How to Pick the Right Eyebrow Color for Your Brows: What Color Should Eyebrows Be?
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How to Choose Eyebrow Color

dying eyebrows to match hair

I think we can all agree that eyebrows are of momentous importance to any face. They say that eyes are the window to the soul, so that makes eyebrows the important frame to that window. The shapes and arches of eyebrows in the past have continually changed with the trends. This is no different today, the thickness and shape of the brows that are in this season might be out the next. Be that as it may, something that will withstand the test of time is color matching. No matter how you choose to style them, your brows will always look best when you color them in with the appropriate shade for your skin tone and hair color.

If you dye your hair, having your eyebrows match your new shade can be a crucial beauty step in ensuring that your dye job is successful. There are a few ways that you can achieve a well-matched eyebrow and hair look. Should your eyebrows match your hair? Not always! Dying your eyebrows to match hair is common and often the best option. However, sometimes having your eyebrows either lighter or darker than your natural color can be either a statement or a beautiful look. Whether you go lighter or darker depends on what hair color you’re working with. If you want to achieve a different eyebrow color depending on what color you’re dying your hair, or just because you like the way it looks, here are your options. Firstly, you could dye your eyebrows as you dye your hair. If you get your hair dyed at a beauty salon, your colorist will know how to blend the perfect shade for your brows and apply it for you. You will have to go in pretty frequently for touch-ups if this is the route you’re taking. If you dye your own hair, be careful with dyeing your eyebrows because it is a bit trickier than dying the hair on your head. Experts suggest that if you can avoid it, you shouldn’t dye your own eyebrows because of how difficult it can be for a beginner, so if you’re not a hair specialist, maybe leave it to the professionals.

If you don’t want to dye your eyebrows, the best option for you is to get a tinted gel or eyebrow pencil and fill them into your liking. A good eyebrow color pencil or gel is essential for your beauty arsenal because no matter which of the three choices you go with, having the pencil to smooth out any awkward phrases or discoloration will be a lifesaver. The other thing that is great about the pencil or gel is that if you mess up you can simply wash it off.

Eyebrow Makeup Products

If you’re going for the pencil or gel option to achieve these looks, check out these great options that come in many colors:

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
Benefit Cosmetics – Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
IT Cosmetics Brow PowerFULL Eyebrow Pencil
IT Cosmetics – Brow PowerFULL Eyebrow Pencil
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz
Lancome Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eye Brow Cream
Lancome – Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eye Brow Cream

What Color Should My Eyebrows Be?

Now let’s get into how to style eyebrows based on the different hair colors. See which hair colors work best with darker, lighter, or hair matching eyebrow color!

Platinum Blond

Should eyebrows be darker than hair when your head is platinum? Most of the time we would say yes. For a bleach-blond look, you’re often going to want to go with darker brows than the color of your hair so that you can still have your eyebrows framing your face. If you want to go for a more alternative and high fashion look, however, you could dye your eyebrows platinum as well but know that this will require more upkeep and you will probably want to switch to a light taupe color eventually. The taupe will keep your eyebrows from looking gray and offset the cool tones in your hair.

Platinum Blond eyebrow color

Warm Blond

Eyebrow color for blond hair is more versatile because it doesn’t always look best when it matches the hair on your head exactly. For a blond with warm undertones, we think a taupe is still the best way to go, but you can use an even warmer color with a warm blond for the best match.

warm blond eyebrow color

Warm Brunette

If you have a medium brown or warm brown hair color, you will want to choose a brow color that highlights the highlights in your hair. Choose a brown color that is the same or one shade different than your hair and has a warm undertone to it.

warm brunette eyebrow color

Dark Brunette

If you have dark brunette hair with a cooler undertone, yes that’s right, choose an eyebrow color that is a similar shade to your hair with a cooler undertone.

dark brunette eyebrow color

Red Head

Redheads will want to choose an eyebrow color that looks similar to their natural hair. A light auburn will work better for a fair-skinned person with light red hair color, but if you have a cooler shade of red, a little bit of darker brunette can work well in the mix with that auburn shade.

ginger hair eyebrow color


What color eyebrows for black hair? To put it frankly, black is the best color of eyebrows for black hair. This one will be really important to go to the salon for if your hair color isn’t naturally black. Having a lighter-colored eyebrow with black hair can sometimes look orange so keep it within a few shades of your hair color.


Gray hair is a beautiful thing and you should match your eyebrows to look beautiful with it too. You can treat gray the same way you would treat platinum blond. Light with a cool undertone calls for that taupe color we mentioned earlier.

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