Midaxi dress

stylish maxi dress

Feminine dress length to the middle of the shin for the second season does not descend from the first positions in the list of trends. In addition, it is incredibly practical (suitable for any situation and any time of day), comfortable (can be worn with sneakers), and versatile (will remain in the wardrobe in autumn too). Take a look at the models with a deep neckline

Trendy sandals

classic summer sandals

An actual pair of shoes is the easiest way to add a trendy accent to your usual looks. This summer bet on 90s style models: mules, high heel sandals, and sandals with thin straps.

Fashionable accessory

Details decide everything. Be sure to add at least one fashionable piece of jewelry to your look – for example, a massive necklace chain in the gold shade, reminiscent of the 1980s. Wear it with a shirt, a blazer, or a feminine dress.

Fancy top

crop top

It is the very thing that we will wear most often in spring and summer, so it makes sense to choose a trendy model that can instantly refresh ordinary jeans, shorts, and skirts. We suggest you pay attention to the vintage cotton style tops with tie-ups or square-neck tops.

Bright bag

bag for summer

Anyway, in the warm season, we want to see more bright colors. No black color: find the bag in current shades of orange, blue, white, and green. Just one such detail is enough to cheer yourself up.


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