How to Get Fox Eye | Penetrating Foxy Eyes and Gaze

Eye Lift with Different Methods for Foxy Eyes and the Gaze of Your Dreams

Scrolling through news feeds, we are constantly bombarded with new trends and sometimes begin to imperceptibly imitate them. Some People understand that they cannot live without branded clothes, others are full of confidence that they must urgently purchase a new gadget, and still, others, looking at Bella Hadid’s face, come to the idea that they want the same “fox eyes” as the supermodel. Today we will understand how the first blepharoplasty trend emerged and what operations are considered the most effective for obtaining a “fox” eye incision and how to get a fox eye?

Popular Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is one of the most trendy plastic and cosmetic surgeries because the skin around the eyes is very thin and stretches rather quickly. This leads to the fact that the first signs of aging – mimic wrinkles, overhanging of the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, drooping of the lower corners of the eyes, “fat bags” and other not very pleasant changes – appear primarily in this area.

Today, blepharoplasty is performed with a variety of methods, but in the last few years, the “cat-eye lift” operation has been especially popular. And we have top model Bella Hadid to thank for this. Plastic surgeons literally brought her face to perfection by lifting the outer corner of the upper eyelid and pulling it slightly towards the temples. his way, they achieved a more almond-shaped cut of the eyes, and the younger Hadid’s gaze acquired a sly, slightly predatory squint. Unsurprisingly, the result was a splash.

Not the least role was played by the fact that the plastic surgeon Julian De Silva, who compared the photos of the model with the golden ratio formula, called Bella the most beautiful woman in the world since her face turned out to be as close to perfection as possible. As a result, Bella became a walking ad for fox eyes. Now girls around the world want to repeat Bella’s success and make their eyes more open.

This operation of fox eye surgery has become very popular: people began to look more at photographs, pay attention to their facial contours and the shape of their eyes, and compare themselves to the stars. When the lateral angle of the eye is raised upward, it actually looks much more beautiful than when directed downward. This detail makes the look livelier, says the plastic surgeon.

foxy eyes

How to Get Fox Eyes?

There are three ways to create a “predatory gaze”, which differ in their impact.

Top-4 Best Methods

Surgical Method

The effect of the eye shape surgery will stay with you for 3-7 years. In the surgical method of foxy eyes, an incision is made in the scalp with special equipment, after which endoscopy is performed and the lateral part of the eyebrow is lifted. Fixation techniques of Kendall Jenner eyebrow lift are very different, but most often endotoxins are used as fixation – mini-plates that allow you to actively tighten the skin in problem areas of the face.

Advantages of the Kylie brow lift method:

  • Kendall Jenner brow lift allows you to eliminate congenital anomalies or acquired deformities of the eyelids, which do not lend themselves to conservative treatment;
  • Provides a rejuvenating effect with pronounced age-related changes, in situations where cosmetic procedures are ineffective;
  • Provides a stable, long-term result. The effect of classic eyelid surgery lasts up to 15 years, and stays seamless for 7-10 years;
  • Functional blepharoplasty improves vision;

Cosmetological Method

thread eye lifting

How to do fox eye? Modeling of the corners of the eyes and eyebrows is carried out non-operationally – with special threads, which are inserted under the skin and fixed over the periosteum. After the operation, the patient walks with the bandage for several days. Allergic reactions, swelling, and bruising are common side effects of thread lifting, but this procedure does not involve major surgical interventions and gives noticeable results after a short time. The effect lasts from one month to a year.


  • Low-traumatic does not leave scars, since incisions are not required;
  • Effective, safe, and fast;
  • Does not require hospital conditions;
  • Long-term, stable result;
  • Without loss of natural facial expressions;
  • After the procedure, a collagen skeleton is formed in the tissues, thanks to which the result is maintained for a long time.

Administration of the Botulinum Toxin Preparation

The intensity of the effect of this fox lift procedure depends on the location of the facial muscles on the forehead. By relaxing certain superficial muscles, botulinum toxin makes it possible to raise the lower eyebrows to the level of the rest of the eyebrows, creating the illusion of lifting. The effect of the fox eye procedure lasts about six months. As for the consequences and contraindications, it should be remembered that any injection procedures carry the risk of violating the integrity of the skin. Botulinum therapy can also lead to asymmetries.


  • Botox is an injection of a special drug that paralyzes neural connections, relaxes muscles and helps smooth expression lines.
  • The procedure takes only 10-15 minutes, the effect is immediately noticeable, and it lasts for 6-8 months

Fox Eye Thread Lift

Gigi Hadid thread Lift uses threads to lift the eye area by lifting the edge of the brow. This eyebrow or cat-eye lift procedure can be used to recreate the popular fox eye trend, which tilts slightly upward towards the outer brow area, which effectively lifts and lengthens the upper eyelid, creating a beautiful almond-shaped eye shape.

The floss fox eyeliner procedure can be used as a subtle solution to other eye problems such as heavy eyebrows, asymmetry, and closed eyelids. For example, only one eyebrow can be lifted to correct symmetry, and as a tool to lift closed heavy eyelids that can develop with age, to make the skin around the eyes look more “invigorated” and refreshed. But due to a number of advantages of fox eye thread lift, the cost will be higher.


  • You remain awake during the procedure and it takes no more than 20 minutes.
  • There is no pain as you are injected with a local anesthetic before the procedure.
  • Results are instant, and you will be recovered within a few days at most.

Indications for Fox Eyes

bella fox eyes
  • The outer edges of the eyebrows are lowered;
  • Drooping eyelid;
  • Wrinkles on the forehead.

It is important to remember that these types of procedures of eye lifting are not universal, and the type of approach used to achieve a particular aesthetic appearance of the eyes depends on the individual patient.

When it comes to women like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, their ethnicity is Armenian, and therefore they often have deep-set eyes, as well as a fairly natural low medial brow and a high curved side brow. They have a minimal amount of fat in their eye socket. 

And their skin tends to have higher levels of collagen, making them ideal candidates for the procedure.

However, in European women with Anglo-Saxon roots, the skin tends to lose collagen earlier, so the use of a filler does not always provide the same seamless surface. Surgical options are usually best for them. Patients requiring a surgical option must undergo extensive consultation when it comes to obtaining the desired result.

Contraindications and Recommendations

  • Contraindicated in the presence of “infected areas or herpes” on the skin.
  • Not generally recommended for people with weakened immune systems, infections, bleeding disorders, or undergoing complex treatment.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

All the above methods of correcting the shape of the eyes can be used exclusively from the age of 18. This age requirement is not only because of legal issues but also because, with fox eyes, human physiology can be deeply altered in the surrounding area. The fact is that in minors, the bone structures are not fully formed, and therefore, surgical intervention can threaten adverse consequences in the future.

Other contraindications when choosing any of these methods are clarified in a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon. When planning an aesthetic surgery without special indications, keep your personality in mind and heed the advice of your doctor.

Any surgical or injection intervention can have consequences. This is important to take into account when showing the doctor a photograph of Bella Hadid with the request, “I want a fox eye eyebrow this way!” Before you finally decide on transformation, weigh the pros and cons without succumbing to trends.

But if you are not ready to carry out any serious facial manipulation, there is another alternative method of fox eye nonsurgical.

How to Create Fox Eye Make Up Step by Step

Fox Eye Make Up
  • Use tapes for fox eyes or cardboard to keep the stain from dripping. Apply to the outer corner of the eye diagonally across the brow;
  • Apply a skin-colored concealer all over the eyelid for a uniform look;
  • Start by blending in a softer brown tone, creating a kind of eyeliner next to the lashes and ribbon. Smoke well and reduce the intensity of the product as you get closer to the inner corner of the eye;
  • Use a slightly darker brown to create a second, more intense spot just below the first along the same line;
  • Apply concealer to the rest of the eyelid, using powder or eyeshadow of the same skin tone;
  • You can use eyeliner or not. If you want to outline the contour, it is important for the line to be thin and reach the end of the eyebrow so that it also gives a feeling of a stretch;
  • In the inner corner of the eye, draw a small outline, enclosed by a path, so that the outer corner appears taller and highlighting the outer one;
  • Peel off the tape or card and highlight the area on the skin with powder.
  • Brighten the inner corner of the eyes and the area under the eyebrows with a face illuminator.

Finish with false eyelashes, applied only from the middle of the eye to the outside to draw all the attention to the outer corner. And voilà! Bella Hadid’s foxy eye makeup is ready!
We have told you everything you need to know about one of the most popular trends in plastic surgery as Bella Hadid eyes. And now it’s your turn to draw a conclusion and decide if you’re ready for such a procedure and subsequent changes in appearance.

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