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How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Foundation like a Pro

Choosing the right texture for your makeup is one of the prerequisites for your presentable appearance. And the choice of a tonal foundation is a kind of base that can not only create the effect of “perfect skin”, but also take care of it properly. But how to choose the best foundation?

Understand Your Undertone

Understand Your Undertone

So, this is the first thing to do if you are wondering how to choose a fit me foundation. First, look at the veins. If they are bluish, you most likely have a cold undertone. If green – warm. And yes, in fact, the veins are not green, you just look at blue through yellow, and their combination gives green (remember school drawing lessons). It is better to check on the inside of the hand: the skin here is hidden from the sun and almost does not tan, so the shade will be closer to reality.

Do you tan easily and blush quickly? You have a cold undertone. If on the contrary, then the shade tends to be warm.

Eye and hair color can also be a clue. Those with blue, green, or gray eyes will be cold. Warm – for girls with brown and amber eyes. Brown and red hair – the undertone is most often warm. Platinum, ash, or light blonde hair color? Chances are, you have cold skin.

Another trick on how to choose a foundation color for my face. Which jewelry suits you best – silver or gold? Usually, girls with cold skin prefer silver and platinum, and with warm – gold.

This analysis will help you decide how to choose the right color foundation.

Find Skin Tone

The answer to how to choose the right foundation for your skin tone is pretty simple. First, you need to define your tone. Makeup artists distinguish several of these shades. In particular, the shade can be:

foundation shade

Pale Skin

It has a bluish undertone. It seems as if a person with this type of skin does not exist in the sun at all. It includes such shades as porcelain and “ivory” – very light, almost transparent.

Peach Pink Skin

foundation neutral shade

Slightly lighter than the previous skin type. Another important difference is the subtle pinkish undertone, which makes the shade generally warmer. But despite this, it is better to choose makeup products in colder colors.

Medium Tone

These are mainly beige skin tones that have a warm undertone. It seems that it has slightly “browned” in the sun and has become slightly golden.

asian foundation shade
Asian Skin

How to choose the foundation for Asian skin? The undertones of this skin type combine yellow and green shades. It is both warm and pale at the same time. You can try these products: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, or Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation. They are great for this skin tone.

Bronze Skin

broze foundation shade

How to choose the foundation for brown skin? Tanned skin tends to have a warm shade. For make-up, products in beige and brown tones. If this is about your skin, then we advise you to pay attention to such foundations as Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation, Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, or NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation.

Dark Skin

It is distinguished by darker golden brown tones. But how to choose the foundation for dark skin? For girls with dark skin, a warm color type is also characteristic. Chocolate or rich caramel cream is ideal. To choose a foundation color for dark skin, we recommend you to look at products such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, or Clinique Stay-Matte-Free Makeup. Great options for dark skin.

foundation dark shade
Indian Skin

As a rule, a foundation for such skin should be based on a yellow tone. How to choose a foundation for Indian skin? If this is your tone, then we advise you to look at products such as MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, MAC Next To Nothing Face Color, or L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24h Foundation.

Consider Your Skin Type

Speaking about how to choose the right foundation, you should also pay attention to the condition of the skin. You need to choose a foundation that matches your skin type in terms of its characteristics.

Dry Skin

Women with this skin type develop wrinkles and other signs of aging earlier. Knowing about the tendency to dryness of the face, you need to take care of regular and deep hydration.

The question of how to choose the correct foundation for dry skin is also relevant. Experts advise paying attention to products that contain vitamins A and E. As for the texture, the cream should be quite oily to smooth peeling and protect the skin from negative influences.

problem skin

Oily Skin

Here, the first place is not a question of moisturizing, but the removal of oily sheen. How to choose the right foundation for oily skin? For this type of matte tones are suitable, and you can also use special matting wipes. What is contraindicated for oily skin is fatty creams, especially those containing oil. An oil-based foundation clogs pores, which can lead to inflammation.

Combination Skin

Owners of combination skin do not suffer from excessive oiliness or constant dryness. In this case, you can choose the tone cream, depending on what effect the girl wants to achieve. For light everyday make-up, a toning cream is suitable, and if you want a thicker coverage, then choose a cream base. Also, with combination skin, a cream powder shows itself well.

Problem Skin

How to choose the perfect foundation shade for your skin if you have a similar type? Firstly, the product should not clog the pores, as this will immediately cause the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Secondly, the cream must be hypoallergenic, since the skin is highly sensitive. Thirdly, a high overlapping ability is required so that after using the foundation, various defects are not visible. Especially for problem skin, some products include chamomile, St. John’s wort, or tea tree. These natural ingredients fight bacterial growth and reduce inflammation.

How to Choose Foundation Shade from Swatches

foundation swatch

 Now we will tell you how to choose a make-up foundation color. Don’t try to find the perfect foundation right away in the store – there are several candidates to consider. Choose several shades at once that seem to suit you, and give each a chance to express themselves. It is customary to test foundations on the wrist, but pay attention to other areas as well. Apply a small amount of the product to the area near the wings of the nose, on the cheeks, and neck to properly assess whether the cream looks like a foreign stain on the skin. See how your foundation looks under store lamps, then walk up to a window or outside to appreciate the shade in natural light. Trying on a shade is the best solution in how to choose the perfect foundation.

Adapt Your Shade to the Current Season

If you live in a climatic zone where the seasons vary dramatically in temperature and humidity, it is better to have at least two tonal agents in your cosmetic bag. How to choose the right foundation shade depending on the season?

Summer and Spring Foundation Should Be

  • light in texture – the dense coating can become a heavy burden on the skin in summer;
  • differ in durability, otherwise, the make-up will simply “melt” in the heat;
  • slightly matte the skin, preventing the appearance of oily sheen;
  • protect from UV rays – you need a formula with SPF in the composition;
  • contain caring ingredients to prevent skin dehydration.
foundation tips

Autumn — Winter

For winter, more nutritious and dense tonal foundations are suitable. Even if you are completely satisfied with your foundation, it is still better to purchase a second bottle of the product in a different shade – because in winter the skin looks paler.

Try-on and Take Advantage of Virtual Try-On Tools

beauty foundation

How to choose foundation color online? The following tips should be followed.

Take Out Your Hair 

For best results, make sure your hair does not get on your face. This will help you apply the effect as accurately as possible.

Minimum Makeup

To get the best result during virtual fitting, you should have a minimum of real makeup on your face. Vivid real makeup can distort the display of virtual shades on your skin.

Good Lighting

Adequate light is a key success factor for how to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone when trying on online. With good lighting, you will get a sharper picture, and most importantly, the virtual shades will look more realistic on your skin.

Benefits of Online Fitting

With the help of augmented reality technology, you can try on shades of products anytime and anywhere. Moreover, such technologies boast realistic colors, which is very important when figuring out how to choose a foundation shade.

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