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How To Replicate the Iconic Characters of the Famous Series’ Heroine – Rachel Green

For me, Friends is not only my favorite sitcom but also a source of inspiration for Rachel Green’s style, the heroine of Jennifer Aniston.

Costume designers chose Rachel Green’s iconic outfits so meticulously that her looks can be taken as a basis decades later.

Fashion trends are known to be very fond of coming back. And if you, like us, love to watch the series “Friends”, we advise you to pay attention to the outfits of the heroine Jennifer Aniston. Rachel Green was a role model in the 90s, and in 2021, when many of the trends of that era are hot again. How to dress like Rachel Green? We want to repeat Rachel’s style again!

About the Style of the Heroine in the Series

rachel green

At the very beginning of the series Rachel Green outfits in season 1, we are shown that Rachel, spoiled by wealthy parents since childhood, is trying to become independent. Having cut her credit cards, she gets a job as a waitress in a coffee shop – and therefore in the early seasons, she is rarely seen in luxurious suits.

For homewear, Rachel prefers a relaxed style – denim overalls, oversized sweatshirts, the famous Rachel Green t-shirts over long sleeves, and shirts from a man’s shoulder. More feminine looks include miniskirts and crop tops or just Rachel Green’s yellow dress, the latter resonating with audiences. In the early years, she made friends with the girls from Juicy Couture, who were just starting up their company. They had special cut T-shirts when no one else had them – more tight and showing a little bit of torso.

And such images of Rachel Green in the 90s also attracted young people. Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hairstyle in the early seasons of Friends also sparked a boom among American women looking for the same lush hair.

As the character progresses through her career in the series, the Rachel Green clothes style changes, becoming more businesslike and elegant with the Rachel Green costume ideas: positions at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren are taking their toll on this. 

Younger looks are being replaced by more formal suits – RG work outfits, blouses, and boots with comfortable heels. The bob gives way to neatly styled straight hair. And instead of a palette of blue and green shades, black, brown, and gray tones are increasingly used.

The evolution of Rachel Green’s fashion happens when she herself begins to choose what to wear, and it’s not just something to buy at Bergdorf Goodman. At first, she was a girl who has a lot of everything, but she did not know how to appreciate what she has, and then she accepts the need to appreciate what she chooses because she herself earns money for it.

Now you probably can’t wait to find out how to dress like Rachel Green. And we are ready to tell you all about it!

Style Principles From Rachel Green Outfits

rachel green denim jumpsuit and an oversize jacket
  • Oversized and denim in one bottle. At Friends, everyone sinned oversized: the guys often wore shirts a couple of sizes larger, rolling up their sleeves, and the girls chose loose jeans and deadcore-style sweaters and men’s plain suits. Rachel always combined seemingly completely inappropriate things in one image – for example, a denim jumpsuit and an oversize jacket. Well, let’s praise the stylists of the series: it’s perfect!
rachel green t-shirt
rachel knicks
  • T-shirt with logo or lettering. Now every fashionista in her wardrobe has a white Rachel shirt with the inscription We Should All Be Feminists by Maria Grazia Chiuri, and 20 years ago (the first episode of Friends was released in 1994) Rachel and Ross were already sporting white tee shorts – and with less iconic drawings and phrases.
rachel green evening dress
Rachel Green slip dress
  • Lingerie style romance . Linen style both in the morning and in the afternoon is a variant of the norm today. Rachel was often seen in romantic dresses with thin straps. And really, what could be softer and sexier than a Rachel Green slip dress?
rachel green fashion z
  • Mini skirt + crop top. There have been so many miniskirts (for example: Rachel Green black skirt) on the show in 10 years that they probably needed a separate wardrobe. Rachel loved to wear them not only with turtlenecks, but also with classic tops with short sleeves or crop tops.
rachel green Boyfriend shirt
  • Boyfriend shirt. In the 90s, oversize was at the peak of popularity, and thanks to the return of this trend, we can visit a friend’s wardrobe and help him free the shelves of unnecessary shirts. Stylish and practical!
rachel green denim vest
  • Denim vest. One of her favorite things was jeans by Rachel Green, a real hit during the show of the series and was in the wardrobe of any peer of the heroine. Recently, denim vests have lost ground, but, according to forecasts of experts, they should return triumphantly. So watch how Rachel wore them and take a note.
rachel green chokers
rachel green choker
  • Chokers. It cannot be said that this decoration is now a hot trend, as the wave of popular love fell in 2015-2016, when chokers returned from oblivion (or rather, from the 90s). Now it is rather just a popular accessory that is not going to leave us again yet.
layered shirt rachel
  • Layering. In the 90s, everyone was crazy about the grunge style, hence the popularity of layered outfits. History repeats itself: we want to wear dresses over tops again, as Rachel did.
Rachel Green plaid skirt
  • Plaid. The plaid is becoming one of the main points, and many leading brands have used it in their collections, from Victoria Beckham to Balenciaga. We take out a Rachel Green plaid skirt outfit from the depths of the wardrobe. We can also observe Rachel Green’s plaid pants.
sporty look
  • Sporty style. T-shirts with slogans, sweatshirts, and trousers with stripes: sporty style has been on trend for the next season, and RG’s wardrobe, too, was clearly partial to it.
rachel work costume
  • Rachel costume. Back in the 90s, the typical Rachel from friends costume was based on a simple tee. And in general, she demonstrated the ideal office style, which would certainly appeal to fashionistas today.

Rachel Green’s Wardrobe Selection

To create friends-inspired outfits focus on style and simplicity. Rachel’s fondness for slip dresses, miniskirts, and Rachel Green pantyhose, paired with her neighborly hairstyle and fun personality, is inspiring a new generation of style aficionados looking to emulate her 90s laid back vibe. We have collected your options for things that you can purchase today in just a few clicks.

green dress
  • Mint green dress. This dress would be remembered by every Friends fan, and with its classic silhouette, her dress has stood the test of time. Accessorize strappy sandals for a unique ’90s look. You can get a similar one for $235 here
knee high boots
rachel green on haloween
  • Black knee-highs. Rachel Green Halloween costume? This is a great addition to the image. This particular trend has been repeated countless times since Friends aired. While she was not the initiator of the knee-high Rachel Green boots craze, she certainly helped draw people’s attention to their attractiveness. Rachel Green shoes and knee-high boots, $508, in shiny leather available at
Black dress like Rachel Green
  • Black dress like Rachel Green. Worn by both supermodels and celebrities, this garment has been an essential part of Rachel’s wardrobe. Get a Rachel Green black dress paired with cuffs and pantyhose for a night look, or give it a modern-day look with boots and a reliable trench coat. You can find Rachel from friends’ yellow dress here too. Stretch jersey dress, $790, available at
slim-fit roll neck
  • A slim-fit roll neck. Pair it with a mini-skirt, and you’re basically Rachel Green. Ribbed-knit roll-neck, $105, available at
knotted blouse
  • A knotted blouse. This simple styling trick can add instant flair to any blouse. Pair with jeans, a cami, and artfully disheveled hair to emulate the sitcom queen. Silk shirt, $102, available at
by far purse
  • The shoulder purse. The banana shoulder bag has been through many iterations since it emerged in the ’90s. Our favorite? The shapely leather version from the cult brand The Row. Patent leather shoulder bag, $570, is available at
platform shoes
  • A classic ’90s platform shoe. A platform shoe is not only comfortable, it also boosts your height without a vertiginous stiletto heel. Style yours with gray trousers and a floor-sweeping coat like Rachel, or a linen dress in summer. Wedge shoes, $790, available at
stripped pants
  • Striped joggers. Comfortable yet chic, the striped Rachel Green flannel is enjoying a renaissance. They’re suitable for any season: for winter, add a cozy knit, and in summer, pair with a crop top. Adicolor Firebird trousers, $57, available at
Cropped trousers
  • Cropped trousers. Most of us wore these as a child, but Rachel made them work for grown-ups. They’re effortlessly casual, especially when worn with flip-flops. Belted linen cropped straight-leg trousers, $735, available at

We are confident that Rachel’s style from the 90s will remain a source of inspiration for a long time, both for fans and for other people, even if they have not seen the series “Friends”. This is the most down-to-earth and at the same time unearthly girl of the decade, played with wit and charm by Jennifer Aniston. Now with our guide and tips, you can easily replicate her style and just take a note of something.

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