How to Grow Up Healthy and Beautiful Eyebrows

eyebrows shape

Not all of us have naturally thick eyebrows. It will be harder to grow them up if you have plucked them often, but not all is lost. A little effort will help you cope with this task.

Here are a few tips that will help you to grow up beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows:

  • Be sure to buy a special brush to comb your eyebrows. You can choose a synthetic or natural one. It is very convenient to apply various nutrients with its help for better growth of the eyebrows, as well as to use it to put them in the right shape. You may use a brush from old mascara to replace this cosmetic tool.
  • Make sure to brush your eyebrows twice a day. In the morning – to give them the right look, and in the evening – to massage the skin: a blood flow will provide the follicles of eyebrow hairs with all the necessary nutrients. Properly brush the eyebrows along their growth line.
  • Combine such a massage with eyebrow nutrition twice a week in the evenings. Buy any cosmetic oil (castor, coconut, and almond oils will be a good choice) to do this. Dip a brush lightly in oil and brush your eyebrows. Use a dry cotton pad to remove the remainder of the cosmetic product after half an hour. This nutrition will make your eyebrows bright, expressive, and well-groomed.
  • You can massage your eyebrows with your fingers once or twice a week: it improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on hair follicles. It should always be done in the same direction as brushing – along the growth line of the eyebrows. Stroke the eyebrows and pinch them within literally 5 minutes with the pads of your fingers. You will notice that the eyebrows have become darker, no longer fall out, look healthy and well-groomed after a month of such a massage.
  • How to Shape Eyebrows
  • Make nutritious home eyebrow masks with the same regularity as a massage (1-2 times a week). This will improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, and make eyebrows more attractive. There are many recipes for such masks. Mix different cosmetic and herbal oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts, and apply the mixture in small amounts to the eyebrows for 20-30 minutes. Then remove a mask with a dry cotton pad. The effect usually exceeds all expectations: the eyebrows become smooth, shiny, and beautiful.

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