Green Makeup Looks: Boldness and Brightness Are on Trend

Green Makeup: The Best Ways to Apply It and What to Combine It with This Season

In everyday life, green makeup hardly ever catches the attention of fashionistas.

How to do green eyeshadow
trendy green makeup 2021

And it’s only natural that you want to avoid eye-catching elements in your makeup. Green makeup is intimidating. After all, eye shadows and arrows are not as subtle and light as a normal everyday brown or nude. But bold green makeup certainly increases the chances of being noticed by those around you.

After showcasing green makeup from Kendall Jenner, Lucy Hale, and La La Anthony, we assume you want to experiment and try to make your life brighter through unusual makeup.

How to do green eyeshadow?

So, we’ve picked for you and found the best green eyeshadow ideas. And now, we’re ready to share the secret of the perfect makeup green eyeshadow look in a similar style.

Rules on How to Apply Green Eyeshadow

  • Before you can apply green eyeshadow step by step, first apply it to the back of your hand.
  • Mix together green makeup ideas and brown for a more elegant look.
  • Always mix mascara well to keep eyelids looking sleek and silky.
  • Always make sure mascara and eyeliner are a part of the look with green shadows.
  • To boost the color, apply a creamy white foundation on your eyelids before applying the green smokey eyeshadow.
  • When dealing with bold colors like green, apply eye makeup first and then continue with the face.
  • If you want to emphasize the inside corners of your eyes, simply add more color to enhance the green hue.
  • Those who have a yellowish skin tone need to blend green and gold shadow to create a great green eyeshadow makeup look.
  • Applying green makeup look full face in layers until you get the color and intensity you desire.

If you are wondering how to apply green eyeshadow, you can always visit courses or learn the art from popular makeup artists on YouTube.

The Most Suitable Option

Green eyeshadow is mesmerizing and captivating. These shadows look good on different skin tones as well as eye colors. However, it’s one of the most successful options for brown eyes and olive skin tone.

Besides, green eye shadow, in any shade, looks amazing on darker skin. Any rich shade of shadow makes your eyes look vibrant. Deeper shadows can easily stand out against this type of face.

But how to apply green eyeshadow? All make-up artists know that green eye shadow is a tricky color to apply. However, there are a few tips to help us learn how to apply this colour correctly.

Best Green Make-up Looks

Delicate Green

Delicate Green makeup kendall jenner
Delicate Green e-girl makeup

A subtle green shade is a perfect introduction to the light green eyeshadow aesthetic in make-up. It does have light notes that look very unobtrusive and pretty. You love the fact that this shade can easily be combined with a liner and complement the look with green eyeliner looks to create a sophisticated but still vibrant im.

The Lime Green Explosion

The Lime Green 2000s makeup
The Lime Green make up eyes
The Lime Green smokey eyes make up

Ripe lime green make-up looks have become an unanticipated color trend this year and are not going to go away anytime soon. Put this lime shadow on your eyelids and you’d immediately feel brighter and more self-confident.

It is one of the fast and easy ways to bring out your inner fashionista. If you want to add an extra touch of glamour to your look, use glitter eyeshadow.

Neon Charm in Green Eyeshadow Looks

Neon Charm in Green make up
neon green makeup

Don’t confuse this color with lime. A little neon on the eyes may seem surprising, but it looks very unique.

We want to make it clear right away that you can only use this kind of make-up if you really love experimentation. You can find neon green gel eyeliner and apply it all over your eyelid.

Here are some good examples of neon green make-up looks. It is the brightest and most screaming shade of all possible, and not everyone likes it. We guarantee that your green eyeshadow make-up definitely attracts the attention of the public, so it is perfect for different youth festivals and parties.

And to add a touch of delicacy and romance to such a controversial look, draw simple eyeliner in this shade or use just neon green eyeshadow. Your look is sure to become more sensual.

Minty Flavor

Minty Flavor shadow make up
Minty Flavor eyes make up
Minty Flavor smokey make up
how to make Minty Flavor make up

You don’t have to use only dark green make-up looks. Give your eyes a fresh look with this pretty minty green eyeliner. A pastel shade of mint green, make-up looks like this lends itself to all skin tones – everything you need to make your eyes expressive and accentuate your personality.

It’s up to you to add more eyeshadow or add a slightly noticeable shadow to your eyelid.

The Emerald Green Make-up Looks

The Emerald Green Make-up Looks
how to make green line eye

Do you still think green can’t be sexy and eye-catching? Emerald green eyeshadow creates a very hot green make-up look that’s perfect for any occasion, from date night to girls’ night out in a rowdy company. This can be an example of dark green eyeshadow looks.

Smokey Eyes in Green

Green smokey eyes are just as cool as regular smokey eyes, but with their own special color feature! To complete your smokey eyes, use green eyeshadow in darker shades or add a little black to deepen the green shades for a smokier effect. If you’ve been looking for green eyeshadow for brown eyes or green autumn eye makeup, don’t stop there and look for your shade.

Time to Sparkle

Time to Sparkle green make up
glowy green make up

After the pandemic, parties are back, and you have the perfect opportunity to try a new green eyeshadow look with green glitter on your eyelids. Combined with an enchanting outfit and elegant styling, green sparkly eyeshadow makes you feel like an evening goddess.

Well, precision eyeliner with sparkle green eyeshadow is a great combination that you definitely need to try.

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy make up green

This kind of eye makeup is very popular on the catwalk, and you quickly become a cool girl. If you want to stand out, try this makeup look.

Trendy Graphics

Trendy Graphics make up
Trendy Graphics green emerald
Neon Charm in Green Eyeshadow Looks
Trendy Graphics green emerald

Graphic eye make-up is at the peak of popularity amongst stars and beyond. Black eyeliner is great, but let’s try something a little more interesting this time. Think outside the box and try something new – green eyeliner.

Draw lines and eyelids and make yourself a cool girl in no time. Not only are they super easy to do, but they also give you complete design freedom. We love this expressive green eyeliner makeup in any version.


Mermaid green make up kylie jenner
Mermaid make up
Mermaid green make up

You usually apply bright-green eyeshadow the standard way, of course. But try giving your eyes a distinctive look in a different way. Apply a green shadow on the inner corner and combine it with something brighter. What colors go with green eyeshadow? Think pink shades, for instance. This kind of green in the inner corner gives off a serious mermaid vibe, but it’s not weird.

Rainbow and Green

Rainbow and Green make up
how to match in make up Rainbow and Green

Unconventional thinking can show on your face! These green combinations with other colors are not for the faint of heart, as they’re sure to attract attention. Wear them only for special occasions if you like it. But we advise against going to the shop or out for a walk with your dog in this way. People might not understand any dark green makeup.

Complete Diversity

Complete Diversity Green make-up

Want to be surprised? We can help you! Have you ever seen different shadows on your eyes? Now you have. You can try this variation, but be very careful and choose the situation for this make-up.

Green make-up has become one of this year’s most fashionable trends. Use green freely! Now you know examples of images with green eyeshadow and how you can wear it. Consider it your best chance to step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of bold color. Stay on trend with the best green eyeshadow looks that are guaranteed to make everyone turn green with envy! And once you’ve mastered green in make-up, you can try something new.

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