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Many of us will have a desire to experiment with appearance after a long period of isolation. The easiest way to make your look brighter and to try something new is to try makeup that you have never done before. We have told you about 10 summer makeup trends that you will definitely like.

No Foundation

Many designers have resorted to nude makeup. This makeup is almost invisible, as simple as possible, although its creation requires a lot of cosmetics, including toners and creams. Skin will look perfect but as natural as possible.

Purple Eye-Shadow

If you want to add some brightness but also softness and tenderness – choose purple shades. Look how interesting this color looks in different versions.

Neon Eyes

The trends of the 80s are back on the catwalks in 2020. Neon shades of yellow, pink, blue, green will become a glamorous part of the look.

Classic Smoky Eyes

«Smoky» makeup became popular in the 20s and 30s of the XIX century. Now it is not about evening makeup. We suggest to experiment and not to limit yourself. After all, smoky eyes can be done not only in grey or black shades.

Golden Eye-Shadow

It is very beautiful! Especially if it is a golden eyeshadow with a metallic glow. This make-up looks noble and can be interpreted both for everyday life and for the evening party.

The Effect of Wet Lips

An interesting trend, simple, clear, and easy to execute. Any colorless lip gloss (or with a light shade) will help you achieve this effect.

The Effect of Wet Lips

We can’t say that the large sequins on the nose bridge or cheekbones will be wearable in everyday makeup, but for the party, it is a great choice.


The most diverse: short and wide, long and thin, colored or with a metallic glow. For many of us it is not just a trend but an important look in detail.

Red or Wine Lipstick

Another «classic» trend that you can use in a new way. For example, to create «sloppy» lip makeup or to create perfect red lips inspired by the fashion of the 40s. Wine shades of lipstick will help to give the look a dramatic effect.

Crystals and Rhinestones in Makeup

There are a lot of looks among unusual makeups where crystals and rhinestones were used. It looked spectacular and organic.

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