Ray-Ban sunglasses

The story of the Ray-Ban dates back to the late twenties of the last century. The aviation industry was rapidly developing. In 1927, pilot Lindenberg made his first flight across the Atlantic Ocean on the monoplane «The Spirit of St.Louis». Countries actively began to invest in the development of military aviation. Commercial airlines were opened and soon the sky was filled with airplanes.

However, there were some problems. One of the most serious was the bright shine that was dazzling pilots’ eyes. It was so strong that the militaries of the American Army got nausea and headaches because of it.

In 1929, Lieutenant John McCredie of the U.S. Air Force asked Bausch & Lomb to design safety goggles that would protect eyes from shine so that pilots could see the surrounding area clearly. The scientists from Bausch & Lomb accepted the challenge and began to investigate how light affects vision.

The Creation of Glasses with Green Reflective Lenses

Ray-Ban - origin of the bend

The company already was a leader in optics at the time; it managed to develop a glass optical lens capable of capturing much of the visible light. The result was the creation of glasses with green reflective lenses that trapped ultraviolet and infrared rays and provided clear vision. These lenses of green color were called Anti-Glare.

Pilots of the U.S. finally received protective sunglasses, capable not only to rid of the dazzling shine but also to serve as a barrier to infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

The first step of the brand towards gaining popularity was the name change from «Anti-Glare» to «Ray-Ban». This trade name was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office in 1937. Two months later, Ray-Ban sunglasses were advertised in newspapers and magazines.

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