Glam Rock Clothes from the 70s up Today: Striking & Bold Rock Process

Cheeky and Elegant – Glam Rock Style of Clothing in the New Collections of 2021

Glam rock clothes from the 70s up today have always been one of the most vibrant alternative styles. Developed from traditionally darker and more masculine styles such as goth and punk, glam-rock introduced brilliance, brightness, and androgyny!

But what is glam, 70s glam rock? Where did it come from? Does it remain relevant to the alternative scene? We present the answers to all your glam rock questions, and even more in our glam rock style guide!

The History of Glam Rock

glam rock history

What is glam rock? Glam-rock is a style of rock music, which appeared and developed on the territory of Britain in the 70s. The peculiarity of the presented direction is the use of extravagant glam rock outfit. Men often dressed as girls and vice versa.

Especially popular were platform shoes, makeup, and hairstyles. The musical component was characterized by a variety of influences. In glam rock definition often used elements of rock and roll, pop culture and so on. Art-rock as part of the cultural formation deserves special attention.

Most of the musicians were characterized by androgynous features, often playing non-traditional gender roles. There were sub-styles that developed the concept to a greater extent. The peak of popularity was in 1971-1975.

The first appearance in such a style is awarded to frontman Mark Bolan of T. Rex. He appeared on Top of the Pops wearing a shiny satin suit. Other standouts included Roxy Music, David Bowie, Slade, and others. Some artists shared the direction, but do not actually belong to the movement. This includes Elton John, Freddie Mercury of Queen. In the States, the movement was less developed, although similar artists were present.

Characteristics of Style: The Glam Rock Fashion Movements of the 70s

Glam rock should be considered a subgenre of rock music that is more subject to the stylistic transformation of artists.

Glam artists have always denied the revolutionary transformation of the music of the 60s. On the contrary, they complemented the sound while conforming to the popular culture of the time. Some art critics often point to the commercialization of music. Often artists used influences from hard rock, rock, and roll, and used bubblegum pop. This made the scene as diverse and interesting as possible. The visual presentation was often diverse. Hollywood glamour from the 1930s was used, as well as cabaret, Victorian literary symbols, and sci-fi imagery.

Glam rock group

Less frequently, characters from mythology or the occult were used, most often in this case the music was correlated with post-punk or gothic rock. Makeup, hairstyles, and platform boots were used to give a unique appearance. Glam often used sexuality and gender ambiguity.

From rough platform boots to feather boas, glam rock style attracted all sorts of looks that mixed colors and prints and were covered in sequins on top. The most common items for this style, include:

  • Spandex jumpsuits;
  • Shoes and platform shoes;
  • Booties;
  • Tops with deep necklines;
  • Things with sequins;
  • Leather jackets and other things;
  • Flared Trousers;
  • Clothing with metallic accents;
  • Silk Shirts;
  • Velvet jackets;
  • Silk scarves;
  • Feather boas;
  • Pets prints and offensive patterns.

The Evolution of Glam Rock

Glam rock emerged in the late ’60s and was born out of the art-rock scene and psychedelic rock. It was a reaction against classic songwriting and a period of stagnation in the scene. Marc Bolan is considered to be the first to whom the sub-genre attitude is awarded. In March 1971, he appeared on the Top of the Pops stage in an extravagant costume. His song won high positions on the top, which allowed other artists to advance in this direction.

glam rock band

The band’s album T.Rex received critical acclaim and was among the first glam rock albums. From the end of 1971, David Bowie stepped up and created his own hero, Ziggy Stardust. An interesting pitch, prototypes of distant worlds and songs, contributed to this. As the musician claimed, he wanted to relate to this movement and become a pioneer. Other artists emerged after, including Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music, which increased the popularity of the artists and the style in general. It soon became dominant in the development of subsequent phenomena of British music.

The performance was notable for its diversity. Some artists applied a heavier sound, while others shifted the reference points towards pop culture. Among the later followers, we should mention Cheap Trick, Kiss, Bon Jovi. Despite the high rotation and development in Britain, few musicians were able to make a serious impact on the American scene. Bowie is considered the only performer with a breakthrough. Iggy Pop and Lou Reed stand out among the glamorous performers. The formation of glam punk fashion is often seen as a reaction to glam rock.

Glam Rock Aesthetic Today

Saint Laurent 21
glam rock today

Still performing glam rock bands like KISS and Guns n Roses still play a lot of glam rock, and bands that idolize the glam rock style, like Steel Panther, still support it today.

Glam Rock in Your Style

It is all about creating a loud statement with glam rock clothes to support your loud personality, so be sure to take patterns and prints, mix them together and take a “more is more” approach! Anything that feels colorful and bright but with a punk vibe should go with any glam rock look, and don’t forget to experiment with your hair and makeup!

Check out our selection of 2021 collections as a base and experiment with your own unique look.

Elements of Glam Rock in the 2021 Collections

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2021  

glam rock coat
Saint Laurent Fall
Fall Saint Laurent

The Fall/Winter 2021 collection by Anthony Vaccarello took place not long ago. The shoot took place in a myriad of large-scale, cinematic locations – frozen Arctic tundra, barren landscapes in the style of Middle-earth.

As for the clothing itself, it was a perfect continuation of the signature aesthetic with elements of glam rock. 

  • Streamlined fitted women’s jackets along with mini shorts
  • Metallic colored lamé skirts are paired with sheer tights and above-knee leather boots or pointed toe stiletto shoes
  • Evening jackets decorated with sequins
  • Velvet bermuda shorts
  • Jersey bodysuits with risqué cutouts
  • Gold jewelry

Thus, there is a successful combination of glamour and a respectable rock ‘n’ roll sensibility. In 2021, it seems more relevant than ever.

After the ’80s, glam rock went underground again, but many alternative style fans and musicians still take note and inspiration from glam rock musicians of the ’70s and ’80s. Lady Gaga often cites David Bowie as her fashion inspiration, and the rock band Black Veil Brides, incorporates the glam rock style into their look for a combination of gothic, punk and glam.

Today, it’s quite common to present collections in which this style is clearly evident. And read about the most relevant examples below.

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2021

tom for glam rock
tom ford

This collection shows a style that is simultaneously more provocative than anything that has been shown in recent years.

The slight deconstruction of the luxurious pieces gives them boldness and makes them more provocative. That is, bright lace and mesh tops go with fitted jeans, and dresses have a similarity to lingerie. Ford’s hot new pants, worn with sweaters and down jackets or aviator jackets, can actually refer to the Glam Rock style.

His austere and exuberant tailoring that is usually seen so often on the red carpet could easily equate to the glam rock of our day. After all, Ford’s silk jacquard evening jackets and unbuttoned shirts can be a great spectacle at all-star events.

Celine RTW Fall 2021

celine glam

It would seem that the Celine RTW Fall 2021 collection showcases a quiet French style with an English rustic twist.

But the clothes proved just as relevant to the Glam Rock style: roomy blazers in rustic fabrics, outerwear and shoes in the spirit of the English hunting closet, bourgeois classics in a loose manner combined with hoodies, caps, and knee-high jeans.

celine fall outfit

The collection limits logos and branding to hats and sunglasses, allowing this French style to seduce.

This was a confident and accessible collection styled in casual chic. As in the autumn men’s collection, there were voluminous leather bomber jackets (a hallmark of glam rock fashion), beautiful coats, and stunning vests made of sheared leather, which also looks like a bold style. The eye-catching long jeans, sexy one-shoulder tops, and blouses in khaki and army green colors.

If you want to wear glam rock clothes, you have to look provocative and feminine. Try to find something  that emphasizes your amazing silhouette, look for leather pieces, black and provocative heeled shoes decorated with studs, skull earrings.

Black outfits can be combined with gray, red, burgundy and white. You can always complement your image with denim clothes. Some people prefer to wear corsets, bracelets, rings, shiny necklaces, creative hats, and other cool accessories.

Glam rock fashion is really inspiring, and it takes a really creative person to show up in shiny platform heels, metallic false eyelashes and studded leather jackets.

If you think you were born to stand out, then this glamorous style is made just for you. Think about what you can wear to look extravagant and top it off with our tips.

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