Coolsculpting Technology: Does Coolsculpting Really Work? We will explain it all

How Does Coolsculpting Work

does coolsculpting work for everyone

What Does Coolsculpting Do?

Coolsculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a therapy that uses extremely cold temperatures to essentially freeze away fat cells. It produces similar results to liposuction, but requires no surgery. This makes it much safer, but also gives less immediate results. People who undergo coolsculpting will see full results in four to six months. This is because of the process that makes coolsculpting work. To define coolsculpting: It is a therapy that kills fat cells in a targeted area by freezing them.

During the procedure, the therapist will use a machine to encase a targeted area of stubborn fat. The fat will be sucked into the cooling portion of the machine and will be frozen. The fat cells will be the only cells to undergo much damage, as the freezing temperatures will not harm other cells while completely breaking down the fat cells that are exposed to the cold. There is no recovery time because your other cells should be healthy and intact. When the fat cells die they will not disappear right away but will take four to six months to be broken down and removed as waste from the body. This is why liposuction is more immediate but also more invasive. Because only the fat cells should be damaged during cryolipolysis, the treatment is seen as one of the safest cosmetic procedures that you can do. While the other cells in your body should be fine, there are some possible side effects to coolsculpting which I will outline later on.

Does Coolsculpting Work for Everyone?

define coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a fat decreasing procedure that is noninvasive meaning that there is no surgery, medicine, or very significant risk of getting this procedure done. This makes it more accessible to those who can not go under anesthetic for medical reasons. Because it is an external procedure, the possible side effects of coolsculpting are pretty low risk. Cool sculpting results vary from person to person but typically the procedure can lower the percentage of body fat in the targeted area significantly. The reduction of fat can be anywhere from 10%-25% but these results can be altered by diet and exercise. People who undergo coolsculpting treatment but do not make adequate adjustments to their diet and exercise routine can make the treatment less effective.

Similarly, even if coolsculpting is significantly effective in removing fat cells, it is still possible to gain back new fat cells by eating an excess of calories or lack of exercise. This is why any fat removal procedure can have temporary results and is not a quick fix. Lifestyle changes will ultimately produce results with more longevity, but some people who chose to get coolsculpting therapy find it useful for getting them to a good starting point. Less than one percent of people who undergo this therapy will have negative side effects such as bruising, swelling, soreness, redness, and sensitivity. An even lesser percentage will experience the reverse of the desired effect meaning that fat cells will increase in the treated area. This is a very rare side effect that only occurs in 0.005% of people.

What Is the Cost?

coolsculpting technology

Coolsculpting treatments typically cost between 750 and 1500 dollars per treatment depending on the area being treated. Larger areas will be more expensive meaning something closer to the 1000-1500 range. This would be the stomach, buttocks, etc. Smaller areas will cost less because a smaller instrument will be used for a shorter period of time. Smaller areas would include parts of the body like the chin, armpit, upper arm, etc. Some people go in for more than one treatment in a specific area or get treatment for multiple areas of the body.

Should I Get Coolsculpting?

In conclusion, if you have the money to spare to get a fat reducing procedure, coolsculpting may be a good thing to consider due to the low risk of side effects or complications. This being said, it is important not to look to cosmetic procedures as a quick fix for other conditions that make it difficult to lose weight. If you have a hard time losing very stubborn areas of body fat, this may be a sign from your body that something is not functioning properly. Always consult a doctor about getting any fat reducing procedure.

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