Learn How To Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes To Maximize Your Confidence

How to Conceal Dark Circles

best way to hide dark circles

There are many ways to combat the dark circles that more often than not surround our eyes. Makeup isn’t always the answer. Before getting into how to conceal dark circles and how to hide dark circles, I want to take a moment to talk about how to embrace dark circles. The dark circles that rest on our faces are a beautiful and naturally occurring thing that happens. There is no reason that you should ever feel less than because of your dark eye circles. If you have these dark circles, you should never feel like you need to cake your face in makeup to hide them. If you are confident, your beauty will shine from within and that is what matters most. However, I know some are truly not fans of their dark circles, so now we can begin talking about the best way to conceal under-eye circles.

Proper Rest

The first step to concealing these under eyes circles is to try our best to prevent them. More often than not, these dark eye circles come out to play when our bodies and minds are extremely tired, stressed out, and overworked. In today’s society, it is so important that we set time aside for self-care. Proper rest doesn’t just mean adequate sleep, although this is important. Perhaps meditating or immersing yourself in a yoga practice could be a preventative step that takes place.

Best Products for Dark Circles


makeup tricks for dark circles

Following the need for proper rest is the need for a proper skincare routine. Wildcraft is by far my favorite skincare company. It is a small business run by an Indigenous woman that is cruelty-free and made in-house. Every product is made with such care which is obvious as the products are all so amazing. The WildcraftRenew Eye Serum is just what you need to prepare your eyes for the makeup you are about to put on them. Use this eye serum at night to rejuvenate and bring your eyes back to life.


Glossier concealer

Now it’s finally time to talk about how to conceal dark circles under the eyes with the use of makeup. I am going to talk about two brands today that I personally love. The first being Glossier. Glossier has an amazing line of concealer that is cruelty-free, lightweight, buildable, and comes in a variety of inclusive shades. If I have one makeup tip for dark circles it is to build up your concealer slowly and carefully. I would never recommend going in with a heavy dose of concealer right off the bat as the slightest bit goes a long way. Glossier’s concealer has a dewy finish which will leave your eyes looking fresh and alive regardless of how tired they may look underneath it all.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D - Lock-It Concealer Creme

Before signing off I also want to talk about Kat Von D’s line of concealer. The best way to hide dark circles is to use Kat Von DLock-It Concealer Creme. This product is full coverage and once again, a little goes a long way. This product, similar to Glossier, also has a variety of shades to offer. If you ever find yourself shopping for makeup and notice that they do not have inclusive shades, stop supporting them immediately. It is 2021 and if companies still can’t manage to support diversity, it’s time we let them go. Moving on, all of Kat Von D’s products are vegan and cruelty-free which is a huge sell point for me. Not only do we want to look good after applying our concealer, but we want to feel good as well. Supporting companies that are against animal abuse and suffering is a great way to make you feel good so check this company out.

Remember Your Inner Beauty

best way to conceal under eye circles

Now that we have discussed some makeup tricks for dark circles and you have probably youtubed at least one dark circle makeup tutorial, you are ready to take on the world. I just quickly want to remind you that regardless if you choose to cover your eye bags or not, what matters most is your inner beauty. If you are kind and loving, no one will look twice at your dark eye circles. We are our own most harsh critics, so try your hardest to be kind to yourself. You are beautiful and I want you to know that.

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