Discover Some Grunge Makeup Looks That Are in Trend Nowadays

The Best Ideas and Inspiration for Your Glam Grunge Makeup Fashion Look

According to the trends in TikTok, Instagram, and the picks on Pinterest, grunge glam is back on the agenda. So, what is grunge makeup?

The kids of the late ’80s and ’90s definitely understand the concept of grunge.

Grunge dark makeup looks are matte lipstick, pale foundation on the face, black nail polish, seriously lined eyes, chaotic ungroomed hair, and complete puffiness. This is how many describe this style.

But what is aesthetic grunge in makeup? And what do grunge makeup looks actually look like?

Features and Interesting Variants of the Grunge Style

soft grunge makeup

Depending on your perception of the word “grunge,” you may be confused to hear that it describes a casual, wearable makeup style. But trust us – the dark and moody trend is not only fashionable, but a must-try.

Are you ready to go grunge? Of course, you are!

Below we are going to tell you about the main features of the grunge style 2021 and give you some ideas for experimenting with your image.

Pale Skin With Little Makeup

grunge eye makeup

Your base makeup should be paler than you really are to lighten your skin.

To get an authentic grunge look, make sure you choose the right matte foundation for your skin! Apply a lighter shade of foundation and concealer.

In the 1990s, brown or neutral blush colors were used in basic makeup. But girls who loved grunge music usually didn’t use noticeable blush because ultra pale was part of the trend. Skip using blush, bronzers and certainly don’t apply highlighter.

Black Lipstick

grunge girl makeup

Of course, when you think of grunge makeup, the image of black lipstick probably comes to your mind. Although you may think that this grunge look is too bold for you, because it is perfect only for Halloween. But that’s not entirely true.

Black is relevant! Just combine it with nude eye makeup to create a contrast.

Smokey Eyes

grunge dark makeup looks

Everyone loves a dramatic look. This look is perfect for evening events. There are several options for creating this kind of grunge look, but the main thing is to blend the shadow well on your eyelids.

The beauty of smoky eyes is that they don’t have to be perfect! And if you have the right makeup on hand, you can make this look on your own anywhere.

Contrast in Hair

glam grunge

Light blonde streaks are one of the main features of the glam grunge style. They should be distributed haphazardly through the hair and no additional styling is required. Minimal effort and you’re already on trend of grunge glam makeup.

Darkening Under the Eyes

grunge glam

Turns out, looking like you have bags under your eyes after a sleepless night is a trendy grunge makeup look.

The grunge makeup idea is to apply red and accentuate the dark areas under your grunge eyes to make it look more spectacular. Celebrities say it gives you a playful and sexy look.

Taupe Shadows

grunge eyeshadows

Do you want to add a touch of brightness to your everyday grunge girl makeup? Replace your regular eye shadow with a taupe shade – it’s easy and simple! Try using the velvety color of eyeshadow L’Oréal Paris.

Little Hair Buns

red grunge makeup

This kind of hairstyle was a trend of the grunge scene in the 90s, but fashion is cyclical. Now we’re revisiting the trend again.

The main thing to remember is that hair buns should look sloppy, so purposely pull strands of hair out from the side and front.


grunge style makeup

How to do classic grunge makeup? Try to use understated and classic shades, such as black, gray or brown. Feel free to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner all over the eyelid, accentuating the corners of your eyes.

Also, apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lashes, but leave out the bottom line.

Darkened Eyebrows

grunge eyeshadows

Although big and bushy eyebrows are far from the popular retro look, we all remember the days of super-thin eyebrows. Now, spectacular, massive eyebrows are sure to beautify any grunge makeup look.

To achieve this effect, use water-resistant eyebrow gel and accentuate your natural shape without too much effort.

Color Combinations

red grunge makeup

Contrasting colors or color transitions on your hair always make for an unusual look. So, don’t be afraid to lighten up and add a twist to your style.

Natural Grunge

grunge style makeup

Put on a denim jacket and shorts, wear boots, combine this with a white shirt with a neckline, and enjoy a casual weekend for a few hours with this ’90s grunge makeup look.

Natural grunge makeup requires just a few products of makeup and focus only on the eyes. It’s simple, easy and quick.

Dark Matte Lip Color

grunge eye look

A deep nude color of overripe berries or a screaming and provocative black color is best for the lips. Complement such an accent in your grunge beauty makeup with a calmer and paler foundation. This is the kind of detail that is inherent in grunge style makeup.

Bordeaux Details

grunge eyes

Yes yes, burgundy is coming back into fashion! In the world of grunge hair and makeup, they say that burgundy can replace plain black.

So you can easily have your own burgundy makeup look while staying fashionable. Whether it’s burgundy mascara or burgundy eyeshadow, you have plenty of options for creating an orange look.

Looking for inspiration? Observe the makeup of famous people.

Sexy Grunge

grunge style 2021

Grunge plus sexy? It’s possible!!! Now you have a wide variety of lipsticks that add not only color but also sexiness, you can be both grunge and sexy at the same time! Soft black eyeshadow and a diffused lip color do the trick.

Rihanna’s Grunge Style

grunge glam makeup

Few celebrities can pull off the perfect grunge look, and Rihanna is one of them. In her everyday looks, she shows that grunge suits absolutely everyone, not just people with pale or fair skin. In fact, it’s all about perception!

Semi Grunge

grunge hair and makeup

This offshoot of soft grunge makeup lends a bit of mystique to the style. Take just one grunge element, like smudged eye makeup, and incorporate it into your everyday makeup.

Go for a bronze grunge smokey eye look combined with terracotta brown 90’s style lips! Many people love using a palette of nude grunge eyeshadows because it has a great combination of bronze nudes and darker shades.

More Brightness

grunge beauty

Do you feel that soft grunge lacks color? Then go ahead and wear pastel grunge! It’s a great way to play with contrasts: light colors, bold makeup.

Does that sound complicated? Well, not really. Just play around with pink and reddish eyeshadow and a darker color lipstick, and you can easily pull off this look.

Polished Look

what is grunge makeup

In this atypical grunge look, your hair is cleaned and styled. This is a complete transformation of modern grunge, starting with a sleek and elegant polished hair look, so you can wear grunge and look glamorous and neat. Just awesome for any party, isn’t it?

Light Matte Lipstick

how to grunge makeup

Another way to channel your energy into soft grunge style makeup is with a light colored lipstick. Yes, this is the absolute opposite of dark matte colors. But it’s still a more subtle way to incorporate a grunge aesthetic into your everyday look. We bring you a pair of similar lip products:

Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick

This quality matte liquid lipstick gives you a long-lasting, comfortable and confident feel. It also gives perfect shape and volume to absolutely all lips.

Matte Lipstick

This gorgeous matte lipstick provides a coveted matte reflection on the lips and also helps to intensely moisturize the delicate lip area.

Blue Lip Makeup

Experimentation is key these days. The fastest way to update your grunge makeup is to change your lip color! In this case, replace the black color with a navy blue.

If you can’t decide on a blue color, how about a plum lipstick? It’s just as dark, but it’s the perfect shade if you only want to try it first.

Cute Grunge Makeup

Grunge makeup can be cute and casual, too. How to do it? And it’s very simple! All you need to do is give your dark eye makeup a shade of peach or bronze. Also, put a peachy glossy lipstick on your lips to complete the look.

As you have noticed the grunge style has many forms. Some traditional staples of this look include dark eyeliner and lip liner. Black pencil used to be a must-have item in every makeup bag. A richly colored lip is the perfect choice to complete a classic grunge look.

But today, there are many known deviations from the standards and offshoots of grunge style.

Now grunge can be combined with delicacy and lightness, and there is more and more space for creativity. This style incorporates both light makeup with a minimum of products, as well as a thick black pencil, pale foundation, nude lips, no blush or bronzer.

So, what do you think of these options for grunge looks? Still don’t believe something is easy to do?

Now you have all the knowledge you need about this new fashion trend from the 90’s and you can safely apply it to yourself.

But don’t forget: be unique, stand out, and feel as confident as possible. Once you achieve all of that, you’ll be able to look amazing anytime, anywhere.

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