How to cut curly hair at hame: Tips for trimming split ends

How to Cut Curly Hair at Home

As the Coronavirus continues to bring about a wave of barbershop and salon closures or simply make you less interested in going to a salon and potentially putting yourself at risk of infection, you might be looking into how to cut your hair yourself from home. Even beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, it could be a great skill to have if you don’t want to go to the hair salon and spend too much money for a simple trim, or if you just want to know how to cut curly hair short yourself. It’s practical and can be a lot of fun if you treat it like self-care You asked and we delivered: here is a guide on ways to cut curly hair.

So how should curly hair be cut? Is it different from cutting straight hair? Yes, it is! In fact, depending on the desired look, trimming curly hair can be a lot more forgiving and have better-looking results than DIY cutting straight hair if you just learn the basics of curly hair trimming methods. I asked around to many curly-haired friends to find out how they cut their own hair and these haircutting tips seemed to be a consensus among all of them. So here are some helpful tips for cutting or trimming curly hair!

Should You Cut Curly Hair Wet or Dry?

how to cut naturally curly hair at home

Always cut your curly hair dry. This is how you’re going to wear your hair and if you cut it wet you won’t be able to tell what it will look like once it’s dry. You should also refrain from straightening and or curling your hair because that will again change the shape of your hair from how it naturally hangs when it’s curly. It is recommended that you cut your hair a few days after washing so that it can really settle into the most natural shape and form.

How to Trim Split Ends on Curly Hair

When trimming your hair you should use a pair of scissors that is sharp. You don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive hair cutting scissors on the market, but you don’t want super blunt scissors that will leave your ends frayed or damaged. Opt for a fabric scissor or a cheap hair cutting scissor option. You will also want to be facing a mirror in a comfortable position with lighting that allows you to see the fine details of your hair and preferably a light background behind you so you can really see the shape of your hair.

Trimming your hair is important! Even if you don’t want to make a big cut, trimming the dead or split ends off of your hair will keep it healthy and prevent breakage. Trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster or longer, but the ends won’t break off or split which means that it won’t become shorter from the bottom causing the growth not to show.

should you cut curly hair wet or dry

To trim curly hair, separate your dry curly hair into two parts as if you were making pigtails and start trimming pieces from the top of your head and middle of your part outward. First, take a piece from the middle of your head and pull it straight upward. Then trim the ends of that piece with your scissors. Then take the next piece of hair and pull it as long as it allows on a slight diagonal from where you took the last piece. This diagonal should keep going like a clock with every division of hair branching out a little further until you get from 12 to 6 on both sides. Don’t cut at a slant or your hair could fray or suffer damage. Make sure to cut the hair straight on and remember to cut minimally for a trim. If you’re pulling the hair straight you should start by trimming a very small amount and go from there because as you know the coils or curls will make your hair appear a lot shorter than it is so a little goes a long way.

how to cut curly hair short yourself

If you have looser curls, this might mean your hair is more forgiving if you cut in an uneven pattern, but for tighter curls, it is important to be methodical with your trim. Be sure to shake your hair out every so often to be sure that your hair is falling in a way that you like and that frames your face nicely. You can also enlist the help of a friend or loved one to look at the back of your head or places you can’t see to make sure that everything is looking good. If that isn’t an option a handheld mirror will do the trick for looking at the back of your head and hair. Just look into a mirror and move the handheld mirror around to display the back of your head to the mirror you’re looking into. The mirror should be big enough or at a good enough angle so that you can see all of your hair. Make sure to run your fingers around your roots and sway your head again with the mirror to be sure that you like the way it falls when you shift your head.

how to trim split ends curly hair

Trim away as much as you like but keep in mind that it’s best to trim away any split ends or dead ends. After you have done your trim examine your hair and make sure that there is no split ends that you missed. If you did miss some, you can simply trim them as you see them, or you could wait until you’ve washed and dried your hair again to have a better idea of the shape of your hair first. The most important thing about a haircut is that it helps you feel beautiful, confident, and stylish. This is why it is better to start small and work your way up to cutting more hair if you desire to.

A trim will make your hair noticeably healthier so treat yourself to an easy at-home trim following this guide. It might make you feel more like yourself or more like the confident person you are. Just because the pandemic is still around doesn’t mean that your split ends have to be. If you feel the safest cutting your own hair, hopefully, this article has helped you figure out the best way to do just that!

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