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Have you ever felt like the only thing standing between you and the perfect wardrobe is a couple of thousands of dollars? Like you have the best taste and know exactly what works for you, but just can’t afford it? Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel and we have some answers. Buying clothes doesn’t necessarily mean going bankrupt, and the best looks aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones.

To help you create amazing looks and save money while doing that, we put together a list of a few practical tips you can start using today:

  1. Sell what you don’t wear- the world of thrift online stores has made it super easy to regain some of what you paid for your old clothes. We all have a few trendy items that we bought while the style was at its peak, but will never wear again. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Depop will allow you to sell your stuff worldwide. Not so tech-savvy? Locate the closest thrift store and see how much you can get for your old items.
  2. Buy off-season – this tip is for those of you who, like me, likes brands they can’t actually afford. By locating the right outlet stores and websites, you can buy designer items from previous seasons for a major discount. When buying off-season, try to focus on accessories and classic styles rather than trends.
  3. Shop thrift stores – another way you can save money on brands and designer fashion is by buying those in thrift stores. By finding the right thrift stores to shop in, you can get amazing findings for literally nothing. Our tip: don’t go straight to the fancy-looking stores and try your luck in a true second-hand store, where you’ll be able to get the most amazing findings and for the deepest discounts.
  4. Look for coupons before buying- We know, coupons don’t exactly channel high fashion energy, but if it’ll save you money, why not? With apps like Honey and Shooger, you’ll find amazing deals for many online stores that can save a lot of money.
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