shelf is just what you need now.
  3. Check the expiration dates. Even if you have thrown away the packaging, look at the icon on the product. The number next to it indicates the number of months that the product will be usable after being opened. Do you see «12» and the jar is held on a shelf for three years? It is better to throw it away.
  4. Try to analyze what kind of products you do not use. It doesn’t mean the products are bad, maybe they just don’t fit you personally. If you are sorry to throw them away, you can give them to your friends.
  5. Put the remaining cosmetics on the shelves by categories. It will be good to add the markings for your convenience.
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