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Your Educational Program – How to Pronounce Designer Names and Luxury Brands Names Correctly?

Have you ever come across the fact that looking at the tag of your new desired clothes, you have no idea even remotely how to combine this sequence of letters of the brand name into a single word? For example the Moschino pronunciation. This even happens to professionals! Especially for such situations, we have prepared a cheat sheet with the pronunciation rules for the names of designers and the names of fashion brands.  

Some of the most popular brands today are also some of the most commonly mispronounced brands. How to pronounce designer names and how to pronounce fashion brand names? Adidas, for example, pronounces “AH-dee-dahs” with the stress on the first syllable, not the second as you might think. The letters “y” and “t” in Yves Saint Laurent are silent. And Zara, believe it or not, is actually pronounced “Tsakh-da” – at least in Arteijo, Spain, where the company is headquartered.

By knowing how to pronounce the names of the designers correctly, you can avoid possible pitfalls. This will be very helpful and will prevent any inconvenience. So are you ready to know how to pronounce Givenchy Hermès and more?

Find out in our article how to correctly name the top-70 famous iconic brands below.

How to Pronounce Luxury Brands?

1. Aritzia

Aritzia brand name

The wrong way: Are-itz-zee-ah

The right way: Uh-RITS-ee-ah

2. Anna Sui

Perhaps you are thinking about how to pronounce anna sui? We can help you with that.

The wrong way: Ann-ah Sway or Anne-ah Soo-yee

The right way: Ann-ah Swee

3. Ann Demeulemeester

Once you see it, you can immediately ask yourself how to pronounce Ann Demeulemeester? It’s actually easy.

The wrong way: Ann Deh-mol-eh-meester

The right way: Ann De-mule-mes-ter

4. Azzedine Alaia

The wrong way: Azz-eh-deen Ah-lay-ah

The right way: Azz-eh-deen Ah-lie-ah

5. Badgley Mischka

If you don’t know Badgley Mischka pronunciation read on:

The wrong way: Badge-ley Mish-ka

The right way: Badge-lee Meesh-ka

6. Balenciaga

How to pronounce Balenciaga brand?

The wrong way: BAH-len-sia-ah-gah

The right way: bah-len-see-AH-gah

7. Balmain

balmain logo

How do you say Balmain?

The wrong way: Bahl-MANE

The right way: Bal-MA(H)

8. Bottega Veneta

Surely you guessed about Bottega Veneta pronounce:  

The wrong way: boh-te-gah vehn-ET-tah

The right way: boh-TEH-gah VEHN-eh-tah

9. Christian Lacroix

The wrong way:  La-krua

The right way: La-kwah

10. Christian Louboutin

The wrong and correct form of phonetic pronunciation of Louboutin is:

The wrong way: Krist-chun Loo-bow-tin

The right way: Krees-chawn Loo-boo-tahn (with a soft “n” at the end of both names)

11. Comme des Garçons


The wrong way: Come dess Gar-kons

The right way: Comb day Gar-sown (with a soft “n”)

12. Dolce & Gabbana

The wrong way:  Dol-che and Ga-ban-na

The right way: Dol-che Ga-ba-na

13. Dries Van Noten

The wrong way: Dries Van No-ten

The right way: Drees Van-noten

14. Ermenegildo Zegna

The wrong way: Ehr-men-ay-GILL-doh ZEG-nah

The right way: Air-men-eh-JEEL-doh ZEHN-yah

15. Frederic Fekkai

The wrong way:  Fre-deh-rik Fe-kei

The right way:  Fre-deh-rik Feh-kai

16. Guess by Marciano

The wrong way:  Ge-ss bai Mar-ch-ano

The right way: Ge-ss bai Mar-ki-ano 

17. Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

The wrong way: Gee-ahm-bah-TIS-tah Vale-ee

The right way: Jahm-bah-TEES-tah VAH-lee

18. Givenchy

The wrong way: Jee-VEN-chee

The right way: Zhee-vawn-shee (with a soft “n” at the end of “vawn”)

19. Guerlain

The wrong way: Guer-lin

The right way:  Ger-leen

20. Henri Bendel

The wrong way:  Hen-rih Ben-del

The right way:  Hen-ri Ben-deel

21. Hermès

The wrong way: Her-meez

The right way: EHR-mess

22. Hervé Léger

The wrong way:  Hev-re Le-ger

The right way: Air-vay Lay-jay

23. Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan

The wrong way: Hoo-sein Cha-layan 

The right way: Hoo-sane Cha-lion

24. Issey Miyake

The wrong way: Is-see My-ache

The right way: EE-say Mee-AH-keh

25. Jean Paul Gaultier

The wrong way: Jean Pawl Gall-teer

The right way: Zhawn Pawl GOH-tee-ay 

26. Junya Watanabe

The wrong way:  Jun-a Wa-tah-nah-be

The right way:  Joon-yah Wah-tah-nah-bey

27. Kinder Aggugini

The wrong way: Kinder Ag-uh-gee-nee

The right way: Kinder Ag-ooh-gee-nee

28. Lanvin

The wrong way: Lan-ven

The right way: Lawn-vahn (with a soft “n” at the end of both syllables)

29. Loewe


The wrong way: Low-ee

The right way: Loh-WAY-vay

30. Louis Vuitton

The wrong way:  Lu-ee Vui-tahn

The right way:  Loo-wee Vwee-tahn

31. Lululemon

The wrong way: Lu-lu-lemon

The right way: Lah-lah-lee-mon

32. L’Wren Scott

The wrong way: Lav-ren Scott  

The right way:  La-ren Scott

33. Manolo Blahnik 

The wrong way: Ma-no-lo Bla-hnik

The right way: Ma-nu-lo Bleh-neek

34. Marchesa


The wrong way: mar-che-zah

The right way: mar-KAY-zah

35. Massimo Dutti

The wrong way: Ma-ssimo Du-tee

The right way:  Mas-see-mo Du-tee

36. Miele

The wrong way: Mi-le 

The right way: Mee-ele 

37. Miu Miu

If you are interested in Miu Miu pronounce-keep in mind:

The wrong way: Miu-miu

The right way: Mew-mew

38. Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Do you want to know Monique Lhuillier pronunciation? And did you try to pronounce Monique Lhuillier?

The wrong way: Mow-neek Loo-eh-leer

The right way: Mow-neek Loo-lee-ay

39. Moschino

The wrong way: Mow-SHEE-noh

The right way: Mohs-KEY-noh 

40. Olivier Theyskens

The wrong way: OH-liv-ee-ay Zei-kenz

The right way:oh-LIV-ee-ay TEHS-kenz

41. Rodarte

Learn about rodarte pronunciation:

The wrong way: Roh-dart (with a silent “e”)

The right way: Roh-DAR-tay (with a long “ar” sound like in “car”)

42. Rochas

The wrong way: Roh-chas (with a hard “ch” like in “chat”) or Row-kahs

The right way: Roh-shah

43. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

The wrong way:  Sal-vah-tor-reh Fe-ra-gah-mo

The right way: Sal-vah-tor-reh Fair-ra-gah-moh

44. Sonia Rykiel

The wrong way: Sonia Ru-kell

The right way: Sonia Ree-kee-eel

45. Stuart Weitzman

The wrong way:  Stu-art Waiz-man

The right way:  Stew-art Waiz-man

46. Thakoon

The wrong way: Thah-koone

The right way: Tah-koone

47. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

The wrong way: Van Clif & Er-pels

The right way:  Van Cleef & Ei-pels

48. Versace

The wrong way:  Ver-sah-chee

The right way:  Ver-sah-che

49. Yves Saint Laurent

The wrong way: Eves Saynt Lor-ehnt

The right way: Eve Sahn Loh-rahn (with a soft “n” at the end of the last two names)

50. Yohji Yamamoto

The wrong way: Yo-ji Yam-o-mo-to 

The right way: Yo-jee Yam-ah-mo-to

51. Aimé Leon Dore

The wrong way: Aime Le-onh Do-re

The right way: Eh-meh Le-on Do-re

52. Vetements

Sure you have been confused withVetements pronunciation more than once.

So how to pronounce Vetements?

The wrong way: Vet-eh-mehnts

The right way: Vet-MAHN (with a soft “n”)

53. Sacai

The wrong way: Sa-kai

The right way: Sah-kei 

54. 1017 ALYX 9SM

1017 ALYX 9SM

The wrong way: ah-lik

The right way: ah-leeks

55. Givenchy

The wrong way: Jee-VEN-chee

The right way: Zhee-vawn-shee (with a sоft “n” at the end of “vawn”)

56. Bode

The wrong way: Bo-de 

The right way:  Boh-dee

57. Suicoke

The wrong way: Sui-koke

The right way: Suih-kok  

58. Raf Simons

The wrong way: Raf- Si-mons

The right way:  Raph- See-mohns

59. Hedi Slimane

The wrong way:  Heh-di Sli-mane

The right way: Heh-dee Slee-mein

60. Miuccia Prada

The wrong way:  Miuh-tia Pra-dah

The right way: Muh-tiah Pra-da

61. Stüssy

The wrong way: Stu-si

The right way:  Stuh-see

62. Arc’teryx


The wrong way: Ar-teh-riks

The right way:  Ark-te-riks

63. Cartier

The wrong way:  Kar-teer

The right way:  Kar-tee-er

64. Demna Gvasalia

How to pronounce Demna Gvasalia fashion brand?

The wrong way:  Dem-nah Gve-sei-la

The right way:  Deh-mna Gvah-sah-lia

Now you definitely won’t mix up Demna Gvasalia pronunciation.

65. Maison Margiela

Not the most common Maison Margiela pronunciation, but also important to know:

The wrong way: May-sun Mar-gee-ella

The right way: May-ZOHN Mar-JHEL-ah

66. Jacquemus

It’s curious to know Jacquemus pronunciation:

The wrong way: Jack-kay-muhs

The right way: ZHAK-moose

67. Prabal Gurung

prabal gurung mac

Don’t be surprised when you find out Prabal Gurung pronunciation:

The wrong way: Pray-bal Guh-ruhng

The right way: PRAH-bull Goo-ROONG

68. Olivier Rousteing

Did you know what Olivier Rousteing pronounce?

The wrong way: Oli-ver Rus-ten

The right way:  Oli-vi-er Rus-teing

69. Aquazzura

How to pronounce Aquazzura?

The wrong way: Akua-zur 

The right way:  Akua-zur-rah

Now Aquazzura pronunciation won’t give you any trouble.

We base the love of our clothing on a lot of different categories; quality, price, origin. How about pronunciation difficulty? We’ve gone through years and years of ogling over brands we have no idea how to pronounce.
We are sure that if you have ever been obsessed with words, trying to pronounce the most cunning names in the vocabulary of fashion, we were able to help you. So, to everyone who at least once stumbled upon complex names of famous brands and designers or regularly encounters a misunderstanding in pronunciation, our complete cheat sheet will with designer pronunciation to help you master the dialects of the design alphabet. So now you know how to pronounce fashion. Practice, memorize, and improve!

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