sporty look

Do you know that feeling before you leave the house when you just don’t feel like changing from your comfy sweats? Sometimes, squeezing into your jeans and putting on a pair of high heels is just too much work, and all you need is something light and loose to get you through the day. The athletic look is a perfect solution when you’re feeling lazy, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look amazing while feeling comfy.

Although it may look easy and effortless, putting together the best sporty looks requires more thought than you might have imagined. We have a few tips to help you with everything you need to know about puking off the best athletic look:

  • Don’t wear your actual workout clothes – Although we’re trying to create a look inspired by sports, some items, like yoga pants and running shoes, are better left for the actual sweating. Try to separate and save certain items for everyday life, and not mix those with your workout outfits.
  • Create a mixed look – Try to avoid too many sporty elements in one look. This style only works when it gives you that effortless vibe and wearing head-to-toe athletic wear might ruin that. Our suggestion: focus on one or two pieces and mix those with basics or other casual style items.
  • Avoid unflattering silhouettes – We know how we all love being comfortable all day long, and once you start it can be hard to stop. Try to avoid going all baggy by mixing shapes and silhouettes in the way that best compliments your figure.  
  • Make bold shoe choices – Choosing the right shoe to complete your outfit can improve and elevate your look. We came to understand that the least obvious choice is what usually makes a basic look cool and sophisticated, so don’t be afraid to pair your stilettos with your favorite pair of sweatpants or sneakers with a sequined skirt.  


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