For the world of fashion, this year Earth Day opens up new opportunities. First, discussing strategies to fight climate change and pollution, and second, promoting sustainable fashion products. One such solution that has already become possible today is to extract pollution from our atmosphere and convert it into textile inks. Graviky Labs has established a partnership with the eco-friendly company, PANGAIA.

Graviky Labs’ operations are located in India which is the country with the third-highest air pollution in the world. According to the designers, the ink consists of vehicle gases, emissions from fossil fuels, volcanic dust, and other substances. And all these can be used for printing on packaging and textiles. What’s more, the team is already working on colors and other sustainable solutions for our planet. The inks are now used to print black letters and graphics on hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatpants. The collection is promoted through partnerships by famous star Naomi Campbell.

The ink, recovered from contaminants, displaced traditional black ink for printing at a manufacturing plant in Portugal after series of experiments. The company now plans to import large quantities and use inks across the entire PANGAIA product variety.

Since black ink is produced by burning fossil fuels, researchers say it makes sense to isolate this carbon from the atmosphere. Considering that 7 million people die each year from air pollution, this marks the importance of such an innovation. Of course, it is difficult to estimate the exact impact on global air pollution yet, as this innovation has not yet been massed. Nevertheless, the designers claim that every kilogram of ink reduces CO2 emissions by 800 grams.

Graviky Labs states that they are interested in making products from resources that should not be in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the PANGAIA product variety continues to grow. They use natural regenerating materials, such as algae material, which is currently being sold for the first time in the brand’s stores.

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