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How to Dry Your Hair in the Less Harmful Way – 7 Simple Tips

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Most people try to dry their hair as quickly as possible and forget that the main purpose of hair care is to keep it healthy.

We have put together the key rules for quick and healthy drying that will give your hair shine, volume, and a truly groomed look.

Rule №1: Gently Squeeze Your Hair with a Towel

how not to damage your hair while drying

The first thing you need to do is remove any excess moisture from your hair. It causes the cuticle of the hair to swell and it leads to increased fragility. The shorter the contact with water is – the better.

It is best to remove moisture with a soft towel that absorbs water well, such as microfiber. You can also use a simple cotton T-shirt.

Do not rub your hair! This causes the hair to lose its smoothness. The best way to do this is to press gently a towel into your hair and to squeeze the moisture out of it.

Rule №2: Don’t Stop to Use a Hairdryer at All

It may seem strange, but using a hairdryer is sometimes a better option than letting your hair dry on its own. The reason is mentioned in a previous rule: the longer hair contacts with moisture –the worse the cuticle feels.

Rule №3: Use Thermal Protection Products

It should be applied to hair when it is already dried with a towel. It performs several functions at once. First, thermal protection fixes moisture inside the hair – where it is needed. Secondly, they envelop each hair, reducing the risk of overheating.

Rule №4: Dry in Cool Air Mode

Drying with a hot hairdryer is indispensable if you are planning to style your hair. However, there is an obvious disadvantage of hot temperatures: hot air evaporates moisture very strongly, causing damage to your hair. That is why hairdressers recommend using a hairdryer in a cool mode if possible.

Rule №5: Use a Narrow Hairdryer Nozzle

Such a nozzle – a diffuser or slot-shaped nozzle – directs the airflow exactly where you need it, rather than chaotically scattering your hair in all directions. This way hair dries up faster. It is advisable to keep the hairdryer at least 15 cm from the scalp so that it does not hurt hair structure.

Rule №6: Divide hair into zones and dry each one separately

This facilitates and speeds up the drying process.

Rule №7: Leave the Hair Slightly Undried

This rule will help you not to overdo it and not accidentally dry out your hair. The best time to turn off your hairdryer is when you understand that it will take 5-7 minutes to dry locks naturally, not more.

Before you turn off the hairdryer, put it in cold air mode and dry hair for some time: this will help to smooth out the scales of the cuticle and to fix the shine.

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