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How to Look Older? How to Make-Up, Dress and How You Should Behave

Are you tired of being confused with a child? You should know how to look older and appear more mature than you really are. Just watch how you dress and how you behave and how to use makeup to look older, and people will start thinking that you are older. So, how to make yourself look older?

makeup for older look

List of Practical Tips

Get Rid of Teenage Fancy Clothes

How to dress to look older? One of the ingredients by which we are judged is clothing. What we wear can influence the opinion of others about us. If you want to look older, stop wearing teen clothes. Start purchasing items from other parts of the store. Just walk past the children’s section and head to the adult section. In the usual children’s sections, you will find clothes made from cheap, thin, and translucent materials that give a childish look. Consider clothing made from good material instead.

How to look older girl? Girls should avoid purely girly tendencies. Avoid a lot of lacing or ruffling, ruffled skirts, and anything that looks too cute.

Avoid sporty style. Sweatpants, basketball hats, training shorts will give you a lazy and sloppy look.

Wear Clothes That Fit

Swap out baggy items for a tight fit. You don’t want your clothes to absorb you completely. This style gives you an unsightly and sloppy look. On the contrary, tight-fitting clothing lends an immature and youthful look. How to look older before and after?

  • For boys, the choice of shirts should match the width of the shoulders. If the hem of the shirt is hanging off your shoulder, then the shirt is too big for you and probably won’t fit.
  • For girls, the choice should correspond to the build. If you have tight hips, A-line skirts are preferable, which favorably emphasize the figure. Choose deep oval or triangular cutouts. Buy jackets and blouses that accentuate your silhouette.
how to look older with clothers

Don’t Wear Painted T-shirts

A T-shirt with some kind of logo or funny inscription speaks of a person’s immaturity. This includes brand names, logos, and so on. If you want to look mature, remove T-shirts from your wardrobe altogether. How to look older as a teen?

  • Guys should opt for plain shirts or striped fabrics. Choose bright colors such as light pink, yellow, or orange. Dressing mature doesn’t mean wearing dull colors. Guys can replace T-shirts with buttoned or polo-style (collared) T-shirts.
  • Girls may prefer embellished blouses. Choose bright colors. However, avoid fluorescent and neon.

Wear Quality Jeans

Jeans are an integral part of any person’s wardrobe, regardless of age. However, choose your jeans carefully if you want to look older. Buy jeans of perfect quality. Make sure they are not the high or low waist.

  • Guys should only buy straight jeans.
  • Girls can buy loose or skinny jeans with slightly flared legs.

If you decide to buy skinny jeans, make sure that you are not too tight in them.

Swap out highlights or ripped jeans for darker ones. Don’t wear jeans with rhinestones or other accessories.

It is worth noting that most of the older girls do not wear leggings. Better to opt for tight-fitting black trousers. In the summer, when it is very hot, you can afford to wear breeches, denim plain (preferably dark blue, not light) or colored, but without patterns and not too bright. Only they should be fitted. The choice of a T-shirt or T-shirt for them is similar to the same choice for a denim skirt.

outfit to look older

Wear the Right Shoes

Complete your look with the right shoes. Do not wear sneakers or fabric shoes. You should also not wear too flashy shoes.

  • If you’re a girl, you don’t have to wear very high heels or too sophisticated style. Regardless of gender, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops. Instead, it is better to get sturdy shoes. Girls are advised to wear high heels. However, heels don’t have to be very high. If you don’t want to wear high-top shoes, get ballerinas. Sandals will look good in the summer.
  • Guys are better off wearing shoes. Black boots look good with just about any outfit. Lace-up leather boots can also be paired with all types of clothing. Loafers will also be comfortable to wear if you don’t want to wear boots. Patent leather shoes give a mature look.

Dress Gracefully

How to make a character look older? This is another way to look mature. Present yourself as a neat, professional person. This will help people see you as an adult, not a child.

  • Guys should wear khaki pants or simple loose pants. Pair them with a tucked polo shirt or buttoned shirt. Get a leather belt and dress shoes. A tie is not a must, but it can give you a more solid look.
  • If you are a girl, preference should be given to knee-length dresses with a modest neckline. You can also combine a skirt with a blouse. You can combine a dress or blouse with a cardigan.

Get an Adult Haircut

haircut for older look

How to look older with hair? Intricate hairstyles and haircuts can give you a childish look. There is no single correct adult hairstyle. However, you should avoid certain things that can make you look immature. Do not dye your hair bright colors or do colored strands. Stay away from crazy hairstyles like a mohawk, half-shaved head, or dreadlocks. Maintain a conservative hairstyle. How to make a photo look older?

  • Shaggy hair gives guys a very youthful look. Change this hairstyle for a short haircut. Tousled, long hair, or other options inevitably give a youthful look.
  • Girls are encouraged to tie their hair in a bun, cut it short or choose another elegant hairstyle. Long, straightened hair also gives a mature look. Avoid a lot of accessories in your hair. For example, hairpins, headbands, or elastic bands.

Wear Light Makeup

look older

How to look older with a baby face? Girls should wear makeup, which will add several years to them. The next question is how to look older with makeup? It is easy. Use eyeliner to draw the arrows over your eyes. Use natural colors: golden and brown. And how to look older without makeup? Is it real? Don’t use bright or pastel colors. Use foundation to even out your complexion.

Correct under eye circles with foundation.

Get Rid of Your Backpack

You should not take a backpack when you are going somewhere, it makes you younger in the eyes of people. How to look older at work?

  • Guys are advised to carry a messenger bag or leather briefcase. 
  • For girls, you can take a simple clutch or a small purse.

A Selection of Accessories

older look

If you say “I look young for my age, how to look older? Choose your accessories carefully. Do not wear simple jewelry, because the older a woman is, the more expensive her jewelry, including costume jewelry, is. It is better to wear one massive gold ring than several thin ones. Do not wear hoops and hairpins on your head – they will make you look younger, try to choose expensive hair accessories that will accentuate your style. Choose the bag you go with every day carefully. It should be made of good quality leather or suede.

Work on How You Present Yourself Physically.

Slouching is also a classic adolescent behavior. Keep your head high and your back straight. Learn to walk confidently and improve your posture. For starters, keep your back straight, no matter what you’re doing: walking down the street, sitting at a desk or computer, or standing in line. As soon as you notice that you have begun to slouch again, straighten your back. It will soon become a habit.

Your gait is directly related to confidence. Keep your head straight and don’t look at the ground. Make eye contact as you talk.

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