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What to Eat in Summer to Feel Good?

berries at summer

Each season requires a special approach to diet and regime. Dietitians recommend changing the diet according to the season to help the body more easily tolerate weather changes, so they set aside some healthy tips.

Our preferences change greatly: we want salads, juices or some other cool food for summer instead of pies and hot dishes. This is not surprising, because our bodies switch to a special regime when the fluid and vitamins are more important than fats.

We have already tuned mentally to summer mode, but even this does not save us from the heat. How to survive this period of time, to choose food to eat in summer, and to maintain good health in conditions of +40°C – read in the text below.

Drink More Water

drinking water for health

Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. So we eat instead of drinking or we drink, but something that doesn’t quench our thirst at all, like alcohol or sweet drinks. Remember the main summer healthy tip: try to drink only clean room temperature water. You can add lemon or mint to it. Unsweetened green tea also perfectly quenches thirst – it is recommended to drink 100-200 ml of cool drink (18-20 ° C) every 40-50 minutes during the heat. In addition, do not neglect the soups – for example, cold gazpacho will not only refresh but also will provide the body with the necessary moisture. By the way, nutritionists insist that it is the best summer diet and they advise eating various types of soups – as many options as possible.

If it is difficult for you to keep an eye on your drinking regime, draw on the sheet the necessary 8 (+2) glasses and paint them with a marker after each drink. You can use a special app on your smartphone that allows you to monitor the amount of liquid you have drunk during the day.

Give Up on Some Foods

Hardly there are many people who like eating a thick piece of meat if it is hot outside. Moreover, it’s no surprise. The important summer healthy tip is to eat less oily food. The body is well aware that it needs more fat and calories in winter to warm up, but when it’s warm it does not need any extra load. That’s why we perceive fruits and vegetables better in summer and that’s why we want to eat less meat steaks.

Besides, in hot weather try not to eat much spicy, fat, and smoked food. It only increases sweating and is deposited on your body as problem areas and cellulite.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are the best summer diet constituents. They can fully satisfy our need for vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

You can afford sweets, but better eat more fruits and berries, which will be a great snack for you, especially if you add seeds or nuts – they are among the list of the optimum summer food.

Add Vegetable Fats to Your Diet

avocado for beauty

They are responsible for hydrating your skin, facilitating ‘critical days’ during the summer heat, and, like carbohydrates, helping your brain to work better. This will be a great alternative to oily foods that we don’t really need much during the heat. In addition, you can make a list of summer food to include a sufficient amount of summer foods in your diet.

Have an Early Breakfast

healthy breakfast

Or rather have breakfast before the heat comes. Never miss breakfast, as it is the main meal of the day. Make sure you eat carbs and fats in the morning. You can add proteins if you like.

Hot weather is a real challenge for the body. We suffer from a lack of appetite and having eaten – we may feel bloated. Dieticians recommend displacing your summer diet a little bit – the main meals should be eaten during the cool time of the day to help the body function normally in extreme heat. Lunch, which usually takes place during the hottest time of the day, it is better to eat during 11 and 12 hours.

Reduce the Calories

Our motor activity drops during the high heat, which means our energy consumption is reduced. It is therefore advisable to reduce your calorie intake in summer by reducing your fatty food intake – this is one of the most important summer nutrition tips. However, do not forget that fats are an essential part of our diet, so just replace harmful fats with healthy ones. Dieticians believe that we should reduce our calorie intake by 5-10 percent on average – about as much as we reduce our motor activity during the summer because of the heat.

More Vitamins

vitamins at summer

Our body loses precious vitamins and trace elements in summer (especially water-soluble vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, and PP). As a result, we experience lethargy, weakened immunity, and vitamin deficiency.

Include in your list of summer foods seasonal fruits, vegetables, and berries in unlimited quantities (preferably those that grow in the area where you live), drink freshly squeezed juices, unsweetened fruit drinks, lemonades, and compotes, herbal teas, and mix domestic smoothies to avoid this.

Less Salt

Do not overload your body with the intensification of water and salt metabolism during the heat: the less salt you eat – the less thirsty you are. Although drinking a lot of water in summer is a real necessity, if you drink too much, it can lead to overloading of internal organs, especially affecting the kidneys.

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