How to Get Smooth Armpits | Simple Steps to Perfect Underarms
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Perfect Armpits: All What You Need to Know About Grooming in This Area

With the onset of hot summer days, the armpit area – mostly intimate – is in plain sight. At this stage, the problem of skin radiance becomes difficult. We are ready to do our best to feel confident in a new swimsuit or evening dress with straps. Attention! These easy-to-use guidelines on how to have nice armpits will take your anxiety away once and for all.

Use Wax

underarm waxing

One of the answers to the question of how to get smooth armpit skin is wax or sugar hair removal performed by a specialist. It not only removes unwanted hair for several weeks but also improves the color of the skin under the armpits, brightening and evening its tone. Shaving often causes redness. In addition, armpits shadow appears even immediately after using the shaver. This is due to the hairs – more precisely, underarm stubble, which remained under the skin. In this area, it is as thin as on the neck and around the eyes. Therefore, the roots shine through the transparent layer of the epidermis.

Do Exfoliation

tree hut scrub

Talking about the question of how to make armpits smooth, we want to note that exfoliation is quite an important procedure for achieving such an effect. We obediently carry out a systematic exfoliation of the face and body, completely forgetting about the armpits. Meanwhile, the layer of dead skin cells changes the color of the skin in the armpits. How to exfoliate your underarms? You can use a pumice stone or body scrub.

How to Get Smooth Armpits with a Razor?

razor for shaving

Not every woman knows how to shave her armpits correctly, so the procedure often results in discomfort, irritation, and cuts. The problem can be easily resolved. If you use a quality tool, properly prepare the skin before shaving and follow the hair removal technique, you can prevent the consequences and enjoy beautiful underarms.

Choosing an Armpit Razor

So, if you are wondering how to get perfect armpits with a razor, then you first need to choose the right razor. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of vegetation removal tools, which can be divided into two categories – disposable and reusable cassettes.

Disposable Razors

They are affordable and have sharp blades that allow you to shave your armpit hair properly and smoothly.

A disposable razor, although economical, has some disadvantages:

  1. The head in such a razor is stationary, therefore it is not able to adjust to the contours of the body. Combined with the inconvenience of cleaning, it is often the cause of irritation and cuts.
  2. It is better to shave armpits with the razor no more than 1-2 times, as it dulls quickly. If you use a dull blade, you can easily cut yourself.
  3. Not every device is equipped with soothing strips. If there is no gel, it will not be easy for girls with sensitive skin to shave the armpits correctly.

Razors with Replaceable Cassettes

shaving razor

The disadvantages of disposable devices induce many girls to give preference to more convenient and thoughtful razors, which are equipped with replaceable cassettes. If you are interested in how to properly shave your armpits with a razor so that there is no stubble, it is better to choose devices with 5 blades.

The main benefits of reusable razors

  1. The presence of gel strips that improve glide and allow you to shave your hair correctly, even with sensitive skin;
  2. Razors are equipped with a floating head that adjusts to the armpit contour;
  3. Thanks to the ergonomic handle and rubber pads, you can avoid slipping the razor while shaving;
  4. There is a miniature comb on the head, which lifts the vegetation and directs it under the blades.

How to Properly Shave Your Underarms?

shaving tools

Considering how to properly shave the armpits so that there are no blackheads, it is necessary to pay increased attention both directly to shaving and preparation for the procedure.

Skin Preparation

Preparatory procedures require increased attention since the final result largely depends on them.

Moisturizing the Skin

 Using moisturizing cosmetics will make the skin firmer and reduce the risk of irritation. It will also provide the underarm care that is essential for a perfect armpit.


 Before shaving your armpits, it is advisable to remove dead skin particles with a scrub. This will leave more vegetation on the surface and make it easier to shave.

Foam Application

foam for shaving

 To make it easier for you to razor, use shaving foam, which will provide the best glide of the blades.

Procedure Rules

Shaving women’s underarms is best in the evening. Until the morning, the skin will have time to calm down, which will allow you to calmly apply deodorant and other armpit care products. When carrying out the procedure, we recommend using the following tips:

  1. When shaving your hair, pull the skin under your armpit. Make sure that it has a minimum of wrinkles – in this case, it will be easier to shave.
  2. Move the shaver correctly so that no blackheads are visible. Armpit hair grows in different directions, so you need to shave both up and down. Start with a downward motion and move the razor smoothly from side to side. Then move up.
  3. Avoid putting pressure on the shaver. Movements should be performed correctly, be smooth and light. Do not go through one section more than 3 times, otherwise, the consequences cannot be avoided.

How to Keep Your Armpit Clean?

When removing hairs in the armpit area, it is important not only to shave this sensitive area correctly but also to provide it with proper care after shaving. This will help to resist infections and eliminate the likelihood of developing an inflammatory process.

Leather Processing

shaving rules

You are probably wondering how to get smooth underarms and maintain that smoothness as long as possible. To do this, after shaving your hair, apply a moisturizer to your underarms. It will soothe the skin and bring it back to normal. Choose the right products based on panthenol or aloe juice, which will not only moisturize the skin but also prevent inflammation. Instead of a cream, you can use natural coconut oil.

If you tend to ingrown hairs, you can use special products that have an exfoliating effect. It is good if they contain glycolic or salicylic acid, which allows you to remove dead skin particles and prevent ingrown hairs. If the skin is too sensitive, it is better to use products that are quickly washed off, which will not affect the epidermis for a long time.

Wearing the Right Clothes

Speaking about how to get nice armpits, one cannot fail to mention the importance of what kind of clothes you wear. Often the cause of irritation in the armpits is inappropriate clothing. If it is too tight and is made of synthetic fabrics, sweat and dirt can be trapped between the folds, which contributes to the development of pathogenic bacteria, rashes, and redness. To avoid problems, it is correct to wear loose items made from natural fabrics – cotton, silk, linen. They allow air to circulate and do not rub under the armpits.

Underarm Makeup – Skin Whitening

smooth armpits

There are some reasons why the skin in the armpit darkens: a reaction to a sweat remedy or other cosmetics with aggressive ingredients, hormonal imbalance, age-related changes, frequent shaving in violation of the rules of care after the procedure. It happens that in an attempt to solve this problem, some women resort to armpit makeup by applying light foundation and concealers. This cannot be done and it is better to try armpit makeup products specially made for this, for example, Qraa Advanced Lacto Dark Underarm Whitening Cream. The whitening effect can be seen after 2-3 weeks of regular use. Tjori Underarms Skin Brightening Pack works just as well.

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